What do you eat when you’ve got work at six in the morning?

Ambre I.
Usually nothing and drink just tea since I don't want force myself. I eat a bit later when some level of hunger wakes up in couple of hours.
Katrine Y.
When I'm late i eat oatmeal :), but the other days that I wake up earlier, i eat bread, cheese, butter, jam, honey, and milk.
Isabella W.
I eat a natral based cereal itโ€™s healthy easy and quick to make and it fills me till 9:am which is wen I eat breakfast
Dianna P.
Work at six in the morning sounds like not enough time to eat. But, honestly, for a good and quick breakfast try making toast with a little bit of butter or mayo, your favorite veggies, a poached egg, and avocado slices topped with sprinkles of black pepper, oregano, salt, and parsley. Pour some orange juice or down it with water, but hold the coffee for a little later in the day. It should only take less than 30 minutes to make and eat. One slice of toast can give you enough energy for a few hours and keep you full. Please do try it!
Solene F.
Actually, I go to school as I'm 14 years old. Well, I always eat bread with lettuce and tomatoes, just like sandwich. With a cup of milk or coffee. Also,my mom will keep side of a bowl which it has fruits. So before going to school, I will take at least 3 blueberries or grapes or any other fruits.
Hansa N.
something homemade and solid. avoid too liquidy food. also something without meat. breakfast is suppose to be our heaviest meal of the day so id suggest 2 eggs (bananas are great suppliment for eggs) and something without whole-wheat like oats or wheat. a cup of tea/coffee if you want.
in general, something without white sugar, meat or too much processed food. healthy food = healthy body = healthy mind ๐Ÿ™‚
Dane Z.
Prep. Get a few Tupperware tubs. In each put 3 raw eggs, peppers, red on, spinach, chorizo, salt and pepper. Keep in the fridge. Microwave when needed (2mins – 30secs then stir)
Brooklyn B.
I'm a house spouse so I don't deal with that anymore. But before I retired to focus on my health I would make a smoothie at night before bed and put it in the refrigerator, then drink it the next morning on my way to work.