I struggle with breakfast planning. How do you do it?

Christl R.
Actually I eat breakfast when I woke up. Also my mom prepares for me. I suggest you to eat in 30 minutes when you woke up and try to make something different for yourself
D Nia Z.
Breakfast is actually the easiest meal for me to eat well because I like lots of types of breakfast foods. Currently my go to meal is Quaker original instant oatmeal. I put 4 large strawberries in a small microwave safe dish with a tablespoon of maple syrup and nuke th as t for 30 seconds, then mix them 8nto the oatmeal. Delicious and it only takes 2 minutes to prepare
Vicki C.
Put the breakfast stuff for me and the kids out on the table the night before so in the morning I just need to get the milk and yogurt out the fridge and switch the coffee machine on. I try and choose breakfast I’ll look forward to like eggs on toast or fresh fruit and yoghurt.
Tristan B.
I generally plan out all my meals for the week. Lunch and breakfast are a mix of about 3 meals depending on what I fancy. For example something with eggs (scrambled on toast, poached with avocado toast, eggs & bacon at the weekend), yoghurt, blueberries & either homemade sugar free granola or toasted pumpkin seeds. Banana pancakes, yogurt & berries. Or sometimes it’s just toast 😊
Herman X.
Since breakfast jump-starts metabolism, I eat the most nutrition-rich food every single morning. It's quick, convenient, and I even take it on vacation with me. It's the best shake around, with countless scientifically reviewed studies to back it.
J Ssica N.
I usually have a dropped egg on toast, as that is my favorite. I like to have orange juice while eggs and toast are cooking and milk with the main course. I have medication to take in the morning and have always used juice to take it with
Jesse J.
I plany meals the previous day and also make a bit of preparations like cutting veggies the previous day and refrigerate them also include simple breakfast menu like oats or corn flakes or any of the south Indian breakfast like idly or dosa, so, I can have my breakfast regularly
Josias Z.
It's as easy as anything else, this fabulous app makes you feel fabulous, it gives you some instructions on breakfast routine '' bring an apple with you'' "bring some mixed nuts"and other. I used their tips on food
Johnni O.
I don't plan unless I have to. During the week a have a small selection of simple options available and eat whichever I feel like on a particular day eg fresh fruit, porridge, toast etc. At weekends I plan breakfast simply because it tends to be for both myself and my partner and we have a little more time to relax and enjoy eating breakfast together. These tend to be hot breakfasts or things that take a little more prep eg omelettes, breakfast muffins etc. Quite often my partner and I choose to cook together at the weekends and try new ideas.
Charlie E.
Have you heard about ‘over night oats’? Make it the night before and it’s ready when you get up. Eat it cold or microwave a little.
Mathew U.
I found something that was quick and easy for me to make that I don't mind having every single day. It can also help to pick something you can make a bit different each day without much thinking. You could use different fruits for a smoothie each day or change what spices you add to scrambled eggs.
Ewen U.
I honestly have never truly done full on breakfast planning. I usually think of what I'll eat for breakfast while I pack my lunch at night. If you're really stuggling with keeping up with that, or it's not your style, I would recommend things that can be prepared the night before (overnight oats, homemade granola power bars, etc.) Or even just writing down what you had planned for breakfast and following it could work!
Jon Y.
I have 3 different great breakfasts planned – not much variation but takes the stress out of planning. I think about the breakfast I want to make the night before and prepare the ingredients in the fridge or on the counter.
Nicklas Z.
Set an alarm to eat breakfast. Prepare your favorite food for it and eating out is a good idea
Pedro B.
What I do is, create a simple menu plan for breakfast for the week ahead & buy everything needed.
Then, each evening after making dinner, I quickly prep everything for breakfast the following morning.

That way you don't have to think about what to eat or what to make & everything is ready for you to just whip up & eat before starting your day.

Roselinde O.
I've never had trouble with breakfast. I wake up hungry and I love breakfast foods, so I know how to cook a wide variety of them. I don't really plan ahead, I just wing it based on what I feel like having and how much time I have to spare in the kitchen.
Simon Z.
Approach the challenge with a mindset of responsibility. You owe it to yourself to provide yourself a good breakfast. Then plan what you want. It doesn't need to be expensive or complicated, simple recipes are fine on the internet. Then make the effort to go to the supermarket and prepare the day before so its ready to go.
Emily G.
Meal prep! I make egg bites in the instant pot on Sunday for the week ahead. They are easy to grab and go, affordable, and healthy. This works for me because I don't mind eating the same thing over and over.
Johan P.
I prep 90% of my meals. For breakfast, I have a few meals that I make. I make egg burritos that can be frozen and reheated in the microwave. My second option is overnight oats. There are so many ways to make these that there is a lot of variety. My third option is granola.
Bertha E.
I eat regardless. I have type 1 Diabetes so I don't have a choice. But even if I'm not hungry I have something small like oatmeal or a banana. Once I am ready to eat I'll have something a bit more filling.
Ma Lyne C.
I do a lot of prepping on Sunday. I cook as much as I can to stock the fridge so when I need something quick, I dont resort to junk.
Eva Z.
I try to keep my favorite breakfast items on hand. I love eggs and try to add veggies to them when I can. Spinach, peppers, and a little cheese. Also fruit, especially bananas and oranges are easy and nutritious ways to get in a good breakfast. For those mornings when I have time I like to add chopped nuts and dried fruit to oatmeal. For those mornings when. I'm on the road hard boiled egg,cheese and a mandarin orange is a great start!
Linda S.
I just try to start with Small changes to my schedule and then follow it regularly.I just make sure that i have something for breakfast tomorrow (e.g Fruits or cookies or may be nuts)and then try to fit it in to my schedule.
Roberto Q.
I was never a big breakfast eater, so for me it was about establishing a new healthy habit. I have the most success keeping things extremely simple even though it might be boring. So many times for breakfast I will have something simple like a chocolate protein shake or hard boiled egg or two. I will also take my daily multivitamin and a probiotic supplement with them as well and feel pretty good about the nutrition I'm getting in the morning and it only takes a couple of minutes.
Daniel N.
I have oatmeal everyday. I try to balance my carbs with protein. I am searchi,g for new receipes to bring in some variety.