What are some good healthy vegan breakfast ideas to make when I’m short of time in the morning?

William Q.
Tofu scrambles are nice! I usually do one with soft tofu and tumeric, green onion and whatever vegetables I have laying around already chopped. I also like making zucchini pancakes- super quick if you have a box grater. all you have to do is grate the zucchini finely, and I add flaxseed, spices and nutritional yeast until I reach the consistency I want. I usually top that with some type of sauce or chutney I have laying around.
Lea F.
My friend makes a pot of steel cut oatmeal and divides it into 4 servings. He heats up a serving in the microwave. If it’s too thick he adds some almond milk or water. He adds walnuts, blueberries and cinnamon. You can top it with whatever you like.
Willi A.
I love having a banana and granola bar for super on the go, but if you have a little extra time, make some breakfast toast! Banana w/ peanut butter, drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon and hemp or chia seeds.
Oliver N.
I’m a vegan and I like to make a packet of organic instant oatmeal with a T of peanut butter powder and a T of nutribiotic rice protein powder. I have Ripple unsweetened pea milk in my coffee and I end up with a breakfast packed with 32 grams of protein for only 392 calories!
Cinira I.
When I'm short on time I make smoothie using whatever fruit I have on hand, ice, LOTS of kale or spinach, and almond milk, after it's blended I top it off with chia seeds for extra protein.
Alberte W.
Probably something quick and easy with oats and fruit, preparing food the night before can be good too if you want something more filling than that, so you can either grab it and go and heat it up quick instead. I’m sure you can find more recipes on the internet if you’re looking for something specific.
Debbie F.

Make filling in advance. Assemble one every morning. I mix black beans with the filling

Udo S.
I like to make toast with peanut butter because the peanut butter offers some protein and the bread provides carbs to fuel your body
Vera E.
Refrigerator oatmeal with nuts, seeds, plantbase protein power and almond milk or other plant based mild. See Pinterest for more varieties.
Michelle Q.
Oats with water or with any veggie milk, just half a cup of oats one cup of water/ vegan milk put in the microwave for 2 min a is ready to eat could be with banana or strawberries
Jean E.
You can get vegan protein powder, maybe make a shake with that and nut based milk. Banana is always good to eat first thing I reckon. High bran cereal, again with a vegan milk, good protein and fibre.
Keila N.
A smoothie or smoothie bowl, try adding oats or pronutro for more substance. Add a plant based milk, dates for sweetness. Frozen bananas are the perfect base and last very long in your freezer! Try bananas with peanut butter or have a refreshing berry smoothie with some added mint. Delicious, easy, quick and gives you energy
Helmut X.
I love having oatmeal with almond milk. Then I mix in some nutbutter and lots of berries. Sometimes I even add some Chia seeds!
Oliver W.
Quick oats with fruit is my go to. I also do some meal prep on weekends, and I make vegan banana pancakes. Then when I'm in a rush I can just grab one and go.
Julia T.
Fruits are excellent options. Apple, banana, papaya … these are simple and practical fruits to eat. And of course, water, always
Virg Nia P.
Have some fruit for breakfast and then graze through the day on nuts and seeds and apple is a great start to the day and will curb your hunger as well as giving you a good energy boost
Matthew J.
One of my favorite healthy breakfast has to be oatmeal. It’s really versatile and you can mix it with everything. Make it salty or sweet. Tofu omelets are also a very great breakfast, with some fresh or cooked veggies for extra nutrients. Avocado toast is very easy and a good alternative if you don’t have much time. You can also try smoothies, granola bars (make more so that they will last a couple of days), a breakfast tofu taco with lots of veggies. If you want something sweet, you can also try French toast (made with almond milk, maple syrup and nutritional yeast to replace the eggs). Hope that helps!
Catharina O.
Smoothies are a good way to go. Put vegetables, ice, some sort of milk alternative and some fruit or protein powder. Overnight oats work pretty well to
Sixto F.
The quickest I could think of is a smoothie. Take your favorite combinationsand try and add some protein powder if you have one you like.
Elia F.
I make a smoothie either a serving of vegetables (spinach or kale) and a serving of fruits (frozen) I had cia seeds, flaxseeds and hemp seeds. I also add a fat. An avocado or table spoon of peanut butter and/or vegan yogurt. Sometimes I add oatmeal