I am actually not used to having breakfast… I’m trying to have something everyday, even if that’s a fruit and a coffee or just a coffee, is that enough? If I eat anything else I get sleepy right away!!

Jimmie U.
I actually have that same problem but its wildly known that breakfast is the most essential meal. So, just having something simple would be good for a start. So that you get into the habit of it. After which, have your breakfast with the purpose of feeding your body for the rest of the day. It's a benefit that u font really do breakfast, as now you can choose to have it cos you have to. Vevatse you have to, you wont care about its taste. So u get to eat something real healthy cos you are doing it cos you have to.
Kasper X.
Just Coffee is fine if you add 300 calories of mct oil, or a cup of heavy cream. Otherwise focus on fats to keep your energy steady.
Storm W.
In my opinion, you have to create time to get a proper breakfast. How are you going to achieve that? You should create a proper program that will make you sleep enough hours in every day, but also you have to wake up earlier to prepare a wonderful breakfast before you start preparing for your work.
Justin O.
I feel like you should keep your portion size for breakfast small but have something high in protein, for example a few nuts or eggs, to keep you fuller for longer. I wouldn't recommend just fruit as it's high in sugar which will give you energy but after a short while you will feel tired and hungry
Le Ncio I.
Try to have some yogurt and granola mixed togethor as well as coffee/juice. This is is a small but nutritious breakfast. 🙂
Deann G.
I am doing intermittent fasting so don't have food for breakfast as I find I end up eating more during the day. I just have a lemon and green tea instead. I feel this is better for me
Clara G.
You could try doing smoothies as a quick and easy breakfast option that is both healthy and practical. It usually isn’t too filling and may not make you as sleepy as eating solid foods. If you are just going to have coffee, try a bulletproof version that has healthy fats to sustain you a bit longer. Intermittent fasting also may be a good option for you if you feel better skipping breakfast.
Marvin X.
Tune into your intuition and listen to your body. If your body is saying it is not ready to eat first thing, that is ok. As long as it doesn’t mean you are getting over hungry later in the day and making choices which are less healthful or making you have negative emotions about yourself. Be fabulous ❣️
Howard U.
I feel that a cup of coffee is not enough to fuel you throughout the day, Even with some fruit. I would add some protien to your breakfast. That would sustain you for a few hours and jump start your metabolism.
Eberardo P.
First things first: contact a doctor about the sleepiness thing. Getting drowsy after eating a large breakfast can be serious medical condition.

Having ONLY coffee for breakfast is horribly detrimental to your health, so try to have something else. Grabbing a fruit to go is pretty good, but not enough. Here’s a quick, balanced breakfast idea: One bowl full of whole grain cereal with milk and the normal fruit that you have anyways.

If you think that you won’t have time to have a balanced breakfast, try to get up earlier. It’s really worth it!

Hope this helped 🙂

Hermine T.
I’ve never not eaten breakfast. My day can’t start before I’ve had breakfast. I try to at least yet either porridge or chia porridge (+oats) with fresh fruit and a cup of water and tea.
Carolyn Z.
Fruit is honestly the best thing to eat in the morning. It's light, delicious, and doesn't leave you feeling sleepy. Take an apple or a banana with you and eat it on the go! Anything will make your body happier than nothing.
Harper E.
Coffee is not enough and will make you more sluggish. If eating is hard, try green smoothies. They're healthy, filling and will give you energy. Smoothies are super easy to make and if you don't have the time, there are plenty of premade smoothies you can buy and just grab out of the fridge on your way out of the door.
Perp Tuo C.
I have weird eating habits and so many foods make me tired but I really eggs (esp hardboiled) or a handful of nuts/spoonful of peanut butter or some form of protein when I drink coffee in the mornings. Its a longer lasting satiation than fruit for me, too. Coffee speeds up your metabolism so it makes foods with a lot of easily-accessed sugar too much of a wild ride for me.
Zack C.
I found it hard to eat breakfast too at first. What has worked for me is to have a snack bag of dried fruit, trail mix, cereal (dry), or something similar ready the night before. Then I started by just having a couple bites first thing in the morning, and taking the rest to eat on my commute or a little later in the day. As time goes on I find I am able to eat more earlier in the day without getting that lethargic feeling.
Roberto Y.
Because I get up so early, I make my healthy breakfast small! And then eat a bigger breakfast later! I usually start with an apple and peanut butter! Works great for me!
Elaine Z.
I'd try and have something small as breakfast is an important meal – even a piece of fruit. Have you tried exercising in the morning as well to see if it combats the crash
Greg C.
Coffee alone is not healthy, and perhaps you would want to go through caffeine withdrawals so that it becomes more effective as you become more sensitive to caffeine. Having a fruit is good though, so keep it up!
Thomas E.
It's better to have something with no sugar in, for example eggs, as has more nutrients and will keep you fuller for longer
Bernard Y.
Good morning, not to worry I am actually the same way.

After drinking a cold glass of water I strongly suggest adding some proteins it will fuel your body sufficiently without the effect of the sugar which tends to give you a boost then slow you down.

It can be in any form really. Even smoothies works fine. It is quick, convenient, can be carried easily.

Try the following recipe to start then look up online for more.

1 cup of almond milk (ideally the refrigerated one)
1 banana
2-3 tablespoon of almond butter
1 teaspoon of honey *more or less depending of the sweetness of the banana.


Clarisse T.
No es suficiente. Tienes que desayunar algo que te encante, que sea mi rico y nutritivo, eso te hará iniciar el día con toda la actitud
Nemo T.
I struggled a bit at first, at the beginning I found taking breakfast to work with me really helped. Like a yoghurt pot with fruit and granola that I made the night before. By the time I got to work I was ready to eat something!
Sebastian C.
I believe that coffee would not be enough. The main point of having breakfast is nourishing your body with good ingredients. Yes coffee wakes you up but it does not nourish your body. You can grab a banana and you are good to go!
Ralph P.
Hi, I think just having a piece of fruit to start your morning is fine. We’re working on changing our habits so start off small, as time goes by you’ll find yourself getting used to eating breakfast and you can start adding more into a morning meal. Maybe some yogurt with your fruit or toast. But don’t rush, it’s about creating habit and a lifestyle that works for you. So small steps are fine 🙂
Lloyd F.
Possibility of getting sleepy is very less after having the breakfast.I think it is not suitable to drink a coffee in the morning.
Nick Z.
I think trusting yourself and what works for you is always the best option. Don’t force yourself to comply with something simply Bc it’s worked for someone else. If you’ve tried it out, didn’t see a positive result- move on! You’ve got this.
Lopo P.
I am quite used to having breakfast… I am not sure that just a coffee is enough – perhaps you might like "bulletproof coffee". That's coffee with butter or ghee and coconut oil stirred in. Sounds grim but it is actually quite nice!
Lucas F.
Breakfast is very important because it gives you energy to start a day and. Try with fruits every day and then add some cereals or yogurt. After a couple of weeks you will get used to ear in the morning.
Alberto A.
I’m the same in some ways. I’ve always found it hard to eat “properly” when I wake up. However a nutritionist told me it’s bad for your stress levels and adrenals to run on coffee only. You need food for energy, and if you’re running on empty, or just coffee, then your body will take energy from where I can, and this can actually deplete your organs! This scare story helped me get eating. Also you need protein to get long lasting energy so you don’t crash, so need more than just fruit. I started small, I have just one egg for breakfast and it helps my mood and energy levels so much! So could you try just one piece of fruit like a banana plus one spoon of protein packed peanut butter? Then gradually increase amount. It’s hard I know but you can do it, good luck!
Arnold X.
Start where you are comfortable. It is better to eat than not eat because breakfast is about breaking the fast you had when you didn't eat during your sleeping. Even eating chocolate or something like that is better than nothing cause your body needs energy. Although it's not the best option & not good long term to eat sugary foods.
Chris T.
Sometimes when I eat breakfast I want to go straight back to bed. But whenever I have protein in the mornings e.g. eggs or oats, I feel a lot more energized throughout the day. I never drink coffee because it gives you temporary energy when I would rather be completely satisfied with a nice breakfast. Xx
Tracey Q.
I would suggest getting a bag of granola so u can have something you can munch on at least. Coffee alone isn't a breakfast
Jasmina E.
You should start by introducing some small food and then add some in the future. If you don't feel like eating as soon as you wake up, try with a few bites, and then bring a healthy and more fulfilling snack to school/work!
Heidi P.
I absolutely think coffee or coffee and fruit are enough. I always have a cold brew (from home, I try not to spend all my $$ at coffee shops) with a big splash of oat milk and my mornings are great!
Gilbert J.
Some people are just not morning people and don't need a big breakfast. Add a little protein to your morning like some nuts or a little bit of cheese and you're good to go!
Molly W.
Drinking coffe with an empty stomach it's not a healthy choice so I'd say maybe make some toasts with no added salt sugar or oil peanut butter and have a coffe after you finish.
Ventura E.
What Do you train- that Is develop. The same with the breakfast. The protein makes you more energy , it's a fact. The carbohydrates- more relaxed. That's why so important to have protein & fat breakfast.
I wish you good luck
Herlinde Z.
I'm doing keto so I do bulletproof coffee. Carbs is what's going to make you sleepy because they spike your insulin. Trying doing a protein/fat breakfast or bulletproof coffee. I heard people are doing it, even if they aren't doing keto.
Cassandra P.
Well.. I had the same problem and I have heard from others that fruit is good.. I have also been told that going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier gives you a great advantage!.. Coffee always helps me when I'm tired.. But I suggest simple stuff like eggs or maybe a sandwich and then a fruit, but I would always drink coffee in between.. I too sometime get sleepy so I always kept a spare energy drink… Like 5 hour Enegry or maybe a red bull… Hopefully this helps you.. Good luck!
Oliver P.
Em… I'm not a doctor, but I suggest drinking coffee at least every morning, or you can eat an apple or banana
(Or any other fruit) plus orange because oranges are Rich of "vitamin C" Wich will help you to stay awake.
Just like what this app have told us you need to start small, eat anything, just one slice, when u get used to it and it becomes a daily habit u can add more, an egg, toast… You know better what you want!
Verg Lio F.
Many people fast in the morning as part of their intermittent fasting routine. Relax. Eat your first meal of the day whenever your body says it’s right. Just make sure you eat well.
V Nia P.
Try smoothies! You can get more nutrients without having a really filling meal in the morning. They’re great when you’re on the go too. It’s worth it to invest in a blender if you don’t have one, and there are a lot of great resources online for recipes.
Eug Nio Q.
For a start yes then try to increase yr breakfast until yr body get used to having food in the morning then the sleepiness will fade away
Ryan R.
I'd try to let the coffee go. And replace it with a mixed berry smoothie for a week or a raspberry tea, which energizes. Or I'd even try green tea and then go replacing the green tea with raspberry tea and then go the mixed berries smoothie route. Good luck. Addicting habits are hard to break but you can do it.
Eileen U.
Eating something healthy in the morning gives the body great energy to start the day but it’s the food selection we need to be aware of! Personally If I eat normal breakfast and I start to feel sleepy or lazy is because I’ve had high carps breakfast with lots of diaries like cheese and milk! So I switch it to whole seeds toast with one egg or two ( boiled or fried ) and veggies and sometimes having some Lebna ( greek yogurt like ). Also other options like oatmeal porridge with chia seeds and coconut flakes. If I’m at rush to go out in the morning having a handful of nuts and a banana with me is great, and I would just grab a coffee outside. Meanwhile I’m doing now an intermittent fasting so my breakfast usually is late that is almost in lunch time but I still have it as a breakfast meals and I make my lunch and dinner as one meal before I start the fasting cycle in the evening.