Hi! I eat some cereal biscuits, a banana, and drink tea every morning. Do you think this is a good breakfast or should I change something?

Diane U.
Get protein!! A banana and cereal biscuit is too many carbs in the morning. Try having 2 eggs, 1/2 an avocado, and one slice of toast! You get your protein, healthy fat, and the right amount of carbs!
Marian J.
I guess it’s not a bad one, at least it’s healthy. But some cereal biscuits doesn’t seem like enough to energize you for the whole morning unlike a bowl with cereals.
Cynthia R.
Banana seems appropriate given the nutrients it provides. Tea is calming to the soul, perhaps choose a tea that isn’t processed or harsh for environment. I’m not quite sure what cereal biscuits are, I’m wondering if you can substitute that for a protein (e.g. egg or veggie option)
Albane T.
Hi. I think you must look at the ingredients in the cereal biscuit. If it's high in sugar you may want to look at substituting it. Freshly made food is always best.
Tars Cio C.
It’s not a bad breakfast but most important is to have a different breakfast everyday to include all the rich vitamins foods or at least you can replace the cup of tea with a cup of milk every now and then.
Sonia F.
I think you should replace the cereal biscuits with a more eholesome and less sugar type of wheat. If you can let go cereal all together and replace it with eggs or eat your banana with peanut butter, that would be much better
Laura C.
Follow the Fabulous ‘s Great Breakfast
In the morning need begin protein diets
Like: boiled eggs,soy milk ,baked beans
Lori Z.
It sounds like a yummy breakfast. I prefer more a low carb one myself, so I would swap the cereal biscuits for protein like an egg or two, or some yogurt. There are some great cheap tortilla wraps that are low carb and calories, so I make wraps as well. Excellent choice in drink! Bring on those healthy tea benefits!
Randy Z.
It sounds to me like you could use a bit more protein in your breakfast. Perhaps you could increase the protein content of the breakfast biscuits or add a hard boiled egg thebreakfastbiscuits biscuits
Vincent B.
I can't speak to the exact nutritional value of your breakfast, since you don't list the brand of biscuit or what type of tea. However, I would say that it's generally a good idea to have some variety in your diet. Instead of a banana every single morning, try different fruits. Instead of a cereal biscuit every morning, every now and then have yogurt, an English muffin with peanut butter, or a portion of a healthy trail mix – a mix of dried fruit and nuts. A variety of foods provides a variety of nutrients and vitamins, minerals, etc.
Willfried U.
Hey. I would say you should cut the cereal and don't put sugar in the tea, an it would be preferable if you drink green tea, also remember to take one step at a time. ♡
Vivan Q.
I prefer oatmeal with plenty of spice creamy with coconut milk. I top it with berries or bananas or apples depending on the season and nut butter almond butter is my favorite. This breakfast gives me so much energy a calm stomach. I used to drink coffee but it n my morning walk with grab match with oat milk cappuccino style. These are my morning staples. I prep my oatmeal the night before and warm it out in the morning.
Danny Z.
Depends on your goals. I opt for more protein and less carbs. Lately I’ve been eating cottage cheese with sliced peaches or vanilla Greek yogurt with some frozen berries. If you feel you get hungry too soon after eating breakfast, try swapping carbs for protein. Eggs or a smoothie with protein powder are also good options.
Lonnie N.
Hello, I think that the cereal biscuits are not as good, they are full of sugar for your morning routines the banana and tea is ok
Amy O.
I think this is a good breakfast! I think it’s important to just be conscious of what you’re eating. Is the cereal you eat sugary or something simple like corn flakes or Cheerios? I would stay away from sugary cereals (even though they’re delicious) because it can cause an early crash rather than replenishing energy for the day.
Constance E.
Hi! Cereal biscuits are usually high in sugar, just make sure that you are eating a low sugar version and high in fiber. I suggest you add some lean protein to you breaksfast, it will give you energy and you won’t be hungry very fast. Tea is perfect to start your day, i personally recommend a black or oolong tea early in the morning.
Sheryl F.
No. It’s best to avoid processed sugary foods for homemade food. In addition, there is a lack of a protein source and fat, which is necessary for your day. Eggs or oatmeal and peanut butter with fruits are great sources of nutrition for breakfast.
Byron J.
You should eat less sugar . A banana has benefits but lots of sugar, a cereal biscuit has a lot if sugar, and tea has sugar unless you don’t add it.
Olivia O.
It depends on the ingredients in the cereal biscuits. Ideally, the biscuits should have some protein and low in sugar. If this is the case, it could be a good breakfast. You should have at least 1 part protein to 2 parts carbs while avoiding empty carbs (coming from foods that are white in their whole form) and avoiding sugars.
Andy J.
It is good and I think you can add more whole foods
My breakfast is 4 whole wheat toasts with peanut butter and some fruits and coffee
Mikkel P.
Hi! As long as it works for you, eat that. But I can tell after weeks of trying, that there is nothing better than some eggs made with mushrooms and some veggies for breakfast. And some black coffee. At least it works for me.
Kylie X.
That sounds pretty good. I recommend adding some kind of protein as well, like eggs, beans, a glass of milk (dairy or non-dairy), peanut butter with the biscuits, etc. Also, check the sugar content of everything you eat, specifically the cereal biscuits and peanut butter (if you add that). Aim for as little to no sugar as possible.
Ismet R.
I try to not have any dependent on sugar, so banana is loaded with sugar, how do you make you tea? How many sugar spoon do you use?
As protein I eat 2 eggs, for energy I eat cooked with butter 80% fat around 30 gram
Add some olive oil after cooking.
If eating something with carbs or sugar then add some Pinut butter, this will maintain low sugar levels in your blood.
Signe P.
Maybe spread some peanut butter on the banana or eat a cereal with nuts mixed in , to have some protein. But mostly it's good!
Carl G.
I think is good enough… Me for example I eat 3 eggs scrambled with banana, wildnuts, and hole grain biscuits, and I only drink water
All this keep me working till 10-11 am
Alyssia Y.
In my opinion, the cereal biscuits might change into something healthier, for example oat and whole meal bread. It is because cereal biscuits might contain a lot of sugar where high sugar content food is not a good choice for our first meal in the day.

L A E.
I would add some protein to the mix! The foods you are having are filling in the moment but may leave you hungry just a few hours later!
Victoria J.
It depends. Is it filling, are you satisfied after you have eaten ? Do you find yourself hungry way before lunch ? Ask yourself those questions and then you will know if you should continue with your regular breakfast or if you should switch it up. Also, you can add protein to your breakfast if you think your breakfast isn't keeping you or a mid morning snack.
Miriam Q.
Banana is a very great fruit anytime of day! I would say the meal isn't too bad although it seems like it's lacking nutrients and likely calories. I always like to start my first meal with many nutrients like a bowl of oatmeal cooked in almond milk mixed with cocoa and cinnamon. Topped with a bananas, berries, nuts and seeds, and drizzle with maple syrup or honey for a bit a sweetness. Or freeze the bananas and blend them to make a banana soft serve and top it with granola, berries, and nuts/seeds. If I'm not super hungry, maybe a smoothie. I find if I have a variety of whole foods (or even smoothies) that are very nutrient dense, I feel fuller longer, I'm in a better mood, and I have more energy because your body is getting what it needs. Perhaps the meal may be good every now in then, But I think just the banana, biscuits, and tea may not do well for you in the long-term. If your body feels deprived, that's how poor eating habits or binges start.
Sieghard J.
So, that breakfast isn’t that bad, but cereal biscuits often maintain a lot of sugar, which you should avoid in the morning. Also those biscuits won’t charge you with energy for the whole day, you will be hungry again in 2 hours or so. I would recommend you to change them for regular oatmeal, if you like it, or for some eggs (in any suitable for you form of them, like: boiled eggs, omelette…). You could just make yourself smoothie)))
Banana and tea is a great option!
Hope that was helpful!
Greg T.
No. You need more carbs and protein in your first meal of the day. Have eggs and toast with a banana and tea instead. Or, even better, cut out the tea and replace it with a glass of water or skim milk.
Olavo S.
It's probably a good breakfast but I don't know what's in the cereal biscuits.You want to make sure they don't have too much sugar since you are already getting sugar from the banana. You also want to make sure the cereal biscuits have adequate protein.
Aleu F.
Something you should change because cereal biscuits aren’t very good and it probably has a lot of sugar. Also you need more protein
Noe P.
Having banana isn’t great for breakfast since it doesn’t have too much sugar to make you sugar high then get tired very quickly, but maybe have oat bars or oatmeal which is healthier or eggs and not have tea everyday change it to juice or water
Julie Z.
Hello there buddy! I honestly believe that this is quite an amazing breakfast. Looking at what I used to have for breakfast (fried foods/donuts/etc.) or even skipping breakfast at all. I think that yours is quite healthy and balanced. You get some vitamins from bananas, some fibers and energy from your cereal and some antioxidants from your beautiful cup of tea! Enjoy your breakfast! Much love!
Izabel P.
It sounds like a pretty good breakfast, the only thing I would suggest is adding a little protein. Like a scoop of peanut or other nut butter with your banana!
Giuseppe M.
I say it’s a great breakfast! I would make sure that the biscuits contain high fibre/protein and I would replace the black tea with something less caffeinated!
Liam C.
The cereal biscuits is where I would be hesitant. There could be a lot of sugar in there. Maybe a muesli to get a bigger bang for your buck. It will have more nutrients and be a more complete breakfast.
Signe F.
I think it's a fine start. Bananas are a good source of fast acting energy and potassium, and the cereal biscuits are probably filled with whole grains, based on what I've had in the past. To round it out, I recommend adding a protein. Eggs are a popular choice, and you can hardboil a dozen at once and then rewarm them in a pot of water when you're ready to eat. I'm real bad about remembering to cook lately, so I've added a plant based protein shake to my breakfast routine, and feeling more energetic because of it.
Elise X.
I think it is a good breakfast. Easy, fast, simple and good.
I will suggest you to add one more piece of fruit, just to get you fuller, but if this breakfast makes you full and energised, continue doing what you do!
Abssil O Q.
Eating a banana in the morning can have many benefits. Bananas are a good source of potassium and can boost one's mood. Tea is also a good way to decrease caffeine. Try different tea blends to add variety to you morning routine. Cereal biscuits can be a double edged sword due to being nutritious but also loaded with processed sugars. Check the ingredients to make sure it's not loaded up with fillers and sugar. Try Oates or whole grain toast with eggs or slice of cheese for breakfast.
Malthe U.
Banana is a good breakfast, but cereal biscuits and drink tea can't make you full for too long. I recommend banana with apple and eggs.
Grace U.
Hello! I do think that having a hot drink in the morning is good for your body. However, i don’t think that only having some cereal biscuits and a banana is enough to give you the necessary amount of energy you will need to successfully last until your next meal. I think that you should keep the banana but replace the cereal biscuits with something like eggs or something with a good amount of protein. Smoothies are a great source of protein as well!
Holger O.
The individual foods aren’t bad but the meal is high on carbs and low on protein and fat, which will cause your blood sugar and insulin levels to spike. Not good for either long term metabolic health or short term energy and focus. I would recommend eggs with some veggies mixed in, cheese, bacon/turkey sausage, peanut butter, greek yogurt, etc. good luck, remember to listen to your body!
Adelmo W.
That is a great start! However I would try something with more protein and more veggies. Try a omlet with some peppers and onions and have with some asparagus seasoned with garlic salt and pepper
Marit F.
If your cereal buiscuits are filled with sugar or made in such a way as to not be nutritious you should change those for a freshly cooked cereal such as oatmeal, rice or others.
You could add peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds or nuts for some more protein intake. If you eat both a cereal and a legumes that would be best for protein intake. Otherwise you can replace that with eggs
L Andre E.
I'm no dietician, but I think that's a fine breakfast, especially if you are in a rush. I would watch out for all the sugar that cereal products tend to contain though.