What other options are there besides the ones suggested in the app?

Jeppe Z.
there are lots of options, if you mean for your routines you can scroll down or create your own but off you lena in general you can always have notes on your our phone to remind you to drink water .org breathe st certain times
Flora U.
You should always sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. You should always make your bed when you wake up for more motivation. Also drinking a cup of plain black coffee after drinking water will give you energy.
Marcus N.
The app gives some good suggestions, but you really need to experiment and find what suits you best. For instance I hate eating first thing -just cant do it- so I bring "breakfast" with me to work along with my lunch. My go to is oatmeal with dates and flax that I microwave on my break, but I occasionally bring make ahead breakfast burritos/sandwiches or fruitsalad. Try to avoid yogurt cups or packaged things (even oatmeal) as they contain a disturbing amount of sugar and you'll be hungry again in like 20min.
El Z.
Hey, i love your app, i think this app need to add an option to make a new habit, not the recommend habits, like mediation or 7 minutes exercise……, the user can add a new habit that he want to create, and he can add it to the app and choose the days and the alarm…… This my suggestion, keep it up ❤️love you fabulous
Charlotte R.
It's entirely up to you how you want to make changes or start habits. The app has plenty of suggestions but anything you think would be a useful task to have in your day can be included too. I am also setting reminders on my phone to do things like drink water as I don't always open the app. I have also limited my on screen time using the settings on my phone, but this can be done with an app if you don't have this option on yours. Good luck!
Diana N.
Taking advice from Google about what could be done to gain more energy during the day and organising own goals to achieve that
Debbie U.
My answer to that is, if the app is not helping you, then why do you have it in the first place. Common sense will tell you that.
Selmaan A Ali
Andy U.
Options for habits to start? Depends on your goals! Start with the idea of making a SMART (Google it) goal and then see what will positively impact those goals and begin the habit 🙂