What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Ana Z.
I love eating 2 eggs as protein, 1 Greek yogurt (as protein too) with oats and berries (as healthy carbohydrates with the plus of fiber) and coffee (with a almond milk) as a morning energy boost!
I always try to eat protein, some healthy carbohydrates (with fibers which keeps me satisfied) and a little bit of caffeine, all of it as my breakfast so that way I feel full but light so I can continue with my day.
Giulia A.
It depends of the days: sometimes I really enjoy a bowl of yogurt and fresh fruits, and sometimes I love a warm cup of coffee and milk with bread and jam. I always try to vary and include fruit, doing so to have a vitamine intake guaranteed.
Brittany Y.
I love starting my day with yoghurt with different fruits, adding yeast and granola. It gives me loads of energy to give my all for the day.
Michaela E.
I love to make smoothie bowls in the morning! My favorite one is about a cup of orange juice, cup and a half of frozen mixed berries, 2 spoonfulls of peanut butter, and (optional) half cup of protein powder(mines chocolate flavored). It wakes me up and my body feels ready to start the day.
Giuseppe P.
I used to drink a cup of chocolate milk with some biscuits, but for some time now i prefer to eat some fruit, like a banana
Patrizia W.
One piece of fruit, honestly can be anything, I have also thought about getting pasteurised milk so I can eat the oats and have the protein shake, I'm going to work my way up to that as I am not a big morning eater
Eleonora N.
Sicuramente una tazzina di caffè macchiato più un tè caldo ed una mela Niente di più perché prima devo andare in bagno .. solo dopo posso mangiare qualcosa! Yogurt greco con frutta mi piace molto ma anche un toast o dei pancake sarebbero meravigliosi! In generale frutta e/o qualcosa di salato.
Elliot P.
Usually I have yogurt and muesli, but lately I'm trying to have a wider variety, including fruit, crispbread, and proteins (like a boiled egg)
Karla B.
For breakfast, I like to have a cup of warm milk with chocolate powder, a slice of toast with egg, sao mia, butter or strawberry jam.
Brianna C.
Though I prefer Japanese style breakfast, a bowl of rice and a cup of miso soup 🍚in the cold mornings, it's costy to have them always. So I don't mind to have porridge instead, making it Zousui with some miso in hot water. Topped with Sumac is great as well.

Otherwise, a slice of toast with penutbutter is one of my favorite.

Paige F.
I make healthy egg muffins, with spring onion, mushrooms, peppers & cheese. It is nice to take time out once a week to prepare these in bulk.
Natalie N.
I change things up depending on what I have on hand. Leftover bread can be paired with eggs and bacon to make a sandwich or breakfast casserole. Fruit and oatmeal can make a hearty breakfast. I find that having fun and new things each day keeps me strong and looking forward to breakfast each day.
Santiago T.
I like to eat eggs (usually scrambled), toast, yogurt, orange juice, and a fruit. Sometimes I’ll eat an apple, a banana or both.
Isabella A.
I like to have smoothies when I’m in a rush, eggs and bacon on slow days, and oatmeal when I need energy. Make sure to use nutrients to your advantage!
Wayne Y.
I like to have eggs and maybe some rice or toast. I find eggs to be delicious, healthy and gives me energy in the morning.
George X.
It based on my how much time I have. Usually my breakfast consists of milk with cereals. Sometimes I also eat an egg to keep me energized for the rest if the morning!
Florence E.
Breakfast set that is nutritious and healthy with a cup of Americano. It can be light or heavy meals oozing satisfaction of filled stomach.
Mattie U.
I like to eat fruit, preferably berries, a soy milk latte, and usually either some cereal like granola with flax seed, or egg and paratha, or maybe just some hummus and crackers with some nuts like I've been doing a lot recently
Sophia J.
I like to eat the basic Indian breakfast roti and sabji (cooked vegetables) and also after eating it, I eat some dry fruits like almonds and raisins and then I eat fruits like banana after some time
Lance P.
I normally never ate breakfast because it just didn’t make me feel good, so I don’t have anything big or fancy like an acai bowl, I simply just have a banana and a teaspoon or so of peanut butter, or a small fruit 🙂
Devon O.
My roommate is celiac, so as a result I also eat gluten-free to avoid contaminating our kitchen. I usually have some gluten-free granola, topped up with hemp hearts (for extra protein and omega-3s), frozen fruit (I like pomegranate seeds because they're small and mix well), plain yogurt, and a little bit of maple syrup.