Should breakfast be sweet or savoury? Does sweet in the morning make us lazy?

Noel O.
A sweet breakfast can give extra boost of energy but it doesn't have to be sweet as long as it has the right nutrition in it.

Binth F.
I actually prefer my food spicy because if i eat sweet things early in the morning i feel nauseous and my whole day would be spoilt but i think it depends on each person's preferences after all

Anouk Q.
I believe that breakfast can be bith sweet and savoury. For an instance yoghurt with cereals. I have a mix cereal that contains white chocolate covered berries, and it makes me enjoy the yoghurt because it cuts through the sourness. There is however a thing of breakfast being too sweet, where it is basically just candy for breakfast with the sugar intake.

Joan W.
A savory is a better breakfast. Sweet sounds like dessert and not nutritious. Actually im not sure. Maybe if a fruit is considered sweet then maybe a sweet breakfast is better?🤔

Logan Y.
I should say that sugar makes certain people hyper active rather than lazy. I get hyped up sometimes, I’ll admit. But don’t get me wrong a savory dish is great too. Like having salads or sushi is a “AWESOME” dish! Delicious all together. I say mix it up a bit. It’s a good routine idea if ya ask me.

Steve P.
I like something in between – the water in the morning helps to stave off the instant gratification mode with grabbing something sweet to satisfy. A small waffle with an egg and bacon tend to last through the morning, whereas just a waffle doesn’t quite cut it.

Daria Y.
I think that it doesn't matter as long as the food has good nutrients. Having oats with honey and fruit is very different from pancakes with syrup. Both are sweet but oats will keep you full for longer. Having a cheat day when you allow yourself to eat a sweet food for breakfast isn't bad. And I don't think that sweet foods make you lazy, they just don't keep you full for that long.

Maria Z.
A mix of both. I prefer sweet juicy fruits, tangy yoghurt, and a slice of dark rye with salted salmon. This flavour balance helps me to prevent cravings until lunch, and provides my body with many different nutrients until the next meal.

Harmonee O.
My taste buds want both! Haha. But as much as I love sugar, it truthfully isn't great for us. The problem with a sweet breakfast is that the energy it gives is short lived. We crash before we know it and have to drag ourselves around for the rest of the day. Not to mention what sugar does to our gut health!

Let's choose the path with least resistance from our bodies. Haha Savory & light.

Andrew E.
Hi I love to eat porridge with a bit of golden syrup in in the morning with fruit so all those sweet gives me slow burning carbs for the day

Gaspard O.
I think it depends, each body reacts different but in my case I notice that a sweet breakfast Wales me up immediately (although then my energy crashes at noon) and a savoury one takes time to kick in but it takes longer for me to feel hungry as well.

Victoria Z.
I don't think swet food makes you lazy, but I choose to not ear it in the morning because I feel too full if I do it. I guess you just have to find out what works best for you and go for it 🙂

Andrew E.
Hi I don't think it's necessarily better to have one or the other.
I like to mix my breakfast up but generally have porridge in winter with lots of fresh fruit and some frozen fruit cinnamon nutmeg and a little bit of golden syrup!

Vladislava Z.
For me, I don't like eating sweet in the morning and I think it is not suitable to be eaten at the morning. Usually, I eat oatmeal or bread or biscuit dipping in the hot chocolate drink.

Sandra E.
I think a little sweet is good. Not too much though . I sometimes have half a banana and a little coconut milk to my breakfast; both are sweet. Also I eat a couple of dates every morning . I love having lentil soup for breakfast. It has a lot of energy and keeps me going for hours

Lana O.
I like sweet breakfasts, but I feel like the more filling and better ones are savory. Unless I’m eating fruit, I usually try to avoid a sweet breakfast so I can avoid a crash later.

Johanna J.
I personally prefer to eat both, I eat something savory as a protein to fill my stomach. But as I love sweet food and I need to eat something sweet then I eat something like yogurt, cereal, oatmeal or bread to complete it.

Emily F.
Breakfast should be savory. It makes you feel better and have more energy in the morning. if it is sweet and has tons of sugar you will be sluggish and tired all morning from a sugar crash

George Z.
What I want for breakfast are rice, eggs, a piece of chicken, and a cup of coffee. I am fat. I don't know if it's healthy for me but I like that to eat in the morning. A combination of sweet and savory I guess is my answer to this survey.

Salsa A.
It is depends the mood. Sweet and savoury are good for breakfast. But too much sweet in the morning is bad, it will makes lazy and sleppy.

Faith Z.
I personally think that breakfast should be exciting and fun, it is the first meal of the day so you wouldn't want to have something bland and plain. Instead go all out and make a fruit salad or smoothies just have something to brighten your day so sweet and savoury should be ok

Sonam U.
I don't think so. Although I don't prefer sweets items in the morning but I don't think that it will makes us lazy. In my point of view, we should have heavy breakfast in the morning. It's good for our health and it really helps us to make our day better. If you wake up early and make breakfast by yourself, you aren't lazy anymore. It has no connection between eating sweets and being lazy. We should start our day by eating our favorite food. It might be eggs and breads or it might be sweets depends upon what you prefer.

Tilde Z.
I think that, yes. Breakfast should be sweet AND savoury. Sweet in the morning don't make us lazy if it is surrounded by fruits and calcium.

Jacquotte O.
i would much rather have sweet in the mornings, it gives me energy. and although i might end up feeling a bit tired some hours later, most of my activities are in the morning, so sweets and coffee it is!