How can you meal prep for breakfast?

Judy Ann N.
I just make an omelette with fresh veggies. I just ensure I bought these and have these on hand. It only then takes me keys than 10 minutes to make breakfast.
Noelle Y.
Soak oats overnight or have tofu crumbled up and ready to cook. Use the day you are off to get curious about what you have the opportunity to eat. If the budget is a bit tight, get creative in the kitchen and start slicin' and dicin' into containers for the week!
Andrea A.
I found that starting small is best. I am not great at feeding myself so keeping items that I can quickly grab is key: yogurt, fruits, mini Kind bars, and as a treat I keep some almond biscotti so I don't reach for something more damaging. Baby steps and forgiveness. Having something to eat before noon is success for me. Having water first thing has been helpful as it starts your metabolism and the need to feed your body increases.
Kimberly X.
I like to have a bite or two of leftovers, or a slice of cheese for breakfast – something really fast to eat right away. I'm more likely to cook a full breakfast at lunchtime.
Alisa N.
Plan what you are going to eat the night before or prep your breakfast for the whole week. That is how you will stay on track with eating a healthy breakfast. When you’re starving or don’t know what your going to eat, you tend to just grab anything to fill that hunger feeling. Knowing and having a plan will help you succeed.
Stefanie E.
Try things like over night oats, or do a cooked breakfast/porridge in the slow cooker and use a timer so it comes on while you sleep and is ready when you get up. Having your dishes set ready helps too, so have your cereal bowl and spoon ready to go.
Marius E.
I have make a omellete in the morning with a bread toast and eat a handful of mixed nuts in the morning with glass of juice.
Rachel Y.
I think of my breakfast when I shop. I always have fruit, eggs in the fridge. Also, sometimes thinking about your breakfast the night before helps. If I'm gonna have a smoothie I get the fruit ready.
Nathaniel J.
I would hard boil several eggs and have them peeled and ready to eat every morning. I personally like instant oatmeal. It's quick, easy and does the job.
Mads N.
I’ve found the best way to meal prep breakfast is with large batches that can be easily broken up into single servings. Blueberry oatmeal bake with chia seeds makes 9 servings and refrigerates great. Elie Krieger’s breakfast burritos make a big batch and freeze amazingly well. Breakfast cookies are great on the run, and also freeze really well. If I’m in the mood for breakfast bowls, I’ll roast a big pan of veggies and separate them into storage containers. In the morning, I’ll poach a couple eggs in the microwave (takes like 3 minutes total) and top my veggies with guac and the eggs, or enchilada sauce for a mexi kick, or tzatziki for a medi bowl. Really versatile.
Valerie Y.
I purchase healthy food items that do not take up a lot of time to prepare in the morning, such as quaker oats and eggs. This helps keep myself accountable and consistent when it comes to reaching my goals.
Ed J.
I should decide the night before what I shall have for breakfast the next morning. That way, I avoid wasting time in choosing what to eat in the morning, which could both make me lose time and cause me to end up eating something not so great
V Z.
think about what you're likely to eat in the morning before u to sleep, and have everything in easy to reach places. if it doesn't require cooking, freezing/staying cool (most things in the fridge or freezer will need using within a fairly short time frame if ur needing to keep it cool. do some research on what u can and can't keep cool for the duration of ur sleep) or need to be eaten effective immediately then u can prepare it before u start any evening activities. it's mostly sorted then. with eggs u can crack the number ur most likely to eat, the night before, then cover the container with cling film (or something of similar nature) to keep it hygienic, and refrigerate it. if it's an omelet then make the mix, cover (if cling film isn't available, use tin/aluminium foil. never use a plate, it will not be stable or secure and is likely not to keep it hygienic) and refrigerate. did u know that one egg and one spinach leaf have the same amount of protein as the average protein drink. so maybe avoid the protein drinks and swap them out for better options, like an egg salad with spinach.