How do you find the energy to make breakfast each morning when running on little sleep?

Vlada N.
I live with my family, so my breakfast is made by my mom, or I have gruel, milk and cereals or egg, this is not so hard to find time to cook every morning. (Sorry for my grammar, i don't know English very well)

Katie S.
It helps to have quick options available, like low sugar instant oatmeal, a piece of fruit, or maybe a premade breakfast item that you can quickly reheat. If you are into meal prepping there are lots of great options, from egg cups to overnight oats.
Sometimes I cheat and order a healthy-ish breakfast from one of the nearby coffee houses on my way into work.
If push comes to shove, I will enjoy breakfast several hours after waking up when I have more energy and focus.

Kalinda T.
I don't. I keep breakfast really simple and easy by buying yoghurt and fruit and nuts that is only for breakfast. The less effort the better, because I'll actually eat it

Lydia A.
Since I must have coffee in the morning, I begin with making some coffee with k coffee machine. Investing in a machine is important for you to enjoy you coffee. Make a weekly plan for breakfast and shop where necessary. Eat stuff you like and desire.

Klaudija P.
Because I do the same thing for my breakfast it's quite automatic for me. So basically the more I do the same thing for my breakfast the easier it is to do mindlessly. Also knowing exact steps (get pan, oil, eggs, scramble and so on) and focusing on just that "I'm geting the pan, I'm getting the pan" while really tired kinda pushes the tired as to say

Alba B.
I keep it simple and make sure to do something I like or am curious about. I put some oatmeal in my yogurt, maybe even some dark chocolate. Or I get toasts and put cheese and marinated salmon on top. That with a tea on the side. Not much effort but still great and delicious!

Gu Bj Rg X.
Here is a thing a friend of mine once told me from her therapist: "the law does not require for you to eat traditional breakfast food every morning."

Seen she'd gotten into the habit of skipping breakfast whenever she didn't feel like cooking. But here's the thing. There's lots of food that you can eat in the morning that don't require any energy. You can even eat ice cream for breakfast, if you'd like to. I think it's most important to at least eat something, so you're not going into the day on an empty stomach. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason after all.

Vivian N.
If you're too tired or don't have the energy to make breakfast you can eat an apple or a banana, if you don't have any of those you can also have a spoonful of peanut to give you a boost of energy justice in case. Or you're always running on Karen in the morning you could prepare overnight oats the day before, so when you wake up, you can instantly eat it.

Henna W.
The breakfast can be done in the previous evening, so in the morning you just need to take it out of the fridge. Also, when your body is used to get breakfast every morning it gets hungry, so you just have to eat. I have made my breakfast time to my morning relaxation time. It means that I have enough time to eat (in my case 30-40 mins) so I can calm down while eating and get enough energy for the day at work. I usually read magazines or something else I love to do at the same time, so at another words I have made the breakfast time the best time in my day. So nowadays I'm looking forward to my next breakfast.

Marceau Q.
Even though i don't always get the most amount of sleep, i know that it's important to get up and eat. This is something i truly need to work on because on the weekends i stay in bed forever. On week days though, i sometimes don't get enough sleep. To deal with this and eat, i get something simple but that will keep me going; i take fruit snacks, crackers, and just really anyone on week days considering i have ti get to school. I should probably start to eat healthier foods week mornings even though i don't get much time, i can try to make a mini waffle like i used to, or a bagel, these things are much better than 2 fruit snack packets.

Kartik F.
Get into cold shower,put on some high tempo music and if available any nice incense light it.and make something you absolutely love and can be done boiled eggs and toast.a milk shake or dry fruits smoothie and if you can even have ready to make noodles once in a while nothing wrong with it.

Nanna W.
If I know I’m not going to get a lot of sleep I’ll set out something the night before and if i dont know I’m not going to get a lot of sleep I’ll eat something quick like a yogurt and banana/apple

Sabino Z.
I understand that if i skip my alarm and sleep more than i should , I'll wake up after that and I'll feel like I spend my time without doing anything. That's make me feel miserable. Otherwise, most of the time , when I wake up early, I fill gratitude for my health , the sun, the coffee and breakfast that I can have. All these thing make feel happy and productive even if my life is not always as I want to be.

Gaia Z.
I started to prepare my breakfast at night before going to bed. After eating my dinner I quickly prepare the necessary for the next day's breakfast.