What is your go-to on-the-go healthy breakfast? I am always running late to work and would like quick breakfast options that are also healthy.

Abel Q.
The trick is preparation. If you know youre always running late, have boiled or even scrambled eggs in the fridge. Have a "brown bag" breakfast prepared the night before with a fruit (banana, apple or even orange) and a small bag of nuts that you can just shove an egg into and grab on the way out the door. Or you could also change your habits by getting up 15 minutes earlier. Try my sister's retraining trick: eat breakfast before you get ready for work. Then what you learn is that breakfast is a priority and long showers with lots of time spent on hair, makeup, etc are not. It helped her find quicker, easier am shortcuts for her grooming routine (always lay out clothes and bath needs the night before, take a "navy shower" –wet yourself, turn off water, lather hair and body, turn on water and rinse–to save water and time, and learn to love your hair as it is and stop straightening, blow drying with a brush, etc to fight it into a style). You can also streamline makeup with a powder base that takes the place of foundation, a simple swoop of neutral eye shadow from lashes to brows and using a lash curler to boost your lashes with less mascara.
Frankie S.
If I need something quick I thing making chia pudding or overnight oats the night before is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to have hard boiled eggs and yogurt and even a protein bar on hand for days you need to eat as you commute.
Benjamin C.
I love making wraps for breakfast! Usually I make them the night before, when I’m making my lunch but by having some fresh veg, boiled eggs and a tasty sauce on hand, your morning wraps can be done in a few minutes. It’s much easier to eat in the car/on the walk to the bus than a slice of toast or fruit and it feels a little bit more put together than any other quick breakfast ideas I’ve found.
Samara C.
I like to do banana, spinach, protein powder & blend if I have 3 mins before leaving- clean up after. If I’m RUNNING out the door I’ll eat banana on the go or two hard boiled eggs. I’ll even toss my shattered shells out the window like biodegradable confetti 🎉
L Rke W.
Mini frittatas baked on Sunday to have 1-2 per work day. I use a cupcake pan to bake them, and add whatever ingredients are in the fridge like spinach, arugula, cheese, bacon pieces etc. Heat them at work for your settle in time before the day gets crazy.
Guido B.
You could make a fruit🍍🍎🍓🍇 smoothie the night before and put it in the fridge overnight to get a chilling taste and drink it on the go.
Gabriela Z.
If I know I'm going to be rushed the next morning, I'll leave out some overnight oats. That way I just take the cup in the morning and it's ready. If I didn't plan to be running late, I'll eat some plain yogurt with granola or cereal. They're not the best breakfasts, but they save me when I'm in a rush. If I'm a little less rushed I like to eat salad in the morning and boil some eggs and any other protein I have easily avialable like leftover chicken or ham.
Jeremy U.
I make a vegetable quiche on Sunday afternoon and divide it into 5 portions. If I have space in the fridge, I put a yogurt and a pice of fruit on each container so breakfast is ready to go when I am rushing out the door in the morning.
Mille C.
I often have a smoothie. I lend lots of vegetables and fruit, it can be done the night before and then it's easy to grab and have on the go.
Kirsten X.
I find instant oatmeal ( I use two packets one regular and one with either maple, apple, cinnamon or the like ) it is sustaining for you until lunch where it raises your sugar levels a little but doesn’t spike them and then plateaus until it slowly declines before lunch unlike sugary Cereal ( which I also love but hey we’re human )

You can put it in a thermos and off you go! Eat on the go if you like! Add some blueberries strawberries whatever you like. I also add minced walnuts and ground flax seed ( ground flax seed allows for the nutrients to be absorbed whereas whole flax seeds just go right through you which isn’t all bad because it scrubs as it goes )
I hope this helps! Many successful speedy healthy breakfasts to you!

Aneita O.
If you have two minutes and a blender, a smoothie might be good – just pour in a lot of water, milk, or juice, then frozen fruit, then maybe a vegetable like lettuce or celery, then some flax or chia seeds for more nutrition, and finally, an extra protein boost or two – oats, nut butter, yogurt, protein powder, etc. I read that it's good to soak oats the night before, but you don't have to cook them. Speaking of oats, you can make overnight oats by putting water or milk on oats the night before and adding fruit, yogurt, seeds, nuts, and/or sweetener like honey.
– Autumn
Gaud Ncio C.
Smoothies. You can prepare the ingredients day before, pop it in a blender and go prepare for heading out. Just pour it in a bottle and boom. Done.
Osh Z.
Fruits; banana, apples, berries. If I don't have time to make eggs or a parfait, then a shake or easy to carry fruit will do the trick
Matthew O.
Meal prep breakfast burritos! They can be as simple as eggs and cheese in a tortilla, or mix it up with black beans, avocado, sautéed onions or mushrooms, hot sauce, spinach, or breakfast meat. Wrap up 5 in plastic wrap, refrigerate, and grab a filling balanced meal as you head out the door.
Bendavid Z.
I go for an easy piece of fruit (banana or apple) and a handful of hikers trail mix because its quick and gives me the energy I need
Adorino F.
My go-to is an Ensure nutrition drink. It's used as a meal replacement in hospitals when patients have difficulty eating because it has "13g of high-quality protein, 27 essential vitamins and minerals, and 350 calories." I don't suggest you use it as a meal replacement as there are healthier options in actual food, but it is great in a pinch. When depression hits me or I'm feeling really stressed out (from rusing to work), my appetite goes out the window, so I'm glad to at least get the calories from chugging a little 8oz bottle rather than skipping meals like I used to.
Caitlin N.
Get a wrap, spread avocado out on it. Make 2 scrambled eggs and add some garlic salt. Add the eggs and some chopped onions to the wrap and then you go yourself a breakfast to go!
Mookie Z.
I always start with a fruit, protein smoothie by blending blueberries, strawberries and bananas with almond milk. I add a scoop of vegan protein powder. Delicious.
Miguel F.
I always go to bed early so I can get up early ergo I am never running late. I also meal prep my breakfast and lunch every Sunday so all my meals are on the go.
Axel I.
Maybe some fruits that not only give you a boost of energy, but also are quick to get, eat, and don't need anything tools or a place for you to eat. Grab some and put them in a Tupperware like bowl or lunch box