What are your healthy “fast food” breakfasts if your on the run and miss breakfast before your train ! :)

Mikkel E.
There is a coffee house near my place , I usually grab a salad or a sandwich. However sometimes I just grab a banana or two , they actually make me full.Also the more water you drink fuller your stomach is and you wont feel very hungry.I hope this helps you 🙂
Nina N.
Nut bar or like protein bar oŕ just a simple fruit like banana or apple are my go to. You can also make a smoothie or protein shake and just bring it in a bottle with you
Bekir B.
I usually just grab a granola bar. I hate the act of eating. And hate that my body has to run on fuel. But then again sometimes I can’t eat enough. But when I am conscious of what my body is telling me it needs, I don’t want to provide it.
Igor B.
I love croissants, so that would definitely my go to. Either on its own, with jam and butter, cream and fruit or ham and cheese!
Elizabeth A.
It would be something I need. This include a complete set of nutrients, and this would be a fruit, nuts and a whole grain bread.
Jean Q.
Coconut water or jeewani and a snack? Like a banana and some cream crackers:) I've never done this before tho cuz up until this day I hv always eaten breakfast whether I want to or not😂 cuz I'm still 15
Breanna O.
I eat an optavia bar for breakfast everyday, since I am in the process of losing weight! Balanced nutrition and lots of vitamins are just what gets me going in the morning!
Britt S.
I will stop into Booster Juice & get a Banana protein shake and sometimes a wrap. I've made a pact to myself, that Tim Hortons & a&w are off limits now. They are also the most convenient (with a drive thru.) I have to walk into booster juice & wait, which is inconvenient. This makes me think more about how I should have just boiled eggs at home haha
Fernanda P.
Usually I run at night, after finished my work and I drink a lot water before I go. But, if I run every morning I will prepare a banana vitamin. It's easy and healthy for start the day 😉
Assis A.
If I'm rushing out of the house before I can get in a good breakfast, I usually grab some protein drinks out the door so I can drink my breakfast on the way to wherever I have to be.
Mathew O.
Usually the scrambled egg or sandwiches with some proteins, like cheese or meat. If I didn't have anything prepared, I was buying the hot panini sandwich from the local store. Now I think about buying a toaster, to make quick breakfasts warmer.
Sonia I.
i usually get one egg mcmuffin from mcdonald’s it’s not the healthiest but i only get it when i am in a rush and i need to get out of the house quickly.
Julie F.
My healthy “fast food” breakfasts if I’m on the run and before I train are usually fruits. Apples, oranges, mangoes etc. Anything I can grab and on-the-go. Over night oats are awesome too.