How do you have the self-discipline to wake up and get ready early enough?

Razan G.
Basically, having the discipline-energy in my blood is amazing and challenging as well. It’s been a long time since I paused using fabulous app but I was totally sure to come back to it with bigger energies and more ideas. I just need some time right now to fulfill what I haven’t done for a year and come to my real-self to do things more and more with bigger passion Inshallah.
Lyam E.
When I find it hard, to get up early in the morning (which is always) I usually think of my goals, and the stuff that I have to do that day. I make an imaginary list of these things, and then already being locked on target, I just get out of bed and start my morning routine while thinking about the thing I decided to do first when I was still in bed. But sometimes, a little bit of happy music helps more. I just turn on my favourite song, and that's enough to keep me going.