If you want to exercise in the morning when do you have breakfast?

Lo C C.
you can have breakfast right after exercise. But exercise for a amount of time that would make sure you have space for breakfast and morning routines
Edwin U.
Probably afterwards because I ate breakfast this morning before my workout and sometimes I get nauseated or can’t push the way I want to if I’ve eaten beforehand.
Benjamin X.
Well, I prefer to have breakfast after exercise, because if I eat then do physical activity I feel heavy. But exercising after breakfast can improve the assimilation of food. That's up to a person to decide))
Victoria F.
Approximately 40-45 minutes after you have eaten to let your food settle (just like swimming.) If I tried to exercise before I ate, I would pass out. Your body is a machine and it needs energy to go (just like gas in a car.)
Holly N.
Each individual reacts differently to exercising on an empty stomach. If you are sensitive to this, begin by having something (maybe an apple or banana) before working out, and then finish your breakfast with some good protein after! And don’t forget to drink water!
Alice Z.
My routine is to exercise, shower, then have breakfast with the kids. That way I'm not rushing eating to fit everything else in afterwards.
Elias G.
I generally eat after my exercise because it’s what fits my lifestyle. I, with my wife, have two small kids so I need to maximise the time I make before they wake up. I use this to exercise because I can eat breakfast when they are up but not go for a walk/run/gym/home workout. So I make sure I do this first and then repay my fuel debt straight after. I also prepare the kids breakfast at the same time as mine just before they get up.
Kyle P.
I go at 4am and eat after. My daughter drinks a protein shake at the gym. Just depends if you can handle food before gym. I can’t, she can.
Jorge T.
When I exercise first thing in the morning, I tend to only have some water before exercise. I would then have breakfast once I get back from exercising. If I’m feeling particularly hungry when I wake up, though, I would probably have a banana before exercising and then have the second half of the breakfast afterwards.
Marin I.
You should have breakfast after you exercise, since eating before exercising isn’t good for your body. Make sure to drink a cup of warm water before you go exercise.
Ginger Q.
I usually eat a banana. Easy in the stomach and just enough that I don't feel super empty when working out. I like to eat overnight oats after!
Timothe T.
I usually exercise before breakfast so I wake up at 8:00 and go for a run at 8:30 then after 45 minute I come back home and take a shower. After that I finally have breakfast, at about 9:45/10:00.
Lina P.
I usually have it right after if I can exercise the moment I wake up. If I have to go to a studio or drive somewhere, I eat breakfast an hour or more before exercise.
Matteo Y.
I don't eat first thing. I can't . I just wait til I'm hungry. I always exercise after water and coffee. I am probably not doing it right but I just can't force myself to eat first thing.
Kelsey N.
I eat breakfast after I exercise. Before exercising I only drink water. I find this wakes me up, but then the exercising makes me hungry enough to actually eat food.
Becky O.
I actually exercise right after work – I make it an appointment with someone to be at the gym ..therefore its rude if I cancel the appointment so I make it to the gym !
Amanda F.
Well.. to be honest, I only did 15 push ups on 1/3 days. I wooke up at 8am. I waited 30 min. Then had a small breakfast and 30 min/1h later is maybe the best for exercising.
Diane J.
My training session is at 5:45am and normally I have my breakfast after the session around 7:30am. I heard it is not good to have breakfast right after the session so I normally eat after the shower. If you feel hungry before your workout session, you can try to eat a bread before your session. But do not eat a lot.
Seth Z.
I will have breakfast after exercise. That's because I eat in the car, or directly when I come to work. So I have to exercise before that, because it could be really awkward when I dance for 8 minutes during work.
Abby U.
I greatly prefer to have breakfast right after exercise. Seems better for digestive/energy reasons, and to make the delicious food a happy reward for hard work! Plus the longer I go without doing the workout, the less likely it is to happen. =S Best to make it one of the first activities of my morning, after water.