Is it okay to eat poached eggs every single morning?

Alexander S.
Well i don’t think it’s to healthy to eat them everyday. You need a variety of foods everyday. It is ok to eat the mince or twice a week but I recommend to try new foods
Ruby X.
Yes. Neverthelessit's imporatant to change other meals, if our breakfast is still the same, because we need multiple vitamins, minerals and various nutrition. That is why it is better to don't eat the same food for a breakfast every day. But as I sad, if it is the only food, that we don't change, it's ok.
Flora G.
No, although eggs provide lots of nutritions like protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and other minerals, eating them everyday will cause excessive intake of nutritions which can increase the risk of some health issues like high blood pressure or heart diseases.
Zo Z.
Poached eggs should be fine. I personally think it’s better to have lightly fried vegetables and some fruit along side of it so you aren’t consuming only protein.
Rh P.
Yes. I eat boiled eggs every morning. Boiled or steamed keeps 95-100% of egg’s nutrition, according to the nutritionists.
Connor Z.
I honestly can’t see any reason why not- poached is a very healthy way to eat eggs and protein is a good way to start your day. As long as you get your five a day and don’t eat eggs for every meal I can’t see that having a consistent healthy breakfast is an issue
Cristine F.
I would say IF your family Dr. Says it's okay then it is. I dont know your medical history so I cant answer that with a simple yes or no. Definitely reach out to him/her with this question but I would say if your healthy (normal labs) it shouldn't be a problem. Again, I'm not a physician so if your concerned make that quick call.
I eat eggs every morning, not neccesarily poached but eggs in general. I must eat as much protein as possible every day and eggs are a quick easy way of getting it for myself.
Lilly Z.
Yes Queen 👸🏻 👑 don’t eat too much you’ll get fat. You need carbohydrates too. Just eating 🍽 eggs 🍳 won’t give you energy ⚡️to go through the day☀️ . Bye HAH. Have a good day, sir.
Rebecca U.
I don’t see why not, but it might get a little boring after awhile. My main breakfast is cereal but I like to have brunch on Sundays for sure.
Nicklas C.
No, you need to balance your diet, even though having poached eggs is a good starter to the day, you still need to vary your options and balance what you need to eat.
Louane Z.
Probably. Eggs are good for breakfast. I couldnt have them because I dont like egg white cooked like that. I'd happily have scrambled egg though every morning, so why not. Just be mindful of what you have with it.
Emma C.
It all really depends on what you’re having them with – a full balanced meal that also includes whole grains, fruit and vegetables alongside healthy fats from avocado or seeds will set you up great for the day. But two poached eggs with nutrition poor white bread and a glass of sugary juice probably isn’t the best.

I personally don’t eat eggs for ethical and environmental reasons. There are lots of healthy plant based alternatives you could try, such as tofu scramble or using chickpea flour for an omelette. Good luck!

Marc N.
I think is great to eat any type of eggs, it doesn't matter but I think the egg has to be in your breakfasts. It's not just a really important protein, the eggs improve your health