What do you do while eating breakfast? Do you use this as a time for meditation or catching up on social media?

Daniel Q.
While I’m eating breakfast I like to listen to my daily horoscope on Spotify. While I’m listening I like to do a slight meditation by taking a few deep breaths and focusing on what I’d like to accomplish in that day.
Ashley N.
If the kids are sleeping I’m likely to be on my phone, although I would really like to change that so I can be in the moment which will allow more time to be grateful for the food and allow more focus on how I am consuming the food. If the kids are awake I’m likely to be eating while cooking or quickly eating my food because they are finished and ready to move on.
Jade J.
Breakfast time is me time so I can do anything I feel like in the moment, I might catch up on an episode on TV, scroll through social media or listen to a podcast. Whatever will make me happy in the moment while I relax and eat.
Diane Y.
Hello! Well yesterday I had this war kind of thing between my mind and what it was used to do, so I stood up and said no we are not going to eat breakfast while watching that movie again or catching up in social media. So what I did was sitting on the table while my mind was uncomfortable and I put my favorite playlist on Spotify. Being uncomfortable = growth
Eva Y.
I usually watch TV or browse through social media on my phone, most of the time which is pointless because i barely remember the memes for long anyway. I think maybe if I listened to a podcast or read and article or my emails that would be more beneficial, I guess the thing that's stopping me doing that is thinking about what others will think of me when I do those things… but will they really mind? if I had woken up early I may already be alone and if I was listening to something they wouldn't really care too much right. and reading an article or emails is sure not to raise an attention
Diego Z.
I tend to have either a podcast or a YouTube that I can listen to playing. I like to hear conversations and light hearted humour in the morning, I suppose it reminds me of family when I was younger.
Sofia F.
It's not a good ideea to use social media during breakfast. I suggest relaxing and meditating. Also a good breakfast it's not supposed to be rush
Araksi T.
Breakfast became important thing in my life, I mean it can be unhealthy or really different from what we usually imagine, but the process is kinda making you to move forward, like you've done already something important during this day