When do you have the time to sleep early and wake up early to make a breakfast? I sleep late and wake up late and barely have time to start my breakfast.

Melissa F.
Through the day, whenever you get free time start prepping for the next day. Ex: overnight oatmeal, leftover lunch, a simple sandwich. whatever it is that you can do that day. If u sleep earlier and wake up earlier you will feel the difference in ur energy levels too but it can be a bit challenging so take ur time and start to fall asleep and wake up at the same time everyday. wishing u lots of good luck!! 🙂
Iolanda Q.
Actually,I set a timer for the time I am supposed to sleep and wake up,and after I wake up even though I feel lazy,I still get up and follow my morning routine
Melissa F.
Yes time is a funny thing. I feel it helps to stay occupied. I usually sleep out of boredom. So it’s appreciating being awake. …New for me….
Nicoline C.
The things I do during the day naturally tire me out and I also find just closing my eyes and sitting in bed for maybe an hr to try and fall asleep early feels a lot better than being on my phone late and not being able to do anything in the morning. Definitely trying to fix your sleep schedule a little at a time is the way to go.