What do you eat for a quick breakfast?

Kevin Y.
– cinnamon rolls from a frozen bag. Just warm them up in the microwave.
– apples and bananas
– leftovers from dinner (gotta get rid of them somehow).
– toast with jam or peanut butter
Bianca T.
Well, usually I eat oatmeal with fruit or chia pudding with fruit. I assure you, both are very healthy and delicious
Lada Z.
i usually go for oatmeal. oats + water + banana, cooked until it has the perfect consistency, then i add anything i desire (chocolate or cocoa, nuts, seeds, cinnamon, date syrup, blueberries or apples or anything else that's available and sounds yummy)
Alexandre Q.
Put some bread in the toaster, and while that’s going you can fry up 2 eggs (easy over if you don’t have much time) and eat them on the toast with a bit of salt and pepper. Lovely stuff