Favorite healthy vegetarian breakfasts that involve eggs?

Tobias C.
i love toasting some multigrain bread, the i spear avocado on each slice, then place a friend egg on top of each piece of toast. I prefer the egg to be runny, but it doesn’t have to be. and then i sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top and voila!
Andrea W.
Mini quiche! With anything you like! I love sun dried tomatoes, feta and spinach in mine. Mix it all together and chuck it in a muffin pan and you’ve got breakfast for a week with whatever toppings you like. Or an eggs Benedict just without the ham!
Lucille F.
My favorite vegetarian breakfast with eggs is Eggs in a Nest! It is an egg in a hole in a slice of bread, cooked on the stove. I put the bread cut from the slice that has been toasted on top of the egg, drizzle the meal with ketchup, and dig in.
Amber Z.
Honestly, dippy soldiers. Two soft boiled eggs in cups with the tops cut off, and toast cut into fingers to dip them. Old fashioned and filling.
Adam C.
Eggs are so versatile, but at this point my favorite thing to do for breakfast (really any meal) are breakfast burritos. I just chop a bunch of veggies and fry them, scramble my eggs, throw them in a tortilla with cheese, and press it in the same pan. Pair that with salsa and sour cream and it's great. You could easily make this vegan by adding beans or tofu scramble instead and it'd still be good!!
Katoue I.
I personally love having scrambled eggs or even just an over easy egg over a whole grain toast with an avocado spread that u can easily do yourself, I usually just mash my avocado and put a bit of salt and pepper but you can easily season to taste as well 🙂 !
Andrea J.
Well I’m not vegetarian and won’t ever be but I love eating eggs. I have 4 female ducks that produce the most lovely eggs. Yesterday I made an omelet with red bell pepper, a bit of cheese, and 3 eggs. It was amazing. The fresh crisp bell pepper really added a nice addition. I followed that up with a pear. It was so good.
Dani N.
Whole grain English muffin with scrambled eggs and pea shoots! Mushroom omelette! Sour dough toast, two sunny side up eggs, and sweet potato hash browns!
Becca A.
I’ve tried a few different recipes for baked egg muffins, my favorite is combining eggs with basil, tomatoes, and feta cheese. You bake it in a cupcake pan and you have little egg muffins!