How do you fit eggs in to a busy morning schedule?

Almerindo Z.
Buy many eggs at once, than you always have them at your kitchen, use a good pan, with teflon, that way you don't have a lot of mess, let the eggs near by, within reach. Than with maximum 5 minutes you just crush the eggs put direcly in the pan and put the spices. enjoy!

Nicoline W.
I prepare everything the night before: the water in the kettle, the tea inside the cup, the pan and the spatula, fork and knife… I just have to open the fridge and extract eggs, butter and milk. The secret is to create a flow, like a factory. I prepare eggs and butter on a tray so it is easy to find everything and precut the fruit. Easy, I have no choice.

Brittany O.
If I ever have a busier than usual morning I'll normally not have eggs since it takes a while to prepare and instead I eat a healthy alternative like apples or bananas, but if the busy schedule is consistent I would consider waking up earlier/going to bed earlier so you don't feel so rushed and you also get your nutritious eggs.

Steve C.
I find that it doesn't take that much time to cook a couple eggs on the stove. I can do it in just a few minutes and it's a more satisfying breakfast than sugary cereal. I always feel better throughout the day when I have something like eggs.

Vera Z.
Saturday and Sunday. And I dont eat everyday eggs, because i believe thats not healthy. I only eat cooked eggs and its easy with a eggscooker with an alarm. I have it next to my boiler for tea, so its like making tea. You can always eat them cold later, but I never do that.

Luc Lia C.
I can start wake up little early in the morning and make a schedule of every seconds, by giving every activity required time according to the need and importance of it. I can switch from one activity to another in the different days of week, in this way I can do more activity during the week in the morning.

Julian E.
I don't have time for eggs, so I stick with proteins like yogurt or peanut butter. I've heard of mixing up the ingredients for an omelette the night before and putting it in the microwave to cook in the morning.

Patrik X.
Boiled eggs usually help cause you can get them already cooked or you can cook as you do other things…. But I like an omelet so it requires the concentration… I remind myself how much I like eggs haha

Kimberley P.
Generally I don't. But my fave way to have them is poached on toast and they only take three minutes to poach so technically I don't have the best excuse! 😉

Pavl Na Z.
Scrambled eggs take me less than 3 minutes to make nowadays, or you can make hard-boiled eggs on Sunday and they’ll last in fridge the whole week!

Derci Y.
It's best that you eat what you can it doesn't have to be eggs you can eat something that you have made earlier that week or the day before like overnight oats is great, it's healthy and easy. You don't need eggs. You could even do a protein shake and a peice of fruit. This is supposed to help you so make something you like that fits your schedule!

Dimity W.
I cook 2 eggs in a non stick oil free pan, with a saucer lid over the top. So flipping isnt needed. For me the ideal egg is runny, so i time the egg to cook with how long it takes toast to cook or if im not having toast that day, simply how long untill the gooey clear part of the egg is all white.
My favourite is fresh avocada, eggs with salt and pepper 👌

Elizabeth Z.
If you like hard boiled eggs they can be prepped ahead of time. Fresh eggs cook pretty quickly if you like them over easy or scrambled. The key is to have your frying pan etc set out and ready before you go to bed. I often make “egg muffins” or crust less quiche because I can make several servings at once and reheat all week long. As a bonus I get vegetables in at breakfast.

Gisele N.
Boiled eggs for instance are easy breezy, after my glass of water in the morning, i put them in water to boil, while i meditate and exercise for 15mns

Grace E.
If you scramble them you can cook them on high heat in literally 1 to 2 minutes. Immediately after playing them, pour hot water into the pan so when you finish eating the sticky bits melt right off during cleaning.