I eat a lot of leftover food. With a fried egg on top. Does that still count as healthy breakfast? Its usually some meat with veggies and a bit of rice. I dont like eating sandwiches nor oatmeal all that often.

Sophia Q.
I don't eat meat and veggies for breakfast. I usually have a scrambled egg or bread with butter and a piece of fruit. I don't know if a fried egg is the best option, maybe try to switch to scrambled egg and don't use oil. when it comes to the veggies, it's always good to have them in your meals…
Duane O.
This depends on the quantity of the food you are eating. The food you describe seems healthy and balanced enough but if you are eating too much food at the beginning of the day you may be throwing off your total consumption for the day.
Lorenzo S.
I'd say counts. If it's not chock full of sugar and hasn't been itting in your fridge for too long then keep doing what you're doing
Clair S.
I try to not eat animals products for breakfast. But yes I would say some leftovers are great for breakfast, can make for a quick and stress free meal.
Apostolos O.
If you’re questioning whether or not you want to eat something instead of asking “should I eat this ?” ask yourself “will I feel good after I eat this?” and that should answer your question. I believe that in order to start off on a healthy path you should ask yourself questions about how it makes you feel instead of feeling guilty about it later
Stella S.
a breakfast like that should be ok sometimes, the egg is a nice addition to the leftovers. however, maybe try reducing the amount of leftovers you eat and replace that with some fruit. (bananas, strawberries, and oranges are a great way to start the day). maybe make on omelet sometimes rather than the leftovers, or just reduce the amount of it you eat. good luck ! 🙂
Landon S.
I'm not a fan of oatmeal, so I understand not wanting to it it for breakfast. I feel like this would still count as a healthy breakfast as it provides you with the nutrients you need, so long as it isn't too big of a portion.
Bryan E.
It sounds semi-healthy, be aware of how much butter or oil you fry your egg in. If you are aware of what food you eat before it becomes leftovers might help as well. Maybe accompany your leftovers with some fruit, or a fruit and vegetable smoothie (throw in some extra health benefits like chia seeds and you’ll never notice). Also, venture into some new territory! Try cooking for yourself or try some low-card dishes that still fit your taste buds and satisfy your taste.

Hopefully that helps! 🙂

Danny J.
While it is meritoreous to to minimize waste , oatmeal has unique capacity to absorb cholesterol , therefore an important food
Willie J.
I used to eat nothing for breakfast, now I try to eat some cereal or yogurt and toast. Is it the healthiest, probably not but it’s better than what I was doing
Isa F.
I find that breakfast is healthy if it contains items that give you the energy you need. If you run a long distance every morning, rice and veggies and meat with an egg might be what you need. If you lift weights every morning, the rice may not be ideal but the meat, egg, and veggies (assuming they were not prepared with a ton of sugar) might be beneficial. If you are sedentary, then those items may not be the best, especially if the portions are large.
G Tz Q.
It’s good in case of less waste idea;) Definitely proporcjonalnie matters – if there is more veggies than meat or rice (or other carbs)
Sergio N.
Sure. Choose a lean meat such as turkey chicken or steak or a fish like Salmon. Use a lot of veggies that are super foods like spinach and kale or even broccoli and switch out white rice for brown.
C Me F.
I think the leftover food sounds fine with meat and veggies. But maybe switch the fried egg for boiled or scrambled and not a big portion.
Ang Le N.
The context of meat with veggies may sound healthy, however since these food are leftover and not fresh I wouldnt count them as healty breakfast. For example a hamburger from a fast-food restaurant also contains meat with veggies which is supposed to be healthy, but since those meats are simply leftover they are not healthy at all. Try to eat fresh food, there are plenty of healthy food that i believe you could enjoy. I hope this answer is helpful.
Hasan U.
I think it would be better if you didn’t eat these things as often because they are bad for you, but only if you eat them frequently. Oatmeal is a better way to start the day because it gives you lots of energy and it has many variations also.
Alfred W.
I think it would depend on what the leftovers are. Are you really hungry for the egg or are you just adding it because an egg is a “breakfast” food. Is it adding anything besides calories and protein? If the leftovers are good and balanced, why not just eat the leftovers and skip the egg?Also monitor your satiety as your eating, when you’re satisfied, stop eating. I think it’s as easy as that.
Siglinde U.
As long as the leftovers are healthy then absolutely. Most food will last about three days or even a little bit longer. You can freeze some foods to get even more time from them. As long as the food isn't spoiled you're good! In fact meal prepping and eating leftovers several days of the week is a great strategy to save time and even money!
Erik P.
We don't have a lot of food but I make do. I usually eat oatmeal, grits, or a fruit with coffee, tea, or water. I've never been a fan of a lot of the breakfast foods that I've eaten but I like eating them now.
Cathy C.
“Healthy” to me means knowing if your calories and exercise balance. All healthy food is unprocessed low sugar/carbs, low salt – “real food” basically. Yours sounds great to improve it boil or poach the egg or dry fry in a little high quality oil – coconut, olive, avocado never use palm, sunflower or vegetable oil.
Charline T.
I think it is a healthy breakfast.It has a bit of everything.Lots of protein and fats to keep you full for a long time
Gordon W.
I think thinks great. I often hear the best diet is the one you can stick too. Meat, veggies and some healthy fat is Excellent. Good work
Mona E.
I think that i is not too unhealthy,however you might want to consider yogurt with fruit or nuts at least twice a week.
Wilma P.
That’s a good breakfast option. The meat and eggs are a good source of protein and fat, while the veggies give you a vitamin boost. I would recommend some fruits like blueberries and strawberries in the morning, about 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup should be good. It’ll give you more vitamin and antioxidants boost and get you alert and ready for the day. Also try to keep you overall breakfast under 550 calories, you don’t want a large breakfast but rather something that will give you energy as the day starts.
Cory Q.
I'm vegan so I cant rate your meaty eggy breakfast as healthy. I would eat the leftover veggies and rice with some nice pulses, nuts and some green leafy salad 🙂
Noah E.
I'm not a nutritionist but that sounds pretty healthy to me. You're getting protein, carbs, and vegetables which is a good balance for a breakfast. Not every breakfast has to be oatmeal or whatever, as long as it's nutritious and gives you energy for the day it sounds good.
Creusa Q.
Yes, I believe this can still be a healthy breakfast. The meat, as well as the egg, offers protein to keep you feeling full throughout the day. The veggies provide you with vital nutrients to keep your body healthy. However, the only change I would make to this is swapping a fried egg for a poached egg as I believe this is a healthier choice.
Phil U.
Dear user, I personally don’t find any fault in leftover food. In my opinion it’s still food and contains the nutrients it had the day before. Of course, it shouldn’t be completely out of date. I usually have a thumb rule of three days for fish, meat, fruit and veggies, 4 days for rice and similar things.
So bon Appetit!
Bianor A.
Definitely! A balanced meal is about a quarter of a plate protein (like the egg), a quarter wholegrains (like the rice, especially less refined rice like brown or black rice), and about half vegetable, along with a piece of fruit (2 a day). It sounds like what you have been having is really great much better than other common breakfast foods. I would just add a piece of fruit, like an apple or banana or your favourite fruit before, during or after the meal. Also, just because it is called breakfast it doesn't mean that you have to have commonly associated breakfast foods, like oats. It is much more important to listen to your body and have what gives your body the energy it needs over the duration it needs it. It might be that what you have feels great, or you might find adding that piece of fruit is just what you need. Try things for a few days and see how your body feels afterwards. Keep looking for things until you find what works really well for you.
Mandy O.
I think this sounds like a pretty healthy breakfast – an egg for protein is good in the morning. Plus you are using up food that might otherwise be wasted. You might want to try other “healthy” breakfasts to balance it out though – like overnight oats, smoothies or fruit with yoghurt. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, switch it around a bit sometimes xx
Johan W.
When it comes to eating a healthy breakfast, your energy will come from healthy carbs. Fruits are great for this and added protein can actually be consumed in the form of fortified milk or peanut butter even. It’s really important that you eat whole foods that provide for all of your macronutrients. So you’ll want carbohydrates, fats and proteins. I recommend fruit with peanut butter for something simple and nutritious. Veggies including beans or peas with a fried egg and avacado. What your eating sounds healthy but keeping in mind whole foods and macronutrient needs is very important for an energized start to your days.
Canto Q.
Of course! I usually eat Korean food, which is just yesterday's dinner + side dishes OR rice + side dishes. It actually looks healthier to me idk
Alice J.
For me that’s not a good breakfast because breakfast is the most important meal for me and also the one I like the most. I mean they should be cheese all yo I mean there should be cheese olive egg some seeds and two glasses of tea . That’s what I call breakfast
L Rke C.
Yes, that is a very healthy breakfast! The egg has protein which will give you great energy for the day. The polysaccharides in the rice are very helpful in the digestive system and have proven to boost mood. Vegetables also contain polysaccharides, but they also have monosaccharides, which are a good sugar. Meat contains proteins and carbohydrates that are important to sustainable living.
Jimmie W.
Well I think that eggs and meat can make a good breakfast but In my opinion I bet that a boiled egg it's better than a fried one because you don't have to use oil o butter. A hard boiled egg it's just cooked in some water. You can always try some energy bar or a smoothie with peanut butter and low sugared fruit. I personally don't eat sandwiches too.
Anne Q.
Yes because it has a lot of different proteins and carbs and helps you stay full
However, if you eat too much every morning it Cana get unhealthy
Avery W.
Yes. I think it is. The composition of the food is important but you have vegetables on it which is good. Although oatmeal may be healthy but if you forced yourself on eating it and each meal becomes a grudge then you'll just go back to bad habits and lose the drive you have now for eating healthy.
Susanna S.
I definitely think that counts as an excellent healthy balanced breakfast. It’s also a great way to use up leftovers and not waste food.
Anatole Q.
That sounds like a healthy breakfast. It contains protein, fiber, and vitamins as recommended and not the kind of sugar that makes you crash later. If you feel fulfilled & energised after eating it, that’s a sign that it’s a good breakfast!
Ralph A.
The meat already counts as a healthy portion of the protein. I would say don't add the egg as it's more protein. Otherwise it's definitely a healthy breakfast. 😃
Amalie C.
I dont think it would count as healthy. My type of healthy breakfast would be boiled eggs. Fried eggs with avocadot and orhange juice, bananas and oatmeal and things like that that would be low in calories but beneficial at the same time and full of proteins.
Samantha F.
It is not a bad start to the day with the extra protein you get from the meat too as well as veg adding vitamins to your diet. Eating large in the morning can also help you to feel fuller for longer.
You have to eat what you want to otherwise you'll be way more likely to give up. Just try to make it non processed meat with little oil for frying
Gilbert Q.
If it still has the necessary nutrients then I don't see why it would be a problem. Depending on where you're from, dinner is a lot healthier than traditional breakfast food.
Kasimir F.
I don’t think there are, or should be, rules about breakfast. You should eat the foods you like! Why eat oatmeal if you don’t like it? We should aim for all, or most, of our meal choices to be healthy and nutritious. If rice and leftovers suit you, then why not? It’s mainly a white, western construct that breakfast must be a certain thing. Your breakfast sounds much healthier than a bowl of processed cereal loaded with sugar.
Clara P.
I feel that fresh food is healthier , just something simple like , toast , eggs , & strawberries. Or any other fruit you might like.
Elias P.
Maybe meat is not so good in the morning, but it definitely serves the purpose: it gives you long term energy for the day. If you don’t feel too heavy after such a breakfast, maybe this can be considered as healthy. Everyone is unique and what’s considered as healthy for one won’t suit another!
But egg over leftovers sound good, also provides you with needed calories.
Just make sure that you are not “overeating” and that you wisely spend this energy during the day!
Walli O.
I eat eggs almost daily, usually with some veggies like arugula, spinach or tomatoes. Always with cheese. Keeps me full until lunch. I don't like sandwiches either!!
Ekkehard J.
I think it sounds ok as a healthy breakfast personally. I have done anything from hard boiled eggs to dry cereal or and apple as I dont usually have a huge appetite in the mornings and I still count it as breakfast on here
L Dio A.
That’s perfect! Eggs is a great option for a breakfast although I’m not sure fried is best. The meat and veggies are a great addition too. Good job!
Tilo O.
It's not bad. I don't eat meat. Try to avoid red meats in general. I would add extra virgin olive oil and avocado with that. Just keep in mind meat plus egg is a bit much… would be best if you just keep the egg. Also before eating that delicious breakfast, I would recommend to drink a glass of room temperature water with lemon. Make sure the amount of food is not huge! After that eat fruits.
Joel Y.
It sounds like a well-balanced meal. If you are trying to lose weight it might not be the best choice, but this meal will sustain you throughout the morning. Try eating this every other day, switching between another meal, so that your body's metabolism doesn't plateau
Nelson X.
That kind of breakfast can be healthy along as you are getting lean protein -turkey or chicken rather than red meat- and as long as the food is prepared with low fat, low sugar, and low-sodium ingredients. Stay away from sauces and marinades which are often high in sugar, sodium, and/or fat. Keep the recipe simple, with whole food ingredients (not processed foods) and flavored with herbs and spices.
Maja U.
I think so… it's a more realistic approach to eating in general- use what you have already. Aldo it has like a German flare to it so why not :p
Katie E.
Anything that is good for your body is an health option. I have a friend that only eats meat (Google carnivor) så he heats meat for breakfast 🙂

As long as you get the right nutrition it doesent matter what kind of food it is. And egg is awesome!

Eddie F.
I would say so! Especially the egg on top- Avoiding bread is definitely a good thing. My Friend actually cut out gluten and said her anxiety decreased an amazing amount! I think your breakfast choice feels healthy!
Ilan Z.
Egg is good. I am not sure what your leftovers are so it is hard to say if it is healthy. If it is high protein, good fats, and Whole Foods then yes it is healthy
Wilma O.
I think that depends on what you eat for the rest of the day and what the meal breaks down to. If the rice is always white, the meat always fatty and the veggies always stir fried or cooked innoil them probably not. If you substitute white for brown rice, keep some of the veggies raw and go for a leaner, healthier prepared meat then poasibly.
Kristina Q.
I would say as long as it's brown rice, it's fine. Prolly use corn oil to fry the egg if you aren't already, it's much healthier than vegetable oil. Lastly, add a dash of ground cayenne pepper to your breakfast, as it aids digestion.
Jeppe C.
If the micro and macro nutrients are balanced then you can eat what ever you want for breakfast. On the flip side, adding an egg to something that is off balance will not correct it. In my opinion oatmeal alone is also not a great breakfast. Fruits, vegetables and protein should be part of a well balanced breakfast and possibly at times some complex carbs.
Manuel J.
I think as along as it’s a balanced portion and not too much rice you should be okay. Eating too many complex carbs as your first meal can drain your energy.
Genesis W.
Yes! That'a great choice of meal, it reduces waste as well as being a healthy option. Vitamins, minerals, whole grains and protein. Perfect.
Valentina Z.
It highly depends what the leftovers are. If it’s very oily and fatty, fried food, then it’s not going to be as good for you as fresh and unprocessed foods. Rice, vegetables and a little protein sounds very healthy to me though! You don’t need to eat a “traditional” or “continental” breakfast to be healthy. I have IBS and can’t even eat bacon, potatoes, sausage or drink milk so those normal breakfast options are out the window for me. Keep sticking to what you’re doing, but do what you can to make small adjustments to make it even healthier. Good job!
Jonathan W.
I think a healthy breakfast is one that covers the food groups and isn’t processed. I don’t think it’s a problem to have fats or carbohydrates at breakfast time. You have the whole day to burn it off and it will help curb cravings throughout the day. I think leftovers with extra protein would make a perfect breakfast
Ka S Y.
Hey there! It is always good to eat fruits as well. You don’t need to eat sandwiches or oatmeal. You can go for a fruit salad, maybe add some yogurt if you wish, a cup of tea/coffee, and some spare nuts, or chia seed, since it can also help you feel full until lunch. Another option is making an omelette with cheese, some leftover veggies, and maybe some ham or similar. Make your omelette mixing all of that, plus a detox green juice with coconut water, apple, kale, juice of a lemon and ice and you are good to go! You can also add the chia seeds in the green juice on that case. (It’s delicious!) – green juice is mixed in a blender 🙂
Jerry W.
It absolutely can be. In fact, a larger, protein packed breakfast is ideal and encouraged for energy throught the day. You are less likely to snack or overindulge later on. Sounds like you are doing the right things!
Loraci N.
It’s fine to not eat sandwiches or healthy oatmeal as your breakfast, but you still can eat some fresh vegetables or fruits, meats, rice that brings you benefits.