Is coffee healthy?

Jessie N.
Absolutely! In moderation of course. I think it’s amazing for the digestive system, but the added sugars can defeat the purpose in my opinion.
Naomi M.
Coffee is a great antioxidant and can help get rid of bloating, however too much of it can interfere with your sleep and overall make you too tired. Coffee beans are most healthy in the form of black coffee. The more sugar and cream you add to coffee the more unhealthy it becomes. So in conclusion coffee has some great benefits but you shouldn’t drink too much of it, and don’t drink a lot of it with sugar and cream.
Thea W.
I think coffee is unhealthy because of the caffeine in it. Some people get edgy from lot of caffeine and cant sleep at night.
Storm C.
Studies show that black coffee could be very healthy for you. What we add to our coffee in the form of creamers and sweeteners can cause coffee to be less healthy for us. Caffeine and its affect in the human body is also a hot button issue for a lot of people. At the end of the day I would say that coffee would be a better choice over a soda.
Lucy E.
I believe one cup a day may be healthy if you don't add any milk or sweetener on it, and if you drink it with little sugar.
I personally have adapted well to drinking it without milk or sweetener but honestly the sugar factor is a tough challenge for me. I also struggle with keeping it limited to one cup a day, specially during the winter when a hot mug is so tempting.
I hope this helps you.
Meg E.
Yes, lots of research suggests 1 or 2 a day is good for you cardiovascular health and is a good tool for weight loss. Too many (3 or more) has the opposite effect.
L Andre T.
Coffee is healthy in moderation.. once you over do it, it becomes unhealthy as it can lead to an increase in anxiety and overthinking.
Ella B.
In moderation, yes. Not before sleep, when waking up, nor if it clashes with anti-stress medication. I use decaff when I can't drink it because kicking the coffee habit is hard, and occasionally you do need a mild stimulant like caffeine. It can help you finish a tricky bit of work.
Allie J.
Don't know if it is healthy. But too much coffee can definitely cause you to not feeling sleepy at night. Instead of drinking the real thing (coffee), I am drinking a matcha coffee. Gives me the same energy boost as coffee, but it doesn't drag me down as coffee does once its not in my body anymore.
Betsy Y.
It depends. Coffee is not for everybody. Most people does not have any health problems with coffee, it is delicious and helps you to keep awake and productive. But other people can have heart palpitations, anxiety, heartburn. Pregnant women can drink it, but children can manifest hyperactive behavior. The most important consideration is moderation, that is one to three cups a day.
Mark E.
Not sure about that. It’s almost like a tradition to drink it in the morning. Not because of its effects but because of how it tastes, looks, and smells.