What is your go to breakfast when you are running late?

Alyssa E.
When i‘m really late i just grab an apple or a banana.
A piece of fruit provides fast energy. When i just short on time i usually eat jogurt: you can eat it pretty fast.

Louis C.
When I’m running late and know I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, I usually take an apple and wash it off and have that while in the car. I always try to take fruit or something healthy to go. It could ether be a banana, apples, snack bars, etc. This helps because it puts more energy in you and you get into a habit of eating healthier foods.

Ivan J.
I strive to get adequate protein in my diet. It is essential for proper brain function and starting my day with that intention- more protein- is key. A Greek yogurt with nuts is an easy way to get at least 15 grams of protein in.

Lioba Q.
protein shake. complete with soy milk, chia seeds, omega seeds and a couple of peanut butter spoons. the healthy fats and protein will keep body full for a while till full meal. also the low carbs will prevent cravings and from eating junk.

Elio P.
My running late meal consists of hand grab items like a fruit and a vegetable. If your already out and on the road and you must eat something out. Go to a vegan to go restaurant or at an unhealthy fast food joint think what can a vegan eat that's raw. That will usually present the healthiest options. If they have nothing vegan then get your next best thing vegetarian! And if you must eat meat. Pick meats that are lean and that have very little fat like Turkey or chicken. Absolutely not fried in any way(on a pan, flat top, or deep fryer) preferablybaked.

Erik Z.
When I’m running late I choose a Wundershowzen smoothie from JuiceLand. It has all the things I need to get through the day. It tastes delicious too!

Rosa C.
I make overnight oats the night before and put them in jars so I can grab one and go. Other days I just grab a waffle and a piece of fruit/ banana or apple.

Marciele P.
A piece of fruit like an apple or banana or a snack size bag of mixed nuts or trail mix. Anything minimally processed that I can literally grab as I run past the kitchen and out the door.

Derek Q.
My breakfast options when I'm running late are:
– skip breakfast at home at all and grab something in the office cafeteria;
– banana (or even two 😅);
– protein bar (I love Quest);
– If I know, that I won't have enough time in the morning, I make a couple of sandwiches with meat and cheese before I go to bed and just grab them and eat in the car on my way 🙂

Divineide T.
In hurried situations I like to go for either a sliced apple with peanutbutter or a vegan yoghurt with granola and berries🤤👌

Theo Z.
Whole fruits like apples, bananas, pears and others like plums or peaches would be my go to breakfast if I was running late and possibly a handful of blueberries in a container. They all are naturally nutritious and fruits are super easy to grab and go and eat.

Vicki U.
2 or 3 overeasy eggs is my go to breakfast if I'm short on time in the morning. I like to kick the morning off with protein.

Alicia A.
It’s good to have bananas on hand and a prepackaged set of nuts. I also have a blender then turns into a to-go cup, so it takes about two minutes to blend a shake and then take it with me.

Brita F.
I'm always running late, as a rule, so never have anything I need to cook for breakfast. My favourite at the moment is a low sugar granola with some fruit, with either yoghurt or a plant based milk.

Lance P.
An apple! Alternatively, I’ve meal prepped if I know I’ll be crammed for time the next morning – overnight oats with 1/2 cup oats, 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds, 2 tablespoons of ground coconut, and a tablespoon of sugar or maple syrup – then fill the container with almond milk until the dry ingredients are covered and refrigerate overnight! You can also add fruits or spices for flavor.

Rafael P.
I usually have nothing For breakfast ‏When I am running late, but I try to have something quick and healthy like for example fruits ‏or a vegetable snack , sometimes I crave something sweet in the morning but I fight it and ignore it because I know that sugar isn’t good for my health , I would love to have a quick protein bar as a snack in the morning when I’m running late for breakfast but I just cannot afford them and my parents won’t let me buy them and They wouldn’t buy them for me

Edeltraud T.
definitely just a cup of coffee and a cracker with cheese.. it’s easy but kinda healthy and the coffee is a must every morning

Luis T.
I I already have organize to eat breakfast at office. So if I can't manage my time which is the most common thing to happen, as soon as I arrive to office I ll prepare my breakfast. Usually my breakfast is almond milk with oatmeal and nuts. If you can't eat at
work, you can prepare a vase of pesto sauce, so you can eat a sandwich with pesto and cheese, you can grab a banana on the way to work so you have your breakfast in 5 minutes in total.
Good luck!! You can do it!!

Laura X.
I like to grab an apple and a peanut butter protein bar. I'm still trying to get in the habit of eating in the mornings and this is pretty quick!

Sarah J.
When running late, my go to breakfast is a banana or an apple with a handful of almonds or cashew nuts. And of course water.

Titouan T.
I like to boil eggs the night before and keep protein shakes on hand so that if I am running late, I can grab these and go or eat quickly. Keeping almonds and other nuts easily available, is another easy and quick grab and go snack.

Alexander T.
A piece of fruit. Apple or banana. Sometimes a pear, plum or peach depending on the season. I always keep a bag of mixed nuts in my work bag as well.

Todd E.
Ambronite full meal shake 😉 Easier to find: some nuts, berries smoothie in a local shop and a cup of black coffee (preferably bullet proof if your coffee shop have them)