Do you force yourself to eat breakfast even if you don’t feel like eating?

Uli X.
No. Most of the time, I’m hungry so I’ll eat breakfast, but I try to listen to my body’s hunger cues and respect them. Of course there are exceptions. I realize that breakfast is meant to be more than just fuel and I can eat it when I’m not hungry just for enjoyment or for social reasons, etc.
Liva B.
Yes because I know I will feel very hungry much later in the morning so I will still eat something to ensure I don't feel hungry too early later and it keeps my meals much on time.
Jackson S.
Yes, I do. This is because I have to take meds that require my stomach to be full in order to be processed correctly. It's also because breakfast gives me energy to work and be productive throughout the day.
Gal T.
If I'm in a rush usually I won't be hungry, but when I take a moment to prepare food I feel my stomach opening up, and to me it seems a better way to eat than grabbing something ready-made as the body needs these preparatory cues
Andreas C.
I almost always feel like eating breakfast when I wake. Though I usually start my day with drinking water and then hot water with lemon. After that there’s almost no chance I won’t be hungry. But even if I don’t feel completely hungry I will eat breakfast anyway.
Caroline W.
I don't think I do because I'm usually hungryish in the morning, but maybe I do because I know that I have to go to school and I need food to get through that.
Vanka N.
I don’t really wake up in the morning, it’s pretty hard for me to do because i got insomnia so basically i skip breakfast
Frauke C.
Sometimes yes, because I have classes and during them I usually forget about breakfast and that is why breakfast is no more a habit
Charlotte F.
I never forced myself to eat breakfast, forcing can even hurt your physical state, I used to eat little at night and then by magic I feel hungry in morning and that's the secret "to eat less at night".
Anton U.
I had this problem at the beginning, but after you force yourself to eat often you will get better at it. I'm my case after two weeks of forcing myself to eat a very small breakfast, after I could eat a larger one and so on.
William B.
Yes I do. When I dont feel like eating, I try to eat something liquidy, like a smoothie or tiny bits of something, like few nuts, half a banana and couple spoons of youghurt.
Johanne X.
No!!! Eat when you feel like eating. Just not when your bored. Also, if you don’t feel like eating lunch, AT THE DESIGNATED TIME you’re “supposed” to eat lunch. What if you’re hungry at 4pm? Then eat!
Eduartino E.
I like to start my day with breakfast, but honestly, if my body isn't hungry or doesn't feel like eating, I don't force it. I don't want to force myself to eat anything, because that can develop feelings of dislike and even disgust towards eating. I give myself a break from breakfast for a day to rest and then resume my normal eating patterns the next day.
Sarah W.
no, actually sometimes i didnt eat breakfast. I eat breakfast when i have online classes or i will be awake the entire morning
Gouri E.
Getting a proper sleep schedule was next to impossible for me. Now from the past 3 days I started to go bed by 11.30 pm and to wake up by 7.30 am in the morning. Earlier I even skipped breakfast and my parents would scold me. Now I am having breakfast in the correct time and it refreshes me in the morning. And when it comes to forcing myself, I guess I haven't but as I told u, now everything is back okay and if I sleep not having it I will just have some fruits or some small amount of breakfast. You can't ever skip it no matter what!
Giulia E.
Usually When I’m not that hungry I start by making coffee. While I wait in my kitchen for coffee to be ready I start looking around in the cupboards ecc and seeing food makes me a little bit hungry
Gina Q.
I do. If I don't feel like eating, i would grab a fruit like an apple or banana to get me going and then i would have a full meal for lunch ❤️