How much water (or other drink) do you consume during your morning / breakfast?

Kate Ina X.
I have a glass on my bed table and it's usually between 250 ml to 400 ml. And when I have breakfast I have tea (around 300ml) and coffee (210 ml to 400 ml, depends how big coffee I need). I usually drink the tea and coffee until lunch time.
Today I had 400ml of water, 300ml of tea and 210ml of coffee. So that is 910ml of liquid.
Lice I.
First thing after waking up I drink about 8-10 oz of water. My glass is filled and set out the night before. At breakfast I will refill my water glass 8-10oz and drink it all by the end of eating breakfast.
Clara I.
I always start the day with a warm glass of half a lemon juice. So I squeeze half a lemon and then fill up the glass with warm water. Add to that at least one mug of tea – which is just leaves with hot water. That's more than two glasses of water, but warm and with taste. It makes it easier for me to drink in the morning than just plain cold water (especially in winter)
Aurora S.
I try to drink at first a glass of water and when I sit to have breakfast I drink from 1 to 3 cup of tea. If I don't drink tea it's because I have at least a cup of milk and coffee.
Keri N.
21 oz upon waking and then one cup of coffee. Thereafter at least 60 0z of water not including water I drink when working out daily. The water upon waking helps my system to get moving. Good luck.