What kind of breakfast requires less shopping and is something you can do at home?

Maur Cia Q.
Chia pudding with fresh fruit, coconut yoghurt and coconut milk. Takes all of 10 minutes to make and it is soooo healthy.
Camille Y.
Oatmeal is always the easiest breakfast. Top it with some peanut butter and a banana. If oatmeal isn't your thing, you can hardboil some eggs for the week, or try some avocado toast with a glass of milk/almond milk/whatever your preference is. Back it up with some fruit, and you're good!
Charlotte W.
I love a bowl of Greek or vanilla yoghurt and some fruit – banana or berries are easy and quick to throw together, and always delicious. I'll add a handful of muesli if I have a big morning and need the energy!
Celino A.
I love to make overnight oats. Everyone has a little mason jar and they add their own mix ins the night before while packing lunches. We put pumpkin seeds, blueberries, brown sugar, maple syrup, MCT oil, strawberries, almonds, pecans… or anything you like really!
Christian Q.
Omlet. Full of protein, keeps you full for longer. Eggs keep well in the fridge for long time and you can add some frozen spinach, peas etc. You can top it with whatever veggies, meats or cheese you have in the house. You can vary it a lot, experiment with herbs and spices, or improve your technique to make that perfect fluffy texture.
Roberto O.
A breakfast option that does not require that much shopping is an apple or a banana with peanut butter. Not only this but you can also get some granola and have it with some fruits. Not to mention you can add the granola and fruits to a yogurt cup.
Angel E.
I eat breakfast at home often. I find a protein breakfast gives me energy. I often eat eggs and sausage with fruit. Or eggs and toast with tomatoes. All things I always have on hand.
Luigi G.
Oatmeal or eggs don’t require lots of fresh stuff from the store and can be done at home. Both can be done from home and are easy and versatile.
Tinita Q.
Porridge, raisins, jam and peanut butter are Store items so require less shopping and can be batch cooked in advance. Just replace Jane with some fresh fruit if you can get to the shops.
Delani F.
Overnight oats- you just need oatmeal and milk really, toss in some peanut butter for protien, and load with fruit. I prep enough for a few days then I don't have to worry about breakfast in the morning.
Nils O.
Buy some fruits and mix them in a mixer to make a juice. Add natural honey to kick-start your day with sweet. Boil eggs. You can also buy seeds to leave the night before and eat the following day when sprouting. This gives you a lots of energy.
Josselino Q.
A catering that already organize and the nutrition and food for me, and basically good for my diet and healthy. So i do not have to worry about grocery shopping and cooking anymore. That’s helping me so much, and avoiding me to have my cheat day.
Lola B.
My favorite lazy breakfast is a smoothie. Greek yogurt, some frozen fruit and water is a nice healthy start to the day. Frozen fruit is nice because you can stock up and not worry about it going bad.
Kevin P.
Overnight oats. It's oatmeal, almond milk, yogurt, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and honey, and maybe some frozen berries if I have them on hand. I mix it up in a mason jar and leave it in the fridge overnight. Good times.
Warren W.
If you have the basic necessities in your refrigerator then shopping is not required. You could make oatmeal with nuts , eggs with whatever you want e.g bacon or mushroom or sausages , almonds / walnuts , feta cheese, yoghurt, fruit and veggies, peanut butter or milk with some healthy crackers.
Max T.
Fruit! And yogurt/oatmeal. You can easily get a tub of yogurt(I prefer Greek yogurt, for the probiotics and protein), frozen fruit and granola for a nice breakfast. Eggs are also incredibly easy, and cheap! You can cook them however you like, and if you scramble them you can add in delicious things like diced bell peppers.
Melvin T.
My most popular breakfasts right now are oatmeal with fruit in it or eggs and multigrain toast. You can always spice up your eggs by adding veggies or meats if you would like to.
Anna U.
Eggs and avocados with Apple cider vinegar on top… buy a dozen eggs and a bunch of avocados and a glass bottle of apple cider vinegar and this will last you two weeks!
Emily Z.
Yogurt with granola or toast with pb or almond butter. Hard boiled eggs so easy if you do it one evening and make a bunch.
Brita J.
I bulk buy alot of staple ingredients, so I can make porridge and muesli easily. Also have a weekly shop with regular items already in the basket, so salads and fruits. Also have flour and yeast for bread
Diane O.
Scrambled eggs and toast. You can also pre prepare breakfast burritos and freeze them for a quick microwave meal in the morning.
Bertha U.
Eggs and fruit. Eggs will last awhile and are easy to make. And fruit is an easy way to have good energy and hydration for the day. Eggs are a great source of protein also giving energy throughout the day
Michael O.
Whole grain toast w/ avocado and eggs; healthy whole grain cereal w/ milk alternative and a dash of cinnamon; oatmeal w/ walnuts or almonds and a splash of unsweetened vanilla milk alternative
Elsa Z.
Literally just eggs and maybe bacon with orange juice instead of coffee. It’s super easy especially if you Get precooked bacon.
Sol Ne Y.
The easiest way is to cook some extra dinner and eat the leftovers for breakfast. You already have all the ingredients art home, and you're already cooking, so you might as well save yourself threw trouble.
Ralph X.
I found a blueberry oatmeal muffin recipe that is really simple but also really delicious. Mix one mashed banana, one cup of oats, one egg, one tsp. of baking powder, one tsp. of vanilla, and a half cup of blueberries or any other fruit. Bake @425 degrees for 5 mins and then lower the temp to 375 degrees for 12 mins. This makes 5 muffins.
Gabriel P.
My personal favourite is porridge/oats.
A big pack lasts forever, and it takes 5 minutes to prepare it with fruits, nuts, and milk.
Roberto U.
I usually eat omelets in the morning. I do two eggs, a touch of milk, and cheese. They usually only take five or so minutes to make in the morning, and are packed with protein. I don’t get as hungry as quickly when I get to work and feel healthily satisfied after I eat.
Alexander F.
I usually boil eggs on Sunday I peel them right away and store them in a zip lock bag. That way I can have 2 eggs for breakfast if I’m in a hurry with some fruit.
Titouan O.
1. Toast with avocado and tomato. 1 pc of rye-wheat bread, 1/2 avocado, 2 cherry tomato. Smash avocado with a fork, add some salt if needed. Cut tomatoes and put them into avocado, mix. Put the avocado pasta on the toast.
2. Cottage cheese casserole (4-6 portions). 400 g of cottage cheese, 30 g raisins (dried grapes), 2 eggs, 3 tbs of flour, 2-3 tbs of sugar. Put raisins in a cup, add hot water and leave for 10 minutes. Then drain water. Cottage cheese mix carefully with eggs, sugar and flour. Add raisins, mix again. Put the mass into a baking dish and put it to the oven preheated up to 200 C for 20- 30 minutes .
Annette N.
In my point of view, bread with eggs are required less shopping and is something you can do at home for the following reasons.
Anna Z.
Eggs. They are super food, healthy, full of protein, tasty and easy to cook. I bought egg cooker and although it is another kitchen appliance that I have to keep it is totally worth it. If I feel like sweet breakfast I’ll eat Greek yoghurt with banana and raspberries
Marie Z.
Buy rolled oats in bulk, ground flax in bulk, raisins and cinnamon. You won't shop again for breakfast for a month. Also, just pour hot water over the oats, they don't need to be cooked until they're slimy, and they taste so much better al dente. 🙂
Lana O.
Hard boiled eggs and fruit
Fruit and veg smoothie
Rice cake with pb and fruit
Overnight oats with fruit
Fried egg with veg
Rice cake with cream cheese and smoked salmon and fruit
Stephanie J.
"Less shopping" depends on what you have on hand, and what you're comparing to. Personally I like yogurt with fruit & nuts mixed in, but I keep all those things on hand. The same could be said for eggs, if that's what you keep on hand.
Karl Ludwig E.
Eggs, oats and fruit is what I'll recommend. Filling, wholesome and balances. And oats amd fruits can always be added to a smoothie.
Gordon U.
Oatmeal with dried fruits, its storable in a cabinet for long periods of time and can be made quickly. Buying in bulk is usually cheaper too, than individual packets
Anne J.
Well I think any kind of breakfast requires some kind of shopping. Maybe a lite breakfast sandwich requires the least amount of prep. A green smoothie is also a healthy breakfast option 🙂
Sharon I.
The easiest breakfast that has protein so it gives energy AND is simple to make. A few short minutes is all it takes to make 1 or 2 eggs. Cereal is easier yet but all those carbs can make you tired come 1 or 2 pm. It doesn't last as long. The milk in cereal is not enough energy to keep you from having the afternoon lull hit you hard.
Valentine P.
I like to start my day with two eggs over easy and two pieces of toast. The eggs are a good source of protein for lasting energy and the toasts gives me carbs for quicker energy to get going.
Daryl O.
Store-cupboard/pantry staples: oats, dried fruit, seeds, nuts, cinnamon powder & peanut butter. These can be bought in bulk and cover carbs and protein. Then you only need to buy milk or yogurt regularly.
You can also mix the dry stuff in a large plastic container = ready to serve!
Caroline C.
I make instant oatmeal and eat it with some freeze dried fruit. If I start the electric kettle before I do my “grooming” routine, then making breakfast takes less than a minute.