Do you have other quick choices for healthy energizing breakfast?

Maria B.
I usually try fried or scrambled egg with some fruit or vegetable but I get that waking up early enough to do that is hard for some. Try preparing something in the evening or just through a slice of bread (whole grain of course) into the toaster and add some cheese cucumber or peanut butter (I did never eat peanut butter but I've heard it tastes good and isn't even unhealthy).
If that is too much try a granola bar or some fruit (maybe salad).
I hope I could help.
Olindo E.
I enjoy cream cheese and berries on a bagel. Overnight oats are really quick in the morning but do take preparation time. A protein shake is super quick and very effective (made from powder and water/milk, and by a reputable brand)
Jo N.
instant oatmeal with frozen blueberries
whole grain toast and peanut butter and a piece of fruit

cottage cheese honey chopped apple raisins and nuts on a frozen waffle

Ashley Y.
If I'm running out of the house I usually eat either peanut butter toast, a scrambled egg, avocado toast, over night oats, or a handful of fruit or nuts.
Kartik F.
Whey protein, sprouted cereals, oatmeal,finger millet malt.salads and fruits,scrambled or boiled eggs.nut butters or whole nuts.
Wenke C.
I always keep some protein (Muscle Feast Grass-fed Whey Protein Isolate, for those interested) handy in my pantry. If I'm running late or need something, I can always mix up some protein with water and drink on the spot, or simply toss a scoop of protein in a Mason jar and bring it with me. I have a greens powder and energy powder too, so sometimes I'll toss them all in at once. Healthy, energizing, quick, decent tasting.
Juliane X.
Apple slices and peanut butter. Cereal with berries. Oatmeal with berries. Granola and yogurt. Eggs and toast. Peanut butter and bananas on toast.
Capucine Q.
I love doing an English breakfast with a fried egg, some sausage links, a grilled tomato and mushroom, baked beans, tea, and buttered toast. It takes about 30 min to put together but it’s almost like a productive little morning project 🙂
Holly E.
What's "healthy" depends on goals ( weight, disease management, performance, etc). Fasting is the quickest and could be just as healthy and energizing as anything. Beyond the obvious like fruit, prepping the night before gives the most options for quick breakfast. An uncommon option is "bulletproof" coffee, which has plenty of testimonial support that it's effective for energy and is enjoyable, but isn't ideal for people limiting fat intake.
Giuliana P.
I buy alot of fruit and vegetables and I really can't say because eating the correct is hard for me but!!! I love rasian brand crunch cereal so I ate that for my three days and I had either had a orange, banana, or grapefruit to finish it off!!!
Afton O.
For breakfast my go-tos are oatmeal with berries & nuts, healthy cereal, scrambled egg whites with avocado or whole grain toast with almond butter & banana!
Joris E.
I usually have a high protein 0 or low carb breakfast. Eggs, bacon, mushrooms and spinach are a great morning start. A cup of tea with milk or cranberry juice to help my kidneys cleanse for the day.
Phoebe N.
If you’re in a rush, pack a handful of nuts (great for protein) and some vegetable sticks… or maybe an energy smoothie.
Bailey A.
I buy the Kodiak Cake protein pancake cups. They are high in protein and all I have to do is add water and throw it into the microwave for a healthy, quick breakfast. I also like oatmeal for the same reason. On mornings when I have a little longer, my default breakfast is eggs and Dave’s Killer toast.
Emily X.
Fruit smoothie. Prepare fruit at the beginning of the week, and store it in bags or containers in the fridge. Then you can quickly make a breakfast smoothie in the morning.