What do you eat for breakfast? My stomach is usually funky first thing in the morning, so eating can be tough. But I feel even worse later if I don’t eat. What’s a healthy but light breakfast I could easily make?

Art X.
My breakfast isn’t the best every day / every morning bc I usually wait n at till night but during the day I’ll eat like a snack or something like that or when my brother usually makes food too
Simon Y.
Eggs are an easy to make breakfast and quick too. I make them in less than 10 minutes. I always crack open 3 eggs and cook them up.
Vinith V.
Just remember that when you wake up your stomach will have high ph level acid so to clear that up you gotta do drink lotta water and do your morning routines.
Pfft, I recommend you to eat light foods wheat biscuits and juice ♡
Sireen F.
The best thing in my opinion is cereal, it isn't something too big to eat but once you have it your appetite increases, or at least that's the case for me, then you can have dates,walnuts, and dried up fruit to make sure your body has energy. You can later have a bigger breakfast once you are ready
Anna U.
Since I sleep early and wake up early (around 5:50 am or 6:00 am) I usually find it helpful to just eat a fruit (an apple, a banana, a nectarine etc.) or just eat a little bowl filled with a variety of nuts (almonds, peanuts, walnuts etc.) can help you feel better in no time. You can also drink a light and healthy smoothie with your favourite fruits inside. You just have to get a good blender and some healthy and nutritious fruits. You should always have a banana on the smoothie, since it gets so sweet when you put the banana inside! You can also read a lot of healthy and light smoothie recipes on Google. And of course you can have some sweet Greek yoghurt. Sorry if I have a bad grammar but English isn't my native language. Fabulous also has got a lot of articles that you can read about a light breakfast. I hope you got some good ideas and inspiration for eating a light breakfast. And remember: you should never skip breakfast again. Goodbye! Have a nice day or night!