What kind of healthy, mood-boosting breakfasts do you eat?

Leeanne T.
I eat some fruit usually an apple or banana along with a fruit smoothie. I also ate some peanut butter with banana. For breakfast this morning I had a protein shake and a bread with peanut butter as I worked out this morning.
Julie U.
I like to eat a cup of quick oats and an over easy egg on top. I like savory oatmeal a lot more than sweet, and a runny yolk in oats is delicious.
Ma Lys S.
A breakfast need to be a heavy meal, I eat fruits, bread, milk, juice, chocos, salad etc. I eat it on time which gives me energy if I skip it I feel hungry all the time
Gabriel E.
I eat fats and proteins as my main source of fuel in the morning. One days I don't work out I do a smaller amount of complex carbohydrates and on days I do work out I will eat a bigger amount of complex carbohydrates
Sadie P.
I think that oatmeal has been heavily misunderstood as I’m sure many of us were forced to eat soup-like porridge for breakfast when we were young and (like me) absolutely hated it!
But last week I found myself drooling over AMAZING oatmeal recipes on TikTok and I decided to make my own! I must admit that now I am completely OBSESSED with trying new oatmeal recipes for breakfast AND dessert!
There are so many variations to suit everyone’s tastes and so many ways to cook oatmeal that NO ONE has an excuse not to give oatmeal a shot!