What breakfast is best before going to the gym? More sugar? More protein? More carbs? A mix??

El A N.
Sugar for an energy boost (like a short run or a quick morning exercise), carbs for longer energy endurance (like cardio), and protein also for endurance and building and repairing muscle cells (for cardio or weight and strength exercises). I recommend a mix of all 3, with enough hydration and salt (because of the sweating) as well, because all of these are essential nutritions for your body. But you could also pick 1 or 2 depending on your workout.
Joselaine F.
Enough protein and a mix of slow and fast carbs to get through the workout and have enough energy to start and not feel to drained by the end
Nicky F.
I recommend a mix of plant protein and carbs. But it also depends on your training goals, so ask an expert. I do know that animal protein causes inflammation in the blood vessels and makes your body lose energy to deal with that, instead of spending that energy on building (and using) muscle.
Morgan X.
A breakfast high in protein is best before going to the gym because it will fill you up more, make you feel energized, and will help you to achieve your goals driving you to go there in the first place. Some examples are mixed nuts, eggs, something with peanut butter, etc.
Anthony S.
I'm not an expert or anything but I think an energy bar would do nicely some nuts as well but if your allergic that's fine you could do with a scrambled egg breakfast since egg has a lot of protein but if u dont like egg than I suggest toast and baked beans??
Eliano C.
mix of carbs and protein. no sugar.. carbs is needed for the energy for your workouts. however, what you eat depends on the timing before hitting the gym. if it’s an hour or more, have a good balance of healthy complex carbs with protein.. if it’s less than an hour before, don’t overeat. have a banana with some peanut butter for energy. then have a post workout meal with more protein for muscle recovery and repair.
Ga L Z.
A lean protein is the best thing to eat before gym as it means that the food that you eat is going to be solely used to fuel your workout and ensure that your muscles are prepared for its recovery period
Logan Y.
It depends on what your exercise is going to be? I say a mixture or two. But if you want hardcore motivation exercise! I say all the above. Oh one more thing I got to add that you forgot to mention, you always want eat your fruits and vegetables. It’s part of daily health routine. Never forget the food pyramid.
Sugar O.
If you're eating 2 hours or longer before a workout the best thing would be a large meal that encompasses everything from a healthy fat, to preferably complex carbohydrates, and obviously includes protein. If less than an hour before a workout the best thing would be something small preferably a piece of fruit like an apple or a banana. This is so your mind doesn't wander during your workout. If you go too long without eating before a workout your mind will be more focused on your stomach rather than on what you're doing.
Robert C.
I suggest something healthy like oatmeal or an energising drink will do. It keeps you healthy and it doesn't add any extra fatness to yourself. I don't go to the gym but I do go for nice jog and that is what I took before I go.
Ismael P.
No breakfast for me, to train fasted is better for ketosis. If training fasted ss better to start training very lightly. If you are doing a longer or more challenging workout it is better to have something like a banana, it is easy to digest and will give you energy right away.