So I still go to school and for my breakfasts I’ve been eating a cinnamon bagel with a glass or two of juice, but is that healthy enough? I don’t exactly have enough time to have a fried egg or anything like that.

Jonas Z.
Yes and no. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating a Cinnamon Bagel over a fried egg or other alternatives for breakfast, but something I would try to get into the habit of is drinking water instead of juice. Juice can have a lot of sugar in it, and just drinking water throughout the day will still keep you refreshed and hydrated.
Katya T.
Maybe try adding some fruits or veggies on the side:) you don’t need a super huge breakfast, just something that will fill you up!
Daniel F.
I know how hard it is to find something healthy and fast I recommend preparing something the night before like oat meal or some juices for the morning
Rushda Z.
It is good to know that you are trying to be better.For your brakefast ,you can eat oats or if not that you can have fruits and some almonds.That will be great!!All the best for your ahead amazing journey
Tatiana M.
My go-to is a mix of nuts that I leave in a lunch box the night before (pistachios,macadamias, toasted oats, fruity cereal). In the morning I add fresh fruit (banana, apple, orange, berries…) and close it ready to go. Also a good option is overnight oats (just add hot water, in my preference I add cinnamon and a dessert spoon of honey) and in the morning a different fruit addition. Yummy and healthy!
Zeel Z.
Yeah, that's perfectly ok! As long as it satisfies you and matches your dietary needs, there's really not one "ideal" breakfast- if a bagel and glass of juice work for you, stick with it!
Laurie A.
It's better than nothing, at least! Try to skip on the juice and go with water or even flavored water instead because juice has quite a bit of added sugar. Instead of a bagel, try a vanilla Greek yogurt cup with a tablespoon of: sugar free fruit preserves ( I like raspberry!), Peanut butter or cashew butter, and granola! This is my go to when I don't have time to cook . It gives me the protein and carbs I need, and energy without the crash from sugar! If that doesn't sound good, overnight oats are great or a smoothie. I hope this helps! Good luck! 🙂
Amira N.
Juice is good for your health (just don’t put a lot of sugar ),
But about the daily bagel i dont think its good , you could try some fruit instead. And if you dont have time you can prepare your breakfast at night and put it on the fridge or try to wake up early
Carolien Q.
What works for me is, putting oats, a half spoon of peanut butter and frozen berries in a bowl. Put boiling water over it. It's healthy and no effort. You can even put it in a container if you want to take it with you
Abigail X.
I'm still in school too, but I know a thing or two about nutrition. First off, cinnamon bagels and juice isn't exactly healthy, so here are some recommendations: eating so many unhealthy things like cinnamon bagels could cause problems later, so I think you should start eating any kind of cereal with 1% or skim milk. Kellogg's, Chex, Raisin Bran, and Cheerios are ideal. As for the juice, if you want to be more energized throughout your day, I suggest drinking water. Of course, you can still drink juice often because it's healthy. As long as you do all this, you will stay healthy and energized! 🤪
Lotti F.
Dear person who is on the road to feeling great. First of all i know you can do it. Second of all if that breakfast makes you happy and jumpstarts your day then i think it does a great job to help you start your day. If you want to give it a more healthy feel add a fruit to your breakfast. fruit is delicious but will give you that fresh healthy feeling. If you dont think that works try something new that ypu think is both delicious and healthy. If you dont know what that is yet, dare to experiment! Either way i think your breakfast is fine. If you wanna balance it out you can also focus on eating a "healthy" lunch. which only means a lunch without a whole bunch of sugar. Thats all. Have a nice day and continue what you are doing. thank you for the question. With love,
a fellow user who just started
Hugo Y.
I totally sympathise with how hard it is to make yourself a healthy breakfast when you’re pushed for time! Since I’ve been using Fabulous I’ve started making myself smoothies in the morning with oats, milk, natural yogurt and different fruit each time I make them. I’ve discovered you can freeze them so you can make a batch when you have time then defrost them overnight in the fridge so there’s one ready for you in the morning. I have that with a boiled egg & toast. The egg only takes a few minutes and you can be doing other things like getting dressed while it’s cooking. What you’re having at the moment doesn’t sound too unhealthy but there is quite a lot of sugar in juice (particularly if you’re having 2 glasses) and bagels can be quite high in calories and not that nutritious. Good luck to you, I hope you find something that works for you!
Shell Y.
I understand that.. I work in a nursing home .. so I have to say I don’t have time for breakfast either.. so that’s exactly what I would eat