How do you plan breakfasts for the week?

Arwa N.
Well, i sit my alarm early than usual for 15 minutes to make my healthy breakfast! And what’s most important is to get enough sleep so you will be in the mood to prepare your breakfast
Phoebe J.
I do not take my breakfast every morning at the same time. I m listening my body if he s hungry or not. Sometimes it will be at 8am and sometimes it will be at 10. Then, I will take some oatmeal, with cranberries, chocolate, banana and some honey.
Sa Eeda C.
I eat Oats with nuts and dried fruit. I buy 2kg of Oats every month and on Monday mornings buy my dried fruit for the week. Fresh fruit I get every 2 days on the way to work.
Marcia P.
I eat porridge for breakfast. On Sunday, I put oat flakes, chia seeds, Lin seeds or any other things I want to eat with the porridge in the 5 empty jam jars (to the middle level). Then I fill the jars with soya milk or vegan milk (you can also take the cow milk) and stir the mix a bit. I close the jars with lids and put them in the fridge. Next day morning,I just take one out of the fridge and warm it up in the microwave.
Acira S.
Fasting 3 days a week
2 days oats and berries
2 days smoothie with yogurt 1 banana strawberries cinnamon and coconut milk
Caroline U.
Busy mornings mean I need something ready to go with no thought required.Five servings of overnight steel cut oats prepared Sunday evening and portioned out Monday AM makes the whole week easy. Grab a container, pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds add a banana and a complete healthy breakfast is done. When I don’t want oatmeal, I portion out yogurt. Same ease, no microwave needed.
Kat Q.
I leave for work quite early so I have two quick ones to have alternately or by preference depending how I'm feeling. I know that they both take under 5 mins to prepare; scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast or oatmeal and seasonal fruit or frozen berries. I also have ready packaged nuts/seeds mix and low sugar protein bars for if I'm running low on time.
Clara A.
I keep it simple. When I plan for the week I keep the same base. So I’ll have a week of oatmeal, but with interchanging toppings.

One day I’ll have banana. The next blueberries and so on.

I’ll make burritos one week. Potatoes, beans, etc.

I guess I have a theme for the week.

Klaus Werner U.
Great question!
I like to prep breakfast for the whole week on Saturdays or Sundays! I usually prep something that is easy to carry to work on the go. Even something I can eat in the bus. My breakfast usually consists of Greek yogurt. In a separate container will be berries. And in a plastic baggy is protein granola! I added it all together one time and it got mushy, so I keep them separate, but ready to grab all together. Then I dump it in my Tupperware before I head out and it is good to go! Don't forget the spoon!!

I also always have a back up in my desk at work! This backup breakfast contains oatmeal, cinnamon, roasted sunflower seeds, and of course a bowl to cook it in. It isn't fancy. But at least it is last minute food!

Matthew N.
This week there was a special on cereal with almonds so that was the extent of my meal planning. Some weeks breakfast burritos are easy to meal prep & freeze, protein pancake muffins, or little quiches are easy too.
Shiara Y.
I make sure I am not rushed or stressed,that I am not in mega physical pain,for example my back and hips degeneration, or migraine. If I am too sad I wait as I want comfort food. And trying to plan a weekly healthy breakfast menu is just too hard or I want comfort foods, so my choices are compromised :). I research healthy menu's. I read the information given by Fabulous. I set reminders to write a note to plan healthy breakfast. I write everything I would like to eat for breakfast,then look at my options. 1. Is the item healthy choice? 2. Consider my gp, and Dietition's recommendations. For example my gp wants or would like me to eat a tub of yogurt at least 3 days a week for calcium. 3. I look at what I can afford. I am on Disability pension. 4. I plan a menu around what I can afford from my healthy list. 5. I shop and buy and eat my breakfast. Yummy.
Beth I.
I don’t plan breakfast for the week. I wake up and eat what i want each day. Once a week i shop all my favorites ingredients, like eggs, cherry tomatoes, bread, fruits, kefir etc.
Robyn Z.
I usually base it on whether I have been to the gym or if I have work. If I’ve been to the gym I like to have a higher calorie & protein breakfast like oatmeal with peanut butter. If It’s a work day and I haven’t been to the gym I usually have some fruit.
Jordan Q.
I make sure to stock up on essentials over the weekend so I always have eggs and ingredients for a simple protein smoothie on hand.
Emily O.
I usually just make it that morning because I know that I usually have oats because that fills me up. But everyday I have different toppings. But If I wanted to I could always write them down and plan what I will have
Dirce E.
I make sure that I have a variety of options available in the morning so as to have the choice when I get up. Preparation is always key.. homemade granola made at the weekend ready for Greek yogurt in the mornings. Eggs always at hand too.. and porridge oats are there if i need to rush
Marie A.
If my work isn’t giving me breakfasts for some reason, I will usually have some fruit during my commute. I have oatmeal, but usually end up eating chocolate and coffee instead. Sadly. I think it’s smart to just have some oats ready to go.
Dale S.
I don’t. I usually eat cereal or oatmeal with honey and sugar. One minute in the microwave and it’s done – no need to prep ahead of time.
Corey J.
Make it healthy, simple and something you like. Combine all your favorite easy healthy things. We make granola out of organic instant oats by adding a healthy oil and spices to the oats and eating it with our favorite yogurt. Keep the fruit and vegetables quick and simple. Like left over broccoli from dinner and an apple. This takes less than 10 minutes to mix and cook.
Clayton C.
I plan my meals in saturday so I know what I need to go shopping for the next week I fo shopping on sundays and meal prep same days , I'm a vegitarian so I do this every sunday I find it easier since I lived alone for a while
Renee F.
I have always been a breakfast eater. I have the same thing every day; 5 weetabix with canned peaches (no added suģar) and prebiotic soy milk. Plus a coffee
Adelbert I.
I find that if you plan out your week on Sunday it’s easy to prep foods that can be prepped to make breakfast easy. If I’m going to have eggs with vegetables I will chop the vegetables up on Sunday and put them in a container in the fridge to be better prepared. If I’m planning on cereal or oatmeal I will put it in a glass bowl the night before so all I need to do in the morning is add milk. Prepping makes it easy to grab and go or quickly cook great breakfasts but it does take practice and remembering to do it either the night before or on Sundays!
Jessica P.
I normally hated eating breakfast but i started small and now I eat half a bagel with cream cheese and one egg! Its my go-to almost every morning but I also have apples and oranges near by incase i'm not feeling the bagel and eggs for the day.
Line E.
I usually eat oatmeal for breakfast. The topping and extras I pick in basis on my mood so one day I eat walnuts oatmeal and the next day with bananas and cocoa