What balanced recipes do you use in the morning before working out?

Andre E.
I motivate myself to wake up by counting down from 5 to 1, then redress and stretch, after that I can have a delicious breakfast. 🙂
Sakile W.
I really enjoy a little protein in the morning like a protein shake. You may want to invest in a healthy protein powder without too much sugar, maybe plant based. I also stock up on baked oatmeal recipes. It's a great way to build in healthy grains and have a filling breakfast so you're not starving and searching for snacks later because your body is rightly craving high energy carbs. It's also nice to balance out a piece of fruit like a banana or apple with some peanut butter which you could add to a protein shake! Bolthouse also makes a delicious chocolate protein shake I enjoy sometimes. Rice bowls are good as well! Mix brown rice with chicken strips or scrambled eggs and you can throw in the veggies you prefer! Good Luck!
La Ssa S.
I take a large dinner or soup bowl and lay down a bed of chopped fresh kale or spinach. Then I add a layer of whole old-fashioned oatmeal. Then I add some sliced banana and blueberries or blackberries. I sprinkle on a tablespoon of flaxseed. Finally, I top it off with some type of plant milk such as almond or cashew milk.
Alexa Z.
I usually make an oatmeal bowl. They vary most of the time, depending on what I feel is suitable during that specific day. Choose any rolled oats, mix them up with some fruits, and you're ready to go! Check out some recipes, they're very helpful.
Olena O.
My morning recipe is:
a slice of regional cheese
With slice of toast oat bread plus a cup of coffee without sugar. Finally a red or green apple