What are the various things I can include for weight loss in my breakfast?

Matthieu C.
You HAVE to include fruits, these are very fulfilling and help you to loose weight, plus, it is important that the things with more calories you can eat them during the morning, so you can have the rest of the day to burn those calories.
La S O.
Um, it’s not so much what you can include, but what you can help you not feel hungry shortly after breakfast. What’s been working for me is having a mashed banana with oatmeal before eating anything else. If I’m not feeling like eating individual fruits, I’ll make a smoothie. And I avoid highly processed foods, which I can’t achieve every single day, but I’ve been trying to, cuz sometimes it’s just easier. Today for example, I had a store bought waffle and a latte. But through this entire week I’ve only had like… store bought food once for breakfast, (on Thursday I ate sourdough bread) so it’s okay to have the waffle today.
Also, I try not to eat when I’m bored. But if I do, I packed the pantry with dry fruit, nuts… and drink a lot of water. And I do not buy bread or biscuits so they’re not my go to.
I guess that’s how I’ve been doing it.
After a while you won’t even miss it.
Ashley J.
I want to try a new recipe for breakfast something simple quick easy and nutritious what can I make other than eggs and pancakes 🙁🙂
Allexia E.
Having vegetables and fruits is good for weight loss. For example, a smoothie. Also adding honey instead of artificial sweeteners is so much better.
Emily W.
Any type of food that's rich in vitamins, protein and fresh. I like a toast with ham and cheese with a glass of cool milk. When possible I eat a Apple to fresh my mouth and get some natural vitamins for the start of the day.
Delaney I.
Try to use a smaller plate. It's proven that if you use a smaller bowl or plate, it can help you loose weight since you're still eating enough but not overeating. Also, drink a cup of water before and after each meal. It'll make you feel full so you won't eat more than you need to.
Leona U.
Weight loss is not always representative of healthy so i aim to always eat healthily and move more. For breakfast I have 1 weetabix, a cup of museli, with a yoghurt, rice milk and half a chopped banana. I then take a 2 – 3 mile walk.
Not E.
Hey! Try your best to add lots of fruits and avoid fat and carbohydrates foods like cheese,butter etc. The most healthiest yet delicious is the bread toast with avacodo!! Go for it with some juice 😉
Best of luck!! 🙂
Calogero E.
Making a breakfast(or any meal) with different colours makes the makes the more attractive causing me to eat the food. This is know no as rainbow do foo really cause you are including are many different fruits aNd vegetables. Thing she like proteins and nuts are great eat because they give you the energy your will not red to throughout the day. It is also ok to make a breakfast with some chocolate chips or little thing so like that to stop you from oeating to much sugar theough the day.. IT IS ALWAYD ok to eat a little burn of sugar.
Shweta F.
Start your day with lemon and honey water. It helps lose weight faster. For your breakfast, try and avoid eating something sweet as it only slows down your weight loss journey