Is it bad to eat your breakfast while walking around doing other tasks when you are running late?

Alexander C.
I think it’s not so bad. But I do think you should fix up your schedule, because breakfast is the first meal of the day, which means it’s important to stay focused on one thing.
Olindo C.
Yes but no bc u need to sit and eat but I eat while doing other tasks I have found listening to music while doing what I need to helps me get it done faster and if u can’t wake up in the morning wash ur face and it will get u up I do that every morning
Nct V.
I think it is not good but it isn't bad either. It's better to eat your meal slowly, but if it is impossible It's great that you're atleast eating
Felicia N.
Personally I think it does not really matter if you walk or sit down while eating. But I am in no way a professional or expert on this topic. I think it is important for you to get your vitamines and proteins during breakfast, how you do it is your choice.
Oscar Y.
I don't think so. Sometimes I wake up 7:30 that time I need to do quickly and go to school so i eat my breakfast while put my uniform. Usually I don't eat breakfast
Bela F.
I don't think so, if you don't have any other option of course. Obviously it's best to enjoy a calm meal, but I think that still, any breakfast is better than no breakfast at all. Just remember to eat something that you want choke on so easily (like: eating cereal doesn't sound like a reasonable idea), so: apple, sandwich, etc (at least in my opinion). And most important: make sure that it doesn't happen the next day 🙂
Damaris T.
Its better than not eating breakfast at all. But definitely more preferable to sit and eat it. To me it's the thing to do in the morning peacefully before things get crazy.
Berta E.
Actually, I haven’t been late since I do my whole morning routine. Water and the short exercise session helps me to be awake and more productive. BUT eating is a time with you. You have to take your time to nourish your body, if your brain notice that you’re taking care of you, it will provide you the energy to do that.
Herrmann G.
Great question. I have always been told to sit down while eating as it helps to digest food more slowly. If you were to stand or walk around while eating, the digestive system digests food more quicker which can cause integestion, discomfort, bloating etc.
Jonas Z.
It's not ideal but it's okay. It would be best of course to eat in peace, however eating while doing other things is better than not eating at all ☺️