What is the healthiest way to cook your eggs?

Alina Q.
It would be avoiding them because eating too many eggs is unhealthy. But, however, I'd suggest just boiling them and then eating them, this is the healthiest thing. Avoiding extras to put on them is even better.
Courtney J.
In my opinion a boiled egg is usually a great shout especially if health is the priority. If you fancy something a little more tasty then I suggest a very slight drizzle of healthy oil then slow cooking the eggs to scramble it, make sure its a low heat, add some chives, salt and pepper to taste a dash of all purpose seasoning and it will come out as the tastiest, creamiest eggs you've ever eaten!
Gordana R.
I like to crack my egg in a bowl and scramble them up. Sometimes adding extra egg whites for added protein. Spray a cast iron skillet with avocado oil cooking spray and heat the pan. When hot pour the eggs on the skillet stirring offten so they don't burn. Then enjoy. I use the cast iron because you get the benefit of iron absorption.
Alvin J.
The healthiest way is probably to boil the eggs. No added oils or fats, just the egg, and once boiled you can easily separate the white and yolk if desired
Jenny Z.
An omelette, to which you can then add tasty vegetables – spinach, mushrooms, kimchi. If you use an oil like avocado oil to fry it you don’t have to worry about smoke points.
Sven T.
Crack the egg in some water and oil . Drain and serve on toast with alittle butter. Or scramble with alittle milk and cook in a nonstick pan . Serve with toast . You can add cheese or veggies or both for extra nutrients.
Moon V.
Boiled or cook it with water and a little oil. Fried is the best for the taste but the fat from the oil isn't good for our body, especially for people who want to diet
Den Sia Q.
For me, the healthiest way is the way I like it best. The way that brings the most joy. It doesn’t matter that it might have oil or unhealthy additives, if it brings joy it is healthy. For me, that means a sunny side up fried egg with two slices of bread.
Evangelos M.
I boil some water, put some apple vinegar in, turn and make a vortex with a spoon, put my egg in and wait 5 minutes. My egg is ready to take off the water
Alya Z.
Overall, shorter and lower-heat cooking methods cause less cholesterol oxidation and help retain most of the egg's nutrients. For this reason, poached and boiled (either hard or soft) eggs may be the healthiest to eat. These cooking methods also don't add any unnecessary calories.
Leigh C.
Any way I want! Eggs are very healthy on their own. I miss eggs actually. Maybe I'll make some now using a little olive oil.
Macie P.
It really just depends on what you are going for. If you want both the yolk and the whites, really anyway is the same. If you're looking to cut cholesterol, making just the egg whites is the way to go however, keep in mind that the yolk has important nutrients too and you shouldn't skimp on that part of the egg every time.
Liva W.
I think it's by boiling it hard or soft and just eat with a fork or a full grain bread. I dont really think it's healthier if you fry it (like an omelett, etc.) since you'll need oil. I would just hard boil it👌🏻🍳
Rosa W.
The healthiest way to cook eggs would be through the means of plain water, so boiled eggs or poached eggs. Fried eggs is probably the least healthiest option (even using 'healthier' alternative oils).