What do people suggest as an alternative to bread and cereal that is also vegetarian? Looking for low carb ideas please?

Ruby A.
Sweet potatoes! If you cut them into lengthwise slabs they’re low carb and protein heavy; and can be roasted the night before. Avocados, eggs, bacon, apples
– you name it and it works on top, since they can go savory or sweet!
Tirumalarao F.
Chicken (non vegetarian) has high amount of proteins and low carbohydrates but it is not recommend Because chicken while farming are given antibiotics which is very harmful ….. So eat green leafy vegetables.
Eder C.
I'm not a vegetarian personally; however, my step-mother and father's family is. When I'd visit them during summer, I would eat what they did.

I don't think cereal is a concern, considering there's not dairy or any meat/animal-related ingredients in it. If you want something healthier though, I would recommend eating the cereal brand Kashi, or just even Life cereal. Also, an alternative to milk, you can use soy milk, like the brand Silk. My father's family will usually use those. And wheat bread, which I think the brand was Nature's Own.

I'm sorry if this is not particularly helpful as this is partial secondhand experience, but I thought I'd offer what little knowledge I do have. I hope this helps.

Hannah N.
I just bake my own bread and buns from coconut flour and almond flour. Also cheese croutons are yum. Check DietDoctor website for loads of zero carb recipes:)