What do others have for breakfast. Do they find some foods are better than others at keeping their mood level?

Dion Sia Q.
I have started to eat an avocado toast in the morning, in substitution for sugary options. Scrumptious. I exchanged milk with oatmilk. I can't give up coffee so easily. However, I have decreased my daily amount of coffeine to one cup a day.
Seth J.
I like to make a simple green smoothie for breakfast. I take a handful of spinach, a little bit of milk, a banana and vanilla yogurt and blend it. Then I already have two fruits/veggies checked off for the day!
Eloida I.
I have pepitas, sesame seed, sunflower seed, sultanas, and hazlenuts, about a handful, mostly due to lack of time in the morning
H L Na O.
Scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms , my go to breakfast ! As long as you avoid sugary breakfast, thats gonna definitely affect your mood.
Audrey G.
Huel is a great complete meal replacement high in protein, fibre, vitamins and complex carbs. As it’s a shake you also kill two birds with one stone with the ‘drink water’ habit, and it stores in the cupboard making it easy to stick to without having to go to the shops.
Luca S.
I have been eating overnight oats every morning for more than 3 months. It does not make my mood worse, and in fact, takes the chore of figuring out what to eat in morning out and knowing that I am consuming a good breakfast a positive start each day.
Mateus C.
I love having porridge, it gives me variety as I can chose different milks and toppings. It also keeps me full up and takes a few minutes to prepare. Perfect for winter mornings.
Mateus F.
I eat my breakfast 4-5 hours after waking up, before that I only drink water or caffeine free tea, like lemongrass, chamomile, etc. Than I drink a glass of lemon water about 30 minutes before breakfast and for breakfast I love a bowl of warm porridge with chia seeds, linseeds, peanut butter and some fruit, preferably apple or banana in winter season, with a dash of cinnamon. Chia seeds and linseeds keep me full for longer, carbs from oats give me energy for few hours. I do not use sweeteners with my oats. I noticed I get an energy kick, but it last less than an hour, when use sweeteners like maple syrup, and then I feel tired and hungry very soon after sugary breakfast. Also, that is a must, I drink a cup of green tea after breakfast. I never drink coffee or other caffeine drink first thing in the morning, as for the few several hours body is fueled by natural energy after good night sleep. That is my recipe for perfect morning: lots of water, sugar-free breakfast, green tea. 🙂
Andr A Y.
i am trying to eat some fruit like apples or bananas and yogurt. i find that milk makes me feel heavy and bloated but yogurt doesnt and is also nice because it has calcium. in brazil it is not commom to have protein like eggs or bacon so i'll have eggs.only ond weekends
Dolores T.
I like eating eggs with avocado on top. Sometimes a put it on toast as well. When I’m in more of a hurry I add fruits and nuts to some plain yogurt.
I always have one of those readymade plastic trays of veggies sitting in my fridge so while I prepare breakfast I’ll be crunching on carrot, celery, peas, peppers etc.
That is what I have found works
Rafael P.
I usually have granola, porridge, cereal or a boiled egg with toast. I find big heavy breakfasts make me groggy again and that anything lighter and I'm hungry again in an hour!
Kate Z.
I always try to have some sort of protein or healthy fat like, eggs or avocado toast etc.
Anita J.
I like sweet potato brown butter soup for breakfast, it’s mood booting and soothing. Making it with homemade bone broth adds a boost of gut healing nutrients and is more filling.
Evan Y.
Eggs really do help, but also a Mexican recipe called molletes serve -its basically bread with spreaded beans and cheese
Gary T.
I try to avoid bread and pastries usually. They get me bloated in sandwiches, and also noticed long term that I get hungry faster. It might have to do with a carb crash that you otherwise don't get if your insulin doesn't spike. If I eat bread at breakfast I crave more bread at lunch. If I wait a fee days and avoid it, it goes away and feel great without it.
Abel Mio P.
I believe that sugar should be avoided as it creates a temporary mood lift. I prefer foods high in fibers, because they keep me full for more hours, while when I am feeling hungry I get grumpy.
Lily Y.
I’m sure most people go for the all American eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast and pancakes for breakfast which is probably the healthiest but because I’m trying to get in shape, I just stick to coffee with chia seeds as my breakfast.
Dale U.
I read the letter which gives you ideas about breakfast options.
For me I know I have a few things I can’t eat and there is also a ‘diet’ that I’ve been trying to follow due to my IBS. It is called FODMAP and it was developed by King’s University London. It showed that food with High FODMAP would adversely affect a person with IBS. I have found this to be true for me.
So when I choose my breakfast food I thought about this and how quickly I can cook the food.
So I’ve gone for wetabix at work with fruit. When I work from home two boiled eggs, spinach (cooked in the microwave with olive oil and pepper) and a quarter of avocado.

Still trying to figure out what else I can do and especially stuff that i have premade.

Good luck!