What do you do if you somehow miss your breakfast?

Candela C.
I don't think there is a rule about this, it really depends on what the circumstances are that made you miss breakfast. If I am simply on the run, then I usually grab something portable, like a banana or some nuts. It is helpful to have a premade option at hand (overnight oats or dates filled with peanut butter) but missing breakfast is not usually something that can be predetermined. I do think that even a handful of nuts keeps your metabolism going and, as long as the exception is not the rule, it should suffice.
If however, the reason that you miss breakfast is because you slept in or something of this sort, then happily skip the meal, or have brunch. Assuming that you did sleep in or something similar, I would say build the whole day's routine around some r&r: brunch, late lunch, slow day, perhaps even just 2 meals for the day.
Mikkel E.
Many times I miss my breakfast because of my busy lifestyle. But I make sure I’m grabbing things on the go that are healthy and nourishing. So if I miss a breakfast, I make sure I always have a green juice.
And if that’s not possible, I make sure I have already stocked up on healthy snacks that I could have on the go to keep my energy levels steady and not succumb to something sugary or unhealthy.
Nica Z.
If your in a hurry at least have a fruit to eat on the go example : banana apple etc..
And if you miss a day of breakfast at least take your vitamin that will give your body what it needs. try to constantly have a schedule it doesn’t matter if you skip your breakfast for a day but a fun fact for you breakfast its a very important meal of the day ❤️❤️❤️🍽🥛🥪🍳🥚🍎🍏🍌
Ad Rito A.
Honestly, if I miss breakfast I oftentimes don’t have time to make up for it so I usually end up having to wait for lunch. Because of this I’ll move my lunch up a bit, have a heavier lunch, and add a little bit of a bigger snack between lunch and dinner at some point.
Lena P.
Eating breakfast is super foreign to me, and if I eat too early I'll feel nauseous, so I usually eat after I e been up a while. If I forget I forget.
Magnus G.
I used to eat breakfast at my desk which could cause problems if someone called in sick, because then I might have to cover the desk and not get a chance to prep, let alone eat, my oatmeal. When I learned how important it is to not eat food at our desk and to always to
Holly P.
I would commit to fasting until some healthy, nutritious food becomes available to "break my fast". Breakfast is the first meal of the day, and doesn't necessarily need to be early in the morning.
Evan U.
I usually keep a couple of protein bars handy and have a piece of fruit. When I do miss I try to catch an early lunch and a healthy snack.
Luka N.
Not sure. Eat bigger lunch sometimes or drink more water and herbal tea. It's rare I miss breakfast because it's my favorite meal of the day. I only miss it if I'm fasting or sleeping in.
Albert W.
I try to get lunch as early as socially accepted and try to eat more at it as I normally would. But that is because I currently want to gain some weight and do plenty of sports. Otherwise I would simply skip it. As long as you're not in danger of malnourishment, there should not be a problem. For all I know, the claim that breakfast is "the most important meal of the day" is less of a fact based in science, than a slogan of the cereal-industry. It's a bit of a let down, that Fabulous doesn't go with the science here.
Axelle A.
Don’t be too hard on yourself. Yes, you should try to stick to these good habits and do them daily rather than sporadically, but missing one day is not going to ruin all of your progress. Just make sure you get back on track tomorrow, and be proud of the progress you make. As for that day, I would say try to grab a banana or an apple wherever you end up that morning to try to at least get some healthy food in and not be hungry and fatigued all morning.
Florian E.
Drink lots of water, and coffee as a diuretic, so I won't lose my appetite; then I can find something to eat small enough to hold my digestion until lunch
Serafina T.
I make sure I have snack mid morning. If I can I keep protein bars so that missing is almost impossible because you can eat a protein bar any where, any time, and at any pace.
Willie O.
I try to eat something useful for lunch, or to have fruit or nuts between meals that day. Or just drink a cup of hot chocolate to fill energy 🙂
Ros Ngela P.
i would try to see why i missed it and then see what i could change to not miss breakfast again. and i would eat something as soon as i can.
Peter O.
I’m lucky because I don’t work outside the house, so there’s always time for breakfast! We make it a family meal so we’re not tempted to miss it.
Pierre O.
I'd still have it. If it's a little late I'd delay lunch or go for a really light lunch instead. Skipping breakfast leaves you feeling lethargic and unfocussed.
Constance Y.
I always have an energy bar with me so if I accidentally miss breakfast I'll have that because the type I buy are made to actually be a 'meal' of sorts
Gesine N.
Don't sweat, breakfast doesn't have a set time. If you realize you havent eaten anything yet, it's a perfect time to eat!
Walli C.
You could make overnight oats which you can just grab and eat when you get the chance or keep your cereal and fruit out so that you don't forget. If it's due to being late, you could wake up 10 minutes earlier.
Tiffany Z.
Grab a banana on the go or dive in my backpack stash of nuts and fruitbars. Sometimes I miss breakfast because i slept for so long I start with lunch.