What are your thoughts on fasting for 16 hours? There seem to be some health benefits of eating that way.

Candice Q.
Fasting builds two critical traits that are lost in our high speed society and economy: resilience and gratitude (or patience and empathy). The physiological benefits have been explored by researchers in Japan, and fasting seems to keep excess/runaway cell growth in check, as well as bring ones metabolism back towards balanced.

The two aspects I mentioned – psychological traits – arise from the reflection on the body's initial reactions to the physiological changes. What I mean in particular is, feelings of hunger only are experienced for the first few days before the body begins to adapt. Reflection on that change leads to a better awareness of one's resilience. Feelings of tiredness or limitedness also fade away, leading to a reflection that spurs empathy with those less fortunate or who are otherwise excluded from our high-speed, overeating economy and society.

Ultimately – fasting is physiological/metabolic meditation, similar to how commonly understood meditation is psychologically/emotionally beneficial.

I hope that helps! 🙂

Tristan P.
I'd say that it really depends on your reason for wanting to do the 16 hour fast aswell as the current quality of your mental health; For example if you have a personal/familial history of eating disorders then it may well be triggering. That being said if you feel there is little to no risk of developing any of said eating disorders fasting can be an effective way of losing weight(speaking from experience). If your aiming more to maintain a reasonable diet or to gain weight then chances are this method wouldn't work for you
Cody Y.
Yes fine I do it from time to time for religious reasons I also have to e sure I have enough emotional regulation to parent my two adopted children so I dont fast very often as it can make me grumpy