What is your go-to easy and quick healthy breakfast?

Alice A.
"granola" that I've prepared before. I have a glass jar filled with oatmeal, nuts,dried fruits, honey and olive oil.
I can eat it with yoghurt or with a cup of fresh juice.
Storm W.
Sheesh- a lot of times it is tough for me! I have eliminated eggs and Oats for breakfast. It would be great to make celery juice or other more savory juice tho I like to have a bit of substance- maybe some Millet and/or amaranth. Also fruit with yogurt I used to have a lot but, like no dairy either.
Jade C.
I usually have a frozen fruit and veggie smoothie and a bowl of oatmeal made with unsweetened almond milk, peanut butter and walnuts. It’s filling and delicious.
Sonia J.
Oatmeal, you can add lots of fruit to it and if you buy the right brand you can nuke it for a minute or two after adding water or milk then take it with you
Philip Y.
Eggs, a little oil and eggs on a pan makes an awesome breakfast. Add in some pre-cut onions, Chesse, tomato's, or mushrooms. And have yourself a scrambled omelette!
Matt G.
My go to breakfast when I’m pressed for time is a 🍌 and oatmeal. I know many people say “cutback in carbs” but really it’s the type of carbs you eat. A banana 🍌 is a complex carb that fuels your body. It’s important to start your morning off with the right amount of complex carbs, protein and vitamins. Hope this helps!
Chad P.
My go to breakfast is toast with egg, lettuce, and ham; or protein rich granola with ultra filtered milk. I pair my breakfast with a glass of water or a mug of green tea if I need a caffeine boost.
Sophie N.
I chose a cereal with the least amount of sugar and add blended nuts in. If your allergic, I'd suggest adding fruit to your porridge or corn flakes, or even strawberry yoghurt rather than milk for porridge.
Caroline O.
I usually have coffee for breakfast. Because I'm intermittent fasting. But when I wasn't I enjoyed eggs with chia seeds or oatmeal.
Josefine Z.
I like to have bread with butter and honey, and some camomile tea. I usually forget to eat a fruit with it, which I want to remember from now on.
Alma N.
If I'm running short on time I will grab 2 boiled eggs that I prepped earlier in the week and a handful of blueberries or almonds that I can eat while driving.
Aynur T.
Short answer:Smoothies
Long answer:There are a lot of choices!Oatmeals,fruits,nuts etc. I would reccomend you to make a smoothie its quick and gives you lots of energy you will definenly find delicous smoothie recipes.There are thousands of them in chrome,pinterest….
Claire C.
Oats. Either instant ones or non-instant that were made the day before. I always add whatever fruits are in season and a dash of honey.
Krin S.
My go- to breakfast is either cereal with fruits or eggs with toast. I like to make my own eggs because they are very delicious.
Evan B.
A shake that includes half an avocado, spinach, oatmeal flakes, berries,pineapple, half a banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter, orange juice and chia seeds
Aubrey F.
A banana, 8 almonds, probiotic drink, and a cup of green tea at 9am. Not the perfect nutrition, but keeps me going till lunch.
Carter U.
That would be a chia-pudding with nuts and berries, or a low-sugar vegan yoghurt that I top with fruits and berries and nut butter😍
Elisah A.
I really like taking my time with breakfast. I love eggs, orange juice and some healthy cabs with it. Without breakfast I couldnt start my day.