Do you find it hard to find the time for breakfast?

Malinda O.
Yes, because I tend to get up and log into work right away and then get sucked into emails and tasks. Then before I know it its noon.

Karishma P.
It's not that I don't find time. It's just some days I am not hungry. That messes up with my streak. But I try to eat breakfast and something healthy like oats and bananas.

Isabelle C.
Yes, I had to work my breakfast into my getting ready schedule and even eat on the bus too. Make sure you still get in those nutrients you need to keep pushing along throughout the day.

Stephan E.
Not really, i have peanut Butter bread and bananas, with some coffee and protein shake. So i have made arrangements for all it a night prior. Saves time and decision making in the morning.