How do you meal prep without losing your mind? I can never seem to get the motivation.

Giulia I.
I am a SAHM, so I don’t have to do it all at once. Maybe twice a week I’ll make a triple batch of whatever I planned for dinner and freeze two parts.
Mostly I just need to meal plan and stick to the list. We do salad with grilled chicken a couple of times a week, so that’s easy too.

Veneranda F.
Music. There are lot of focus and concentration music on YouTube, better with binaurals. You only have to put those music on your earphone and you Brain Wil relax, and then also your body it will relax… this is the only key I found to don't lose motivation

Ashley J.
Get inspired. Find someone you admire and spend time around or watch motivating tv program. When I was first having to put meals together daily, I went to my favorite 4 star restaurant and spoke with the owner. He was kind enough to simplify the process for me and share a few favorite recipes with me.

Gabin E.
I tend to think of it like this: Yes it’s a lot of work. But it’s only for a short time. I remember making gyoza for two days, but I ended up with enough to last me and my mother about 3 weeks. Preparing meals in advance can save a lot of time (and money) for when you’re on the go- ensuring that you’ll have a nice meal for the days you can’t stop- or the days that you feel a little sluggish. Your future self will thank you.

Megan W.
No, is really hard for me to meal prep because first I don't like much cooking for me (alone) and second there are plenty of options to choose from… 🙁

Evel Cio A.
I focus on each step as a lesson in being present with where we are and awaye of the simple act of. being. While being present for every minute and tedious step I feel deep love for the people I am preparing food and the food source. Deep gratitude helps me treat my time in the kitchen as a holy experience that is fully life giving for me and the loved ones around me.

Alexander Z.
To be honest, I haven't made it this far yet. Breakfast is the only meal I've consistently been able to prep for and even that has consisted mostly of just buying eggs, turkey and maybe some whole wheat toast.

However, what I would say is don't try to do too much all at once. Some people prep their meals for an entire week all at once. If that's too daunting (as I know it is for me) break it down into smaller groups of days. Instead of worrying about prepping for a week, prep for 2 days. Buy enough stuff for one big meal you can break down into two days. You may find yourself going to the supermarket more, but I think that would require less effort than trying to plan out a full week's worth of meals.

Tim R.
I share this problem with you.. Main meals are easy, because I have a big family – 5 kids – and I want to be sure they have versatile and healthy meals everyday.
But snacks are definitely hard… Maybe it would be wise to prep snacks for three to four days. Perhaps do while listening to a great podcast or watching a series on a tablet.

Adriane P.
I always do half on a Saturday and half on Sunday. So only spend 2 hrs each day. I also have been getting my groceries home delivered so that saves an hour or so doing the shopping. I also try and do easy things like cook up a big batch of sweet potato, cauliflower and broccoli mash with seeded mustard. Which I just boil all the veg and then mash together.
This saves some time and then I portion it out in containers and then cook two types of protein flavours. Like chicken breast with olive oil and dukkah on it, then cook on a big tray in the oven.
Another good tip is to cook up a big stew with either chickpeas or meat and then just throw in lots of veg, herbs and tomato sauce and cook for hours.

I also make mustard slow cooked chicken in the slow cooker to go with the veg mash. This takes like 10 mins to prep and then cooks for 4-6hrs then just shred the meat and add to the portions of veg mash.

I make up on a Sunday night a big container with oats, chopped strawberries, mashed banana and grated apple with cinnamon. Then I pour my milk of choice to cover it. Then in the mornings I just scoop some into a bowl and microwave for 1-2 mins and breakfast is done.

Or make a big veg frittata on Sunday for breakfast/snacks for the week

Brooklyn X.
I find the best way it to keep it simple. Just make the bases of meals ahead of time. Like cook all your meat at once and maybe a pot of rice. This way you can change it up but half the work is already done.

Jerry C.
I like cooking so it’s not so hard for me to get in the kitchen. What I always do is cook double o triple of what I would normally make. That way I have things ready for other days, I just do a few changes so we don’t feel like eating the same thing as the previous night.

Quentin T.
Find food to prep that gets you excited! Try something you’ve never made before or maybe something you truly love. Buy some new food storage containers that you’re excited to use. That initial novelty can help set your motivation.

Tara U.
I was already used to making fresh orange juice every morning. So now I just multitask and squeeze my oranges while the eggs are boiling or baking. Only adds about 5 minutes to my existing routine (which took already 10min)

Centa Y.
I choose meals that are easy to prep and do it in the evening while listening to TV. It's great because it makes eating right way easier.

Ma Lyne T.
Honestly, I do my meals daily . I have my supplements in the morning and have make a plan a day before on what i will prep the next morning for my day. I cant do a entire week of prepping because I'm picky and like my food cooked at the moment.

Marie W.
I’m new to the meal prep thing as well. I got Freshly and so far am really enjoying it. Fresh meals delivered to your door. If you don’t want to do that though, make sure to have it scheduled into your routine as force yourself to do it. Maybe have enough resources to make two different meals to vary throughout the week!

Hil Ria P.
Ensure that everything is in order prior to preparing. Clean and tidy preping area, all ingredients and tuppeware is ready. Take the time and be present when actually prepping food

Stephanie O.
Think about how much trouble and time it will save you later, see yourself easily grabbing lunch from the fridge instead of having to haste to finish making it in the morning.

Maureen W.
I do the easiest thing I possibly can. For example, I throw some veggies and chicken a couple of sheet pans and roast it all the once. I have to commit to basically eating the same lunch for 4 or 5 days in a row. But I can change it up slightly by adding salsa or whatever.

Cassandra O.
I don’t meal prep in the sense that one day a week I make meals for the entire week; what I do is cook a large meal most nights that is about 4-6 servings, and then have the leftovers for lunch the next day(s). I found this to be much more attainable than traditional meal prepping once a week (I too found that too frustrating/time consuming). Make meals that are good as leftovers, which are most for me (avoid anything that gets soggy, like flour enchiladas). Good luck!

Nino W.
It's a mindset thing. I tell myself when I'm preparing my meals that if I don't do it it will be rather hard to have my lunch at McDonald's. I'd be saving time, money, and eating healthier topping off another goal I have, too and it all just works out that way. I can eat what I want now without thinking "oh no i dont have a dollar for even a McChicken and a drink" anymore.

Grace T.
I make some foods in big batches, like soups and casseroles, but I usually make my meals the day of or only a day in advance. The food tastes more fresh and it’s less overwhelming for me to cook in small amounts. I do all my planning and shopping over the weekend so I know what I’m working with, and I always make sure to have a playlist or podcast going whenever I cook. Plus, the smaller amounts mean that I get to try different recipes and I can adjust as needed instead of ending up with a lot of food I may not like.

Sigrun V.
I eat maybe sometimes eggs,cheese, sandwiches, biscuits,lanchun, balah & some fresh fruits and I drink sometimes tea,coffee, milk, juice and pepsi

Karla Q.
I plan my meals on Sunday for the week ahead. I usually choose to go for a light breakfast such as yogurt and a banana, so I can easily stock up the fridge. My motivation is the food itself, since it's quite tasty! 😅

Lily G.
I don’t prep everything for the whole week – I’ll make a dish or two, cut up and wash some veggies, and make sure I have fruit and protein bars and such, but that’s it. I found that when I prep everything, some food goes to waste and it’s no fun!

Gauthier E.
Well, I go over what i know i should be eating (healthy foods) and i decide what I like and what i won’t tolerate (if i can’t tolerate it, i blend it). For now, i just do a detox smoothie with banana lemon pineapples, spinach, and kale every morning for breakfast and every night for dinner. For lunch i have a grilled chicken salad. For snacks, i just eat my favorite fruit. I only add in healthy carbs on the weekend.

Clarence C.
Plan in advance the menu. Don't choose very difficult recipies. Food processor can help you a lot in this task. You can cook something for dinner that you can use for lunch next day. Things like roasted chicken, which you can cut and then use for salads. Making veggies or ratatouille they are great in storing and you will have a nice dish for the next 3 days.

Philip U.
By remembering we truly are what we eat. Give to your body… It will return to you the strength and mental wellness to thrive and be useful to yourself and others.

Jim X.
I make one large batch of food that is easy to make. For example, I have a chili and rice recipe that is simple and takes about 15min to prep and abt 1 hour to cook (most of that is just simmering on heat, can do other things while it's cooking). This recipe makes meals for maybe 3-4 days, so it's a low-effort way of having tasty, healthy food throughout the week.

Ma Lys S.
"Meal prep" is not the only task here. There is much planning to be done. You commit to what you eat that week, buy those ingredients, tidy the kitchen, organize yourself to get cooking, prepare said foods, Oh, and clean up your mess too! There. Now you have completed "Meal prep".
To be quite honest its a daunting mission. My best advice is to plan ahead and delegate where you can.
Any insight would be much appreciated. Please help!

El A Q.
When I cook I always think about next day. So I would leave a bit enough for lunch. Or while the dinner is bein cooked I quickly make an overnight porridge for breakfast.

Bobbie T.
Hey, I feel you. Ask yourself what morning/day you have the most time, ok—that’s the day you’re gonna do it. Make it simple, either based on what you have in the fridge or else say—ok, breakfast: im gonna buy eggs for the week, veggies; cut those guys up and mix it in with the eggs in a big bowl, saran wrap and refrigerate. U have omelet mix for the week, done. Grab meat n veggies, terriyaki: stir fry, refrigerate. Bam lunch. Pick something easy for dinner, rice n meat or veggies its fine. Make it easy, make it actionable and specific, and make it rewarding; pick a dessert or coffee mix or whatever that you’re gonna buy at the store when u go grocery shopping. U can get kore advanced later and look up cooler recipes as u can, but pick something and do it and enjoy yourself and let it be the start and not need to be perfect. Heck, let yourself be bad if thats how it starts. Best!

Liam U.
I find that pairing it with something enjoyable (listening to music, watching a favorite TV show, etc.) makes it much more bareable

Shawn U.
I don’t often prep food in advance (except we cook four portions and keep 2 for future meals). What I have found is that deciding what I will eat the previous night makes it much simpler to avoid bad choices. Something about not having to make decisions when hunger or time make it hard to have willpower. Also be realistic about how much time you will have and make sure you have a number of quick and easy healthy recipes in your back pocket.

Jill U.
When I don't meal prep, I eat horrible (and spend too much doing it)! So I make myself meal prep to save money, and save my health. I constantly remind myself "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!" And those words are so incredibly true. Maybe you need to find easier meals to prep?? Something as simple as a whole grain such as quinoa or brown rice, and some sauteed vegetables make a great meal. If you feel it is lacking in flavor, add soy sauce (or liquid aminos for gluten free), spices such as rosemary & garlic, cumin & smoked paprika. Also, I find it helpful to be consistently boring which means pack the same thing for lunch every day. You will get quick at the prep from repetition.

Celestine Z.
When my partner is home, we cook together and divide the tasks between us while we chat. When I'm alone, I turn on a podcast or an audiobook and lose myself in that while I let my hands do the work. It helps to start small, as well. We have a healthy, quick brand of easy meal jars at our grocery store—all you need to do is add meat or veggies and make a base for it, like rice. Gradually work your way up through modifying easy meals, then to making your own meals, but do it at a pace that keeps you curious and interested in the changes you're making while not tiring you out. As you figure out what tastes you like and easier ways to do certain prep tasks, cooking becomes far more enjoyable and the result becomes something to look forward to.

Gernot X.
Music always does the trick for me. Get a good playlist of positive enjoyable music and before you know it, you are done with your preping. Time will move so fast, you won't even notice it.

Joe J.
I take a moment to step aside and think about what I haven't tried for breakfast and go from there. If I find something I don't like, I move on. If I find something I do like, I add that to my personal menu and stick to it until I find something to replace an existing item or add on to the menu.

Nevaeh J.
I’ve been keeping it very simple to start out. I may get more complicated, but I’m not there yet. I do it on Sunday and make lunches for the week to take to work. Usually they involve chicken, rice, and some kind of vegetable. I also pack breakfast and 2 snacks for the day.

Try not to overdue. There’s no need to be fancy, just make something to keep you from going out.

Abella S.
Meal prep is supposed to lower your stress not make you more stressed. If you can’t manage your meals then try to plan your meal one day ahead so you can buy ingredients instead of a week. Or maybe buy all of the ingredients you think you will need with a rough layout of what you want to eat at the start of each week and just make all of your food using those ingredients. Good luck! 🍀👍

Udo F.
For me, simpler is better. Either a big batch meal plus simple breakfast and lunch (smoothie and assorted vegetables or a sandwich) or I steam a few favorite vegetables, bake a few sweet potatoes and a batch of a grain like rice or quinoa. I put 1/4 to 1/2 (depending on size) of the potato, 1/4 cup of grain, then an assortment of veg. Beans are good too.

Chad J.
I put on an upbeat record I love, maybe crack open a beer, and get someone else to prep with me! Treat it like it’s fun and it will feel less like work. Also, focus on easy meals like rice with veggie stir fry and different sauces. That style of meal really only takes about two hours start to finish to meal prep many servings. And most of the time is chopping! So if your feeling really lazy you could get pre cut veggies at the grocery store.

Isaiah T.
I can meal prep by washing, cutting, and storing my vegetables so that they are easier to eat, but aren't prepared in meals that I might not eat.

Mads W.
I actually eat at canteen where all healthy breakfast described by fabulous is available and I just choose the healthy ones

Enzo Q.
Have a look for recipes and ideas that you really like the sound of and you think you'll enjoy then make enough for a few meals and freeze them or eat them again in the week. Maybe prepare a similar breakfast and lunch each day and keep it simple so you're not having to think up new ideas for each meal. Why not even make it a social thing and invite friends to gather and each person cooks a different meal then everyone gets something different at the end and you have fun in the process!

Juvenal I.
The first thing you have to keep in mind while preparing a meal is that it is okay to be picky and eat and cook only what you like. You have to make sure you never go hungry at the same time getting enough nutriants. There is no tri k to meal prep. You make a schedule-a routine time when you eat and then follow it… Eggs, pulses, bread, meat anything works just know that you aren't supposed to go hungry.

Mary J.
Well, you can always choose for a nutritional meal that it's not too complicated to prepare.
For example there are a lots of recepies with vegetables like aubergine and courgette that are super fast to cook and really good!

You can also do a program of what you have in your fridge and you can try to think what you'll prepare for the next day, so if you miss some ingredients you can always on time to buy them. So you will always know what you want to eat without getting crazy.

Clifford Z.
I asked my partner to help. Now he actually does the majority of the meal prep and doesn’t over think it like me! I used to get sad about eating the same things again and again but now I’m just so grateful that it’s already cooked!

I also make sure I have healthy back up options for the crazy busy weeks.

Good luck!

Mandy O.
I have the same problem, so I just take a banana in the morning. It's already more than I ever took for breakfast, so I take it as a win when I eat it!

Damien T.
Breakfast: 2 banas & 1 apple & 1 teaspoon of peanut butter for every fruit.
Lunch: pasta with something from Quorn.
Dinner: fruit/nuts/yogurt something like that.

Eddie Z.
I mostly get my motivation from my past dishes I tend to take pictures so as to remember how they look and I change what I could have changed at the past, and my groceries too, looking at them I get inspired the fruits, the vegetables oooh the colors just motivates to even come up with new dishes

Ferdinand F.
I think of meal prep as an adventure and a treat. I have a great market nearby which inspires with unique, fresh ingredients and colour. I choose one dish to prepare then make lots of it so I can immediately portion into meals that I will freeze.

Irmgard Y.
Start small. Pick one meal (breakfast,lunch, or dinner) and make a large batch on the weekend. I like making frittatas because it’s just eggs, milk, and whatever else you feel like adding. We usually pack ours with veggies and add some cheese. You can cut slice and store them in the same container for an easy breakfast. Try alternating which meal you are making until you have built up a repertoire of recipes you are comfortable with before you try prepping every meal for an entire week. I also find it helpful to make large batches of easy-to-freeze lunches and dinners. You can use part of the batch for a meal or two the first week after you’ve made it and freeze the rest for a quick meal later. After a few weeks you will have a nice variety of frozen meals without having had to try cooking multiple batches at once.

Vanessa S.
Well, for a start you can pick something that you really enjoy eating. That way you want to make the meal a bit more. Then you can either find a recipe or make the meal catered to exactly what you want for the evening. Don't be afraid to try new things. You may sometimes make something that you won't enjoy at all, but other times you may even find your favorite meal.

Lara G.
At first I got excited about buying new Tupperware, because I always get excited about having things that are exactly what I need. Then my fiance started prepping lunches with me, and it's turned into a ritual we do together. I've also been prepping lunch and breakfast for long enough now that I know my week will be seriously messed up if I don't do it – and I'll end up spending more money than if I prepped.

That said, breakfast is overnight oats and lunch is salads, so there's no serious cooking that has to be done. I cook boiled eggs, quinoa, and beans when I want them, but they tend to be very hands off for the actual cooking.

Start simple. You won't want to prep if your plans take all day, so start with one meal and maybe even just plan on it being your meal every other day rather than every one. If meal prepping is something that helps you, you'll gain momentum.

Storm W.
I use Fabulous to remind me. And I make the meal prep in my planner. I have a happy planner! It makes me wanna do more everyday!

Alex J.
As much as I may not feel like spending a whole chunk of my weekend meal prepping, I know how stressed and gross I’ll feel during the week if I don’t do it. I try to go into the store with a specific plan my meals so I’m not there trying to figure things out. I also try to plan only one thing/casserole/dish that will take a long time and try to complete everything else while that’s in the oven so I’m not spending most of my day in the kitchen. Podcasts are also helpful!

Storm Z.
Honestly I just set it for a certain day of the week when I plan my meals for the week. For me, that’s Sunday night so that Monday I can go to the store to buy ingredients. I’ll try to not set which day I eat what, but moreso say “here’s the amount of days this week that I want to make food vs eat out” and then use the nights in to figure out how many meals I need to make and find recipes that I should enjoy.

Falc O Q.
Meal prep helps because it takes all the decision making out of the equation when we are hungry. It is much easier to just follow a plan on that moment than to make up a good healthy plan: we might not have time, the energy or the food options to make it happen in the moment. For me meal prep also helps to make a stricter diet more tasty and therefore sustainable. And finally it saves a ton of time and eliminates wasting food. So get after it at least for one meal a day!

Ida O.
Well, I'm not so good at meal preparation but I tend to order to delivery. I always concern about is it good to eat this or that before I touch the button so I could make sure that I'm eating a proper meal.

Gilciane Q.
Think about your future you. The one you want to become The ideal but reachable goal. The confident and strong one. Think what nutrients that you needs. Prepare your success recipe, enjoy and be grateful!

Gustav Z.
It is just something you have to train yourself to do because fpr those who don’t like cooking or grocery shopping and I’m one of those it took a lot of practice and still takes some. But I like to free my entire sunday afternoon to go buy groceries and I come home and meal prep while playing music to help make it for enjoyable and not a chore on a to do list

Wayne O.
I only do easy simple breakfast. Just two eggs beaten and scrambled. A banana sliced up and eaten with spoons of peanut butter. Tea and coffee is easy to make with an electronic water boiler. Also having everything you need ready the night before is super useful.

Elena F.
Dear stranger,
Meal prep shouldn’t have to be a hassle for you; nonetheless, you should set your mentality to ‘doing this will help me’. Simply gathering everyday ingredients from your kitchen or buying fresh produce from your local market is a great step towards. Also stressing over something won’t guide you in the right direction, if this isn’t for you then surely you can find something else, but if you really want to, find that determination. In the end, you’re doing this for you and nobody else. So push forward! You can do it!

Dinor E.
I just boil an egg or two the night before. Takes only 10-12 minutes, during which I’m doing my before-I-go-to-bed routine. In the morning I eat those and also healthy müsly topped with yogurt or milk or make instant (just-add-water) oatmeal instead.

Ernest O.
Start small! I started with breakfast. Breakfast burritos, overnight oats, hard boiled eggs with turkey pepperoni, etc. Then I started doing lunches. It's now a habit, and I love not having to think about deciding on lunch.

Alison E.
in my family we plan out a weels worth of dinners and slowly go down the list each week. then boom, youve got a weeks worth of meals you can eat. Hope this helps!! ~Zikatoku

Ida C.
I have found meal prep to be challenging. Making a list of favourite dishes helps. Making a general menu for the week & keeping it simple also helps (eg. Mon/BR: Eggs-Oat Bran-Fruit L: Fish-salad-sweet potato D: Chicken-carrots-brown rice…plan the rest of the week in the same manner). I'd make sure I have the ingredients for the above example on Saturday & make the oat bran & brown rice on Sat or Sun. If there's more than what I need for Monday I just store the extra food in the freezer.

I would then thaw the fish & chicken on Sun overnight in the fridge. My energy and focus is best in the morning so I'd prep the lunch protein & all the side dishes for the whole day while I'm prepping breakfast. The chicken can be put into a crockpot and left alone until the workday is done.

It's best for me to keep my (and my family's) longterm health goals in sight and review them everyday for motivation (I want to lose xx pounds in xx weeks by cutting out xx & instead eating xx & exercising xx times per week). When I get overwhelmed I find it best to be gentle with myself and remain positive. It only takes a tiny shift of the rudder to change the direction and destination of my boat …here's to progress, not perfection.

Morgan T.
I love meal prepping in steps and only meal prepping for 3 days at a time so it’s not too boring or time consuming. Also being intentional about the food that’s going to be prepared. Going into the week knowing this week i will be preparing ABC on Monday and DEF on thursday and being excited about the food you are making. Lastly I like to meal prep when I’m not alone so that I have someone to talk to. This helps a lot but if you don’t have someone that day you could listen to a podcast/ have a good time listening to music. So basically multitasking during the process. Hope this helps!

Valmira W.
You should listen to your body. Something I can suggest you it's to buy every day what you want to eat for some time and when you got an idea about what your body use to need you know what to usually buy. A smile always helps to make some light in your mind

Ellen C.
For me it's easy, I'm always hungry when I wake up, so I need to prepare something to eat in order to avoid starving. Moreover I typically make only two types of breakfast, eggs (scrambled, boiled) or oatmeal with fruit. This small choosing list makes it easier to decide.

Monica Y.
It could be frustrating.. what I did try it for few months.. what I would do was making a list of the food I wanted to have during the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also snacks.. then on a Friday after work I would go shopping and have all the groceries store at home till getting to preparing and cooking… Sundays are the best day for tackling it down. Make bulk food and store it in fridge! You can watch something or just listen to music or podcasts so you don’t get the feeling of spending so much time on making your food

Katharine O.
You don't have to like doing meal prep. But you will need to find out would you like to eat and you're going to have to prepare the week before.

Romain Z.
When you think about it just do it and get it done. If you want to eat healthy go find the healthiest item that still tastes good and eat that. If you don't procrastinate it's so much easier

Ma Lle Q.
1) Weekends prep big stuff or cook. so weekdays just finish.
2) Keep it simple. 5 ingrediants, saute or steam w herbs.
3) Make in batches and use w/i 2 weeks, freezing the extra portions.
4) Only need 1 made-fresh-that-day course to raise interest in meal, happiness.

Eliott T.
You can try to cook with someone or look for fast and easy dishes. When you mix colors in you food it’s more funny. And always cook with music!

Hilmar G.
I like to think about how good it will be to start from the easiest ingredient to cut, and continue to do that until I see progress and imagine that I have done a good work toward my goal, live a healthier lifestyle. So I look for all those ingredients that I get, like an opportunity to use them, and become more aware and thankful about how they get to go, to be growing and transported to my table. Then I think about, that this is my way how I can love and take care about myself with nourishment of my body. There is one good to read books about that, calling “When I’m bored I make soup”.

Alex F.
I think the key is organization and making it fun for yourself. Start small with meal prepping for only the next day. Once that feels like a solid routine, increase it to two days, then three, etc. Also make it fun for yourself by looking up new interesting recipes and get excited about cooking. Meal prep isn’t a requirement to eat healthy, but it can be a fun way to have more time to experiment with different recipes.