What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Hanno F.
I love eating eggs! I usually prefer them scrambled I don't add salt in them; just a little pepper and thyme. I'll eat it along with half a multigrain tortia and potatos for the side. And A bowl of fresh fruits. Yum!

Samantha N.
4 to 5 scrambled eggs. I pour some olive oil on them when they're done and on the plate, sprinkle some parsley or cilantro… 👌👍😊

Aline A.
Egg omelette with soo many veggies, there is this one pancake it’s mostly veggies (it’s called “vegetable pancake”) it’s delicious you need to try it you can find it on YouTube, cereal is a great idea try switching the milk with yogurt and add a drizzle of honey (I don’t like milk and this is delicious) and finally yogurt with dates sooooo good hope this helps, what about you?

Cec Lio A.
Parsley, lettuce, tomato, cucumber with lemon and olive oil. Also boiled egg is a good choice for feel more energized till the lunch time. And I really like to drink black tea for my breakfast 🙂