Whether it’s good to eat rice in the morning?

Lvia Q.
Yes. I believe it is good to eat rice in the morning because it is healthy and should give you energy throughout the day.

Talo Z.
It's not bad to eat rice in the morning. It's like having toast kind of. A little more starchy so keep that in mind for the rest of the day for your dieting. But is a great source of grains and would make you full.

Zander S.
I wouldn't eat rice in a morning as it's carbs and will only give your blood sugars a spike which will then drop suddenly and leave you craving more carbs. Go for a protein based breakfast with a few carbs that will give you some energy and leave you feeling fuller for longer

V Nea Q.
It's not my habit to eat rice in the morning, because I'm Italian. Here breakfast is sweet and I really like it, it's my favourite meal of the day. But, I think rice can be an intelligent meal, because its very filling.