How do you fit a healthy breakfast into your schedule?

Tilde W.
Before leaving for school, I always make sure to have something healthy. What made me make sure that I eat breakfast everyday is that if I don’t eat, my stomach rumbles, which is quite embarrassing. So clearly I just stuff something in my mouth before leaving to go to school.
Brittany C.
I bought yogurt and fruits, like blackberries, strawberries and peaches. I got some coconut and almond mill. I drink water and eat my yogurt and my fruit slowly. When I finish everything I'm not longer hungry. However the most difficult part is to resist the temptation of driving to Starbucks and get an almond croissant and a cordusio! My brain wants me to go to Starbucks but I feel satisfied so I know is nit hunger, is something else. It is hard!
Ir A.
I get up a little bit earlier and make a simple but healthy breakfast. Whole wheat toast with scrambled eggs and a side of fruit. It only takes about 10 minutes to make.
Sin Sio Z.
I plan at the start of the week, prep the night before and eat at my desk so I’m not trying to fit it in whilst getting the kids ready for school
Soraya Q.
Sleep early to wake up earlier. I used to go to bed at midnight. In the morning, the last thing I would want to do was to wake up and get ready to go back to work. I'd wake up at 6 and have to leave at 6:30; I barely had time to wake up and shower. Then I'd feel crabby all throughout the day because I was so rushed in the morning. When I decided to change my habits, I started to sleep earlier. So, I began to go to bed at 10 and would wake up at 5; I prepared a healthy breakfast and had plenty of time to relax in the morning. Once I started to work out in the morning, I started to fall asleep at 8:30-9 and waking up at 4. Now by the time I have to head off to work, I have knocked out three big things out of my morning list- work out, shower and eat breakfast.
Lea X.
I wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual (4:50) so I have time to make my breakfast. I usually make a sandwich with cheese, turkey, fresh salad and tomatoe/cucumber etc.

My work starts at 6am and I’m usually not hungry at 5 when I wake up. That’s why I take the breakfast with me to work and eat it around 8am on my first break!

This works for me since I just can’t eat at 5am. I do drink lots of water right after waking up though!

Valentina P.
Being in India we have different options of traditional breakfast. But what I choose to have is variety of breakfast in limited quantity. I think that these varieties provide me several kinds of vitamins and proteins required by body. I eat pure veg. It's usually contains Bread butter , roti sabhi , fruit , corn flakes , little milk , Poha etc.
At night I usually try to eat less.
Storm B.
I sometimes eat my breakfast at my desk. If that is not an option, try waking up earlier so that you have time to enjoy your breakfast. Alternatively, eat a granola bar or fruit.
Tamara U.
I prep my breakfast the night before, like overnight oats or a smoothie. This way it’s sitting in the fridge for me the next morning and Idon’t have to think about it.
Lya P.
Most times i plan it out The night before. So that way in the morning it’s just a quick grab and i can’t move on with my morning instead of getting up to cook.
Thies Z.
I buy items that are healthy for me, yet convenient. Breakfast burritos seem to work best as they can be very filling and delicious and they last me a long time.
Emilie E.
It’s not always easy. Sometimes it’s grabbing a cereal bar or an apple before you head out the door. Other times it’s scrambling eggs between my morning yoga poses. And if I’m running late on a shower, I stick the oatmeal in the microwave and eat it after I’m dressed. The fact you ate something at all is good. Only keeping healthy food available helps even more.
Good luck on your journey!
Martha T.
If you’re finding that you don’t have time to prep a healthy breakfast maybe try making it the night before. But make sure you get enough sleep to get you through the next day! Try Bircher Muesli it’s one of my favourites!
Linda M.
Always make room for the breakfast. If necessary, prepare the ingredients in the evening, so that all you have to do in the morning is to prepare it and eat it
J Nia F.
Try to be as simple and less additions as possible e.g. Less salt /sauce/ oil and low fat. Good sleep is important. I usually lose my appetite on the day that I Dont get enough sleep. I tend to think of healthy food as a good start of the day if I have enough sleep.
Victoria E.
Planning and preparing breakfast the night before a busy day is a trick for me. Since I have to be out the door by 6 AM, it helps to have my lunch box already packed, that way I'm not rushing or worrying about what to eat. Then when I have my morning break, I can enjoy my breakfast and go one with my day on a full stomach. A well-balanced breakfast already prepared makes a big difference compared to something hastily thrown together.
Aubree O.
I simplify – make a smoothie with protein powder, your favorite milk, a banana, and some blueberries. Quick, efficient, delicious and healthy!
Lucas B.
I bought a dozen of eggs and cook two eggs every morning. It is easy and delicious for me. Also I don't eat food full of sugar. It helps not to be very hungry by noon. Thank you for your help.
Lourival Y.
I make sure I get my grocery a day before. Also I prepare my mind for healthy options to choose from. We mostly go wrong when things are not there and we get easily attracted towards the other unhealthy options.
I follow vegetarian my breakfast is usually tofu vegetable sandwiches, oatmeal pancake , somedays I do cheat where I can have my indian paratha and Vegetables.
I fulfill my left over protein deficiency by having protein supplement.
Elmer F.
I make healthy breakfast right after exercises. For breakfast I eat oatmeal with berries, or egg with sausage and toast with avocado, or banana with yougurt.
Ryan Q.
Not wanting the stuff I bought for food for the week go bad pushed me to make sure I have breakfast. Small and simple is the way to go. Yogurt with fruits, eggs and a banana, etc
Jonas E.
Breakfast came first as a child, and has been first ever since then. As of late I have been meditating before breakfast, as It's uncomfortable on a full belly. If I sleep late, I put breakfast into an airtight container, fling it into my bag, and eat it after yoga, between clients, or while on the computer. With luck under those circumstances I will have a bagel or piece of fruit while driving.
Camilla F.
I slowly got used to waking up earlier so that I could sit down and wake up to a good breakfast and some sort of mental stimulation, so that by the time I get to work I'm already ready to go
Hermine W.
I eat breakfast before I shower/get dressed most days so that I know I’ve made time for it — if I’m running late, it won’t be the thing that gets cut out of the routine completely
Julie Z.
I have a few go to breakfasts that I make ahead that are healthy, no sugar and contain healthy fat. They are easy to microwave if I need to eat them in the car that's ok too.
Maxime T.
I decided to have breakfast one of the First things I do in the morning and not to pick up my phone and GO online until afterwards
Isaiah P.
Meal prep so I can grab and go. The less I have to think about preparing meals throughout the week, the more likely I will eat what has been prepared at the beginning of the week.
Willie U.
Straight after having my water I start to make my breakfast either scrambled eggs or porridge or if I'm not hungry or short on time hand full of roasted almonds
Milka P.
Yes! I used to be conscious Of what my boss would think since he has an issue with taking up company time for things like personal nutrition, so I wouldn't eat. I Spoke to him about this not safe for work environment and how it was affecting my health. Long story short…I buy/pack my breakfast at the beginning of the week. Easy things such as forksplit English muffins, cream cheese/avocados, maybe even some fully cooked bacon if I'm feeling frisky. These are breakfast items I can mix and match (sometimes ditching the traditional egg breakfast) and pop in the toaster oven and eat at work. I compromised by making them quick and easy for myself and for multitasking eating while working.
Ella P.
First, I choose meals that are fool proof to cook, and appetizing to me. For example, fried eggs and microwaved oatmeal or grits is a fool proof meal that's easy to cook. Then for the appetizing part I add interesting spices, like smoked salt, or chat masala. If I wanted to, I could eat a different taste every day.

For fiber, I used to try to eat some veggies, but I found it took too long to cook and eat. Thats why I substituted it with a glass of Metamucil.

Gabriella F.
Usually I try to make something thats pretty quick and then eat in the car on the way to work. Granola bars and fruit are great for this especially berries.
Ditmar J.
I am a student, we are in the summer break now so it's easy for me to fit a healthy breakfast my schedule with only just 30 minutes, including cooking part. But when schools are open, I prefer to prepare my breakfast at house and then eat at school. That's how I handle it, hope it can be helpful for you too! Have a nice day.
Marius W.
I ensure I have enough eggs and fruit in my fridge. Unfortunately there is no shortcut in preparing it. Just get up and make it. Change the fruit every day so that it's not boring and repetitive. If you feel like something different, have something different, but avoid the sugars. That includes sugar juices and sugar carbs. Get health breads and have your sugar intake through fruit, not fake juices. Take sugar scoops out of your coffees and teas. Try to reduce sugar and have eggs and fruits. If you can, have organic. The food that the animals eat organically results in healthier meats and eggs etc. Grain fed animals results in high omega 6 meat instead of high omega 3 meats. GMO fruit has insecticides that are poisonous. So take time to select the right food and get into a habit of that before anything. Don't make it a chore. Just make it a game to dodge the unhealthy options. And each morning just get up and prepare it. No questions.
Ninon P.
I grew up eating a healthy breakfast. When do you stop fitting a healthy breakfast into your schedule? That is like not putting gas in your car and expecting it to still perform.
Hans Karl E.
Meal prep is key. Home something that will cover you for the week. Having it already made in the fridge leaves no excuse.
Elise T.
By waking up earlier, it does FEEL terrible because sleep is amazing, but you’ll feel better once you get some food in your system
Tom S.
One of my favorites growing up was oatmeal so that’s my go to. I drink water, shower, make kids and myself food and go!
Friedl Z.
Well, maybe you could try to go to bed early and wake up early and then eat a healthy breakfast and then you could do your other stuff you need to do for that day.
Veronika J.
I keep all of the ingredients in my kitchen ready to be prepared it’s pretty easy to make eggs, toast and cut some fruit
Juergen X.
I am not very hungry in the morning, so I prepare a smoothie the night before and don’t blend it yet. I keep it in the fridge and blend it and go in the morning.
Beverly P.
Start the night before. Prepare anything that will take long time to make, start packing any foods that don’t need to be cooked in a bag, or have components in baggies for a smoothie. Then all you have to do is cool what need to, eat what’s ready, or blend those fruits and veggies!
Jar U.
I eat close to when I wake up. I switch up my breakfasts so I'm not bored of the same food, rotating 3-4 basic breakfasts that are yummy, easy to make and healthy!
Justin P.
The best way to make it fit is to plan ahead and keep it simple. Eggs are quick to cook and are filling. Fruit needs little prep and they are delicious this time of year.

Use down time on weekends to make more elaborate and enjoyable meals with sausage links, quiches, and other meals you can freeze for later.

Good luck!

Caroline Q.
I make a chart of the type of foods I need to eat according to their food components. I list down alternatives to switch to if one is not available.
Louella Z.
I try to plan my breakfast ahead of time so when I go grocery shopping I buy what I may need so in the morning I don’t have the excuse of not having anything to make. The night before I set up everything in a small container so it’s ready to go. My go to breakfast is maple oatmeal with a banana, one egg with a strip of turkey bacon and a slice of whole wheat toast with pecan spread. It may seem like a big breakfast but sometimes I have a late lunch so it helps hold off my appetite for a while! I also try to wake up at least 5-10min before I’m supposed to and that gives me time to starts breakfast. Sometimes I don’t get to sit down and eat at the table and have to eat on the go but I’m still eating a good breakfast so that’s honestly all that matters! This app is all about helping you build a routine so it’s gonna take time for you to build a routine that works for you and your schedule so try new things and see what helps you and works for you! Putting everything in a bowl the night before and waking up a few minutes before my alarm final alarm goes off helps me, if that helps you too then great! But if not something else may work for you, like I said, try different things until something fits and works for you (:
Franz Peter T.
The answer is quite simple yet you might not like it. The key is to prioritize healthy lifestyle (including healthy eating, exercise, sleeping and gathering information about healthy life).
According to my experience, you can fit about 3 "life projects" (e.g. family, work, household, health…) and 2 hobbies (social media or TV count as a hobby too) into your everyday life without feeling overwhelmed or guilty for not doing what you have planned.
Try writing down your top 5 activities you keep doing almost every day and rank them from 1 to 5. The higher rank the activity has, the more important it is to finish your daily tasks connected to it (e.g. spending quality time with your family). Try to keep healthy lifestyle in the top three. If some of your other activities keep interfering with your healthy breakfast (watching TV till midnight so you can't wake up early enough to cook…) either dispose of it (uninstall disturbing apps from your device) or temporarily postpone some of your planned hobbies/life projects until you get used to the new changes in your life (give them lower ranking). You can for example cook breakfast the evening before instead of household chores or meeting with friends.
The bigger the change you are trying to make, the more you should prioritize it in your everyday activities.
Beverley O.
Bbreakfast is the best food for the day. It will provide you more energy that you lost in the whole. It also give you more powerful strength for completion your work
Tammy E.
Well, I start by waking up early to get into breakfast mood ( if the makes sense )
Also, the night before I will see what I want to make so I’m the morning cook,eat,done