Do you eat fruits for breakfast?

Alex P.
Yes, my most routine breakfast is one I prepare the night before. It consists of half an apple, 1/3 cup of oats, 1.5 tbsp chia seeds, 200g plain nonfat Greek yoghurt or skyr, cinnamon, ginger, and soy milk. The sugar of the apple permeates the meal overnight, and in concert with the spices and texture provided by the contrast between the crisp apple and the oats and chia that have soaked up the yoghurt and soy milk, makes for a dish perfectly paired with my morning plunger coffee.
Maria S.
I'm not a big fruit eater but I try to eat some for breakfast as it helps me feel full for longer. Oats with strawberries is my favourite!
Gera N.
Sometimes yes. I don't do that everyday, which is kinda sad because it's really healthy and it is a good way to start the thay. I think i should eat fruits for breakfast every morning.
Mathias C.
Personally no, but fruit are great to have for breakfast alongside something else, they are full of vitamins and some even if fiber so I do recommend.
Valdecira E.
I usually eat a rice meal for breakfast where I put bananas so the short answer is yes. I am so excited for summer tho, I plan to have watermelon for breakfast quite often.
Caitlin I.
Yes I always have soem fruit for breakfast I try to make sure i have 3 things in my breakfast something healthy like fruit something with good carbs to keep me going for a few hours and something sweet since I'm a sweet tooth
Anna C.
Not really! I don't have much of a sweet tooth, especially in the morning v when I crave hot, savory dishes. I have a hard time judging the ripeness of fruit and this is a bit intimidating, as I don't want them to go bad and have to throw them away. And I don't really know how to work them in at other times! Not a big smoothie fan due to texture.
Rick Q.
For breakfast I find myself eating what's most convenient. If I have time I will wash peel and slice an apple. Sometimes I add banana to cereal or just eat a banana on its own. Another way to include fruit is homemade smoothies. I can confidently say I have fruit 50% of the time with or for breakfast.
Caitlin I.
Yes almost everyday, I try to make sure I always have 3 sorts of fiod for breakfast. Something healthy like fruit, something with carbs to keep me going for a few hours and a something sweet since I'm a sweet tooth