What do you eat for a lean protein breakfast?

Lilly S.
It depends on how much time i have in the morning. On a day where I have a long morning ill make some eggs with pepper. On days where im in a time crunch ill grab a banana or apple or a protein bar
Mohammad U.
Eggs and toast is probably my favorite. Other people do protein shakes. A kale, spinach, pineapple, strawberry, almond milk smoothie is also really good in the morning. You can even mix up the fruits, do water instead of milk. I like the fruits to be frozen too. It helps with the consistency of the drink. (=
Mathew Q.
Eggs with a good fat, such as avocado or drizzled with MCT oil. Or potatoes with bell peppers and some Turkey, drizzled with avocado oil dressing.
Serenity C.
I myself make the following in the morning as a lean protein breakfast:
– banana pancakes with low-fat quark/cottage cheese.
– protein pancakes with tuna.
– tuna patties.
– steam cooked chicken with (depends what's your diet) rice, pasta or brown bread/rolls.
– pasta with cottage cheese and low-fat yogurt (my fav 🙂 )

And many more, but I'm to tired to continue this list. It's 00:40 and I had my 2,5 h long evening workout, so you know ;).

Good luck with the gains!

Katrine C.
My favorite breakfast is a P3 protein pack. I would google them. They’re delicious! Another option, if you can’t find any in a store near you, is apple slices and peanut butter. It’s delicious but also has protein (the peanut butter)! Another option is scrambled eggs—that makes for a really healthy breakfast—but if that doesn’t float your boat, the other two options are DELICIOUS!
Ma L Z.
A yogurt based smoothie with fresh berries andpeanut butter toast with bananas on it.
Sometimes scrambled eggs with vegetables. Sometimes if I have leftover meat from the night before I'll throw that in to
Traudl R.
I eat an omelette with low fat shredded cheese inside. You can add veggies if you want; like peppers, mushrooms and onions.
Anton Z.
A couple of turkey-bacon egg, spinach and bell pepper muffins! I just finished two of them, yummm!! Easy to make and delicious grab and go breakfast
Ermelinda Z.
For me, I don’t have much time in the mornings, so I go with a protein shake with milk. If that works, it’s a solid pick. If you have more time, then I think a classic eggs and bacon breakfast works good, since the protein in the eggs keeps you going for long, while the bacon gives you quick energy.
Kylian P.
I have oatmeal with protein powder. This allows me to have both flavor and protein in something that provides energy throughout the day
Marion E.
I eat eggs with kabanos and a piece of bread. On the side I eat a fruit like strawberries. Sometimes I eat toast with Nutella and a fruit on the side.
Alma T.
Steel cut oats (1/4th plate after cooked), peanut butter (2 big nice spoons covering 1/4th plate ), fruits (1/2 plate), seeds and nuts (2 spoons of mix of chia, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds; and 8 each of badam, cashew , kishmish etc. ), milk (a cup) with my vitamin meds(doctor prescribed).
Ref. ::: the plate method for balanced diet.
Alvani C.
For a higher protein breakfast, I turn to my protein shakes. I buy a vegan, plant based protein because it doesn't have fillers that make you gain weight. Just has all the good stuff you're looking for in protein. I usually add berries, careful on my sugar intake, so I try and steer away from bananas. I use almond milk and add some plain Greek yogurt for added protein and probiotics.
Margie T.
Today I had yogurt with fresh strawberries and 6-8 walnuts. That was after my chai, which I drink cold, with about 1/4 cup 2% milk added. Most mornings, again after my chai w/milk, I eat a breakfast burrito and fruit. I start with 2 eggs scrambled, add a little cheddar cheese and a generous amount of salsa, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.
Sandra N.
I've been having stomach aches recently so I decided to eat kitcheree until I feel better. Luckily it's complete protein due to the mung beans/basmati combination, and I add sweet potato because that's what I have. I might add some zucchini next week. The dish balances the doshas of the whole household and gives my digestion a bit of a vacation.
Zoe T.
I recommend rolled oats, flax seed powder and nuts and seed. Add fruit and flavoured protein powder for taste. You’ll never ever go back to instant oatmeal again. I also eat smoked salmon and turkey deli meat for when I’m in a rush.
Clarence X.
Some eggs and spinach in the morning for breakfast are a casual go to, lunch some black bean burritos or some other salad, dinner some Thai chicken/shrimp curry. Chicken Alfredo. Those are some go toos but they can be better
Lya F.
I eat poached eggs on a whole grain English muffin with reduced sodium baked beans and a little bit of cheese. I feel that this is a pretty complete and balanced way for me to start the day. In order to make this a “lean” protein you could simply change the poached eggs to an egg white scramble, omitting the yolks ☺️