Which one is better? Same breakfast every morning or making some changes? Which food give us more energy for breakfast? And another question how long a breakfast keep me full? Two hours or three hours?

Kamran B.
A change in breakfast as often as is possible. My breakfast lasts me two hours, longer if it is cooked (often providing me with more energy) and vice versa.
Gabe Z.
A breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me and it usually makes me full atleast 3 to 4 hours a day so yeah and I always skip lunch and replace it with snacks like almonds gronola bar or anything healthy and yeah that's what I eat in a day.
Dora Z.
Me personally like to change things around me it includes most of the things and actions in my life and breakfast is not excluded .
Not every morning i change what i eat but in a week i have 3 different breakfast dish
Rasmus P.
Always make the switch between savoury and sweet and go with what I have. 2/3 hours sounds about right: then some fruit?
Lloyd P.
I like having different breakfast every day, even if I do some slight changes. The more fruits and healthy sugars it has, the more energy I have. Eggs are great option for filling up for a long time. I would say that I stay full for about 4 hours.
Laurie J.
Change up your breakfast now and then so you don't get bored. Proteins give us more energy combined with a healthy carb like an apple or a packet of oatmeal or a banana. If you need a mid-morning snack, make sure it is healthful like a packet of nuts, or an apple and some peanut butter, or a whole grain toast with avocado spread. Good Luck!
Chou P.
For me, the best breakfast is a good morning breakfast, and the breakfast that provides me with energy is the one that contains protein and sugars and saturates me for 3 to 4 hours.
Cassandre Z.
I change my breakfast every once in a while but i have heard that its best for you to eat the same every day at the same time so that your body gets used to it. To get an energizing breakfast focus on foods high in carbs like cereal, most fruit etc. As for the last question i eat another meal like 1 and a half hour after my breakfast as I exercise and have to consume protein asap after my workout.
Victoria F.
I think it's better to make some changes, so it's not boring in the morning to eat. Eat food with allot of protein. If you have a good breakfast it will last till noon!
Amber T.
It's nice to have a go to for breakfast that doesn't take too much thought or effort to put together. It's also an good plan to have some recipes on hand that you'd like to try that adds a change from time to time as to not fall back into bad habits too much.
Instant oatmeal is an good one for lazy days that keeps you full for longer.
Mushrooms, eggs, and avocados are a favorite and good to keep on hand for long fullness.
I am unsure how long they keep me full for. Something I should consider logging. Fullness and energy lever after eating.
And don't beat yourself up if you have bread included. Just make sure to have a healthy with it. I believe you can do this and it will help to make a change with how you see food. Doesn't need to be a diet. Needs to be something that helps you feel good. You got this because you're awesome, Amber! (Channel your inner Gina lol)
Brian O.
Making some changes is better as you are trying new things and being more adventurous.To get more energy I would eat eggs or fruit and maybe even cereal