What breakfasts do you like to make ahead for the week?

Kent Watkins
I buy lots of apples and oranges every time I go to the grocery and eat a piece of fruit with 1 measuring cup of plain kefir for breakfast. I usually add a splash of lemon juice to the kefir. It’s fast, and I’m not hungry an hour later as I get when I eat any form of carb for breakfast.

Léonard Henry
I make egg bites, small Turkey or chicken sausage patties and homemade bagels made with Greek yogurt for extra protein. I have 1 each in the morning.

Nicoline Nielsen
For the whole week I love to make banana bread or sweet potato bread. Just take a slice in the morning and you are good to go

Janice Wood
I prefer hearty breakfast. Every morning I eat fried or boiled 2 eggs. Additionally I eat chease, sausages. Also I drink black tea or instant coffee, all is with no sugar. This type of breakfast gives me a lot of energy and I don’t feel hunger for a long time.

Nermin Kühnel
I don't generally make breakfast ahead of time as I usually have an omellete, but I can prepare aspects of it ahead. Take cheese out and grate enough of it for the week. Take out mushrooms and prep them and put the cut up mushrooms into a container in the fridge. Get out turkey or chicken breast and dice it. Cook or prep whatever veggies you like in your omelette- I personally boil green beans or snap peas, cut them up and store them. With everything prepped, Your only job each morning is putting it together and cooking it.

Brian Weniger
I love fruits, especially oranges, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. I usually mix the berries! The oranges I slice the oranges or peel them! Yummy for breakfast or snacks throughout the day!

Herminia Richardson
The breakfast I like to make ahead for the week is nothing. Nothing because i don't prepare myself breakfast for the week. I just wake up in the morning and eat whatever comes to mind or whatever i find.

Liva Christensen
I like to have scrambled eggs and potatoes cooked and portioned. I also have my fruit cut and ready to go. All I have to is microwave the eggs and potatoes and grab the fruit.

Olivia Sørensen
The break fat I like to make ahead for the week is nothing. Nothing because I don't prepare myself breakfast for the week. I just wake up in the morning and eat whatever I decide from my mind or I just eat whatever is there to eat for breakfast.

Justin Wade
I actually find it works better for me not to eat until I first really notice I’m hungry, which is usually not until about 12pm. I focus on having a hearty, fulfilling lunch instead which then keeps me going until dinner time. I may have some coconut water before 12, and try to drink half my daily water intake before 12 instead – about 1.5 ltrs. I’ve found this keeps me hydrated and feeling satiated until my lunch time.

William Dixon
My mom and I are actually going to try and make egg cups tomorrow (Sunday) for eating during the week. I like them because they are protein rich and can be mixed with whatever you like, like veggies or cheese.

Kassandra Ehrlich
Not sure I really understand the question. The thing that comes to mind is pancakes. Unless you mean gather the ingredients?

Celina Da conceição
I like to mix some jam, jogurt, musli, fresh fruit, walnuts and leave them in the fridge to soak. It makes a very refreshing and delicious meal or snack…
What do you like to make/prepare ahead?

Roxane Gonzalez
The only thing I make ahead of time is oatmeal or quinoa. Then I freeze it in 1/2 cup portions. It’s good to see how many calories you can have in a day because your portion might be able to b bigger like 3/4 cup or even a cup if you are a man.
Good Luck

Victoria Kristensen
I have the same breakfast everyday. Overnight oats made with unsweetened almond milk. Then I slice up half of a banana to add to it in the morning. I am not a “breakfast person” so eating first thing in the morning was a stretch for me. This was my simple solution. 🙂

Irma Reyes
I love poach pods, little silicone cups that you put an egg into and then float in boiling water. It’s surprisingly hands off and I can finish getting ready while the water boils, egg cooks, etc. Put it on a piece of toast and you have an easy, filling breakfast!

Derrick Gonzalez
I take steel cut oats, pour on almond (or dairy) milk and set it in the refrigerator over night. In the morning, I add some walnuts, raw coconut, a handful of bran, maybe some fresh or dried fruit – whatever appeals. Occasionally I add a little honey or maple syrup. I make up several servings of the oats – they stay good in the refrigerator for 3-4 days, although the oats soften slightly (but never get mushy.) It's good, it's healthy, it's super quick, and best of all, I don't have to think!

Michelle Fletcher
Mainly boiled eggs, I didn’t generally eat breakfast so a boiled egg or handful of nuts or a peice of fruit is perfect for me.

Laurie Rogers
Yogurt with granola and protein powder and then I add fruit the morning of. Burrito with egg, sweet potatoes, black beans, enchilada sauce, cheese, sauasage, and add avocado morning of. Morning glory muffins. Mini quiches.

Alexandra May
I like to make overnight oats or tofu scrambles, something I can quickly top or heat up that will fill me and give me energy to start the day